Kon kahta hai Sainath ate nhi!

Shirdi Sainath
Sai has always bypassed the belief that “he has left his body..so he is no more.”
He literally comes running when a devotee calls.

I have heard about three ways that he uses to come in his astral form.
“Astral” body means the form of body when spirit leaves the physical body.
As he has shed off the physical body he is left with astral body. 
The three forms are :
1.He may take a virtual new body just for a moment.
2.He might visit you by occupying an already available body.
3.He might make you feel him nearby in his astral body but as astral body is not visible we tend to not believe this kind of visit from Saibaba.
But some can see it as a light with eyes closed or open.
I will let you think which of these is this visit that a sweet sai devotee was blessed with.
In her own words…

Baba came to clear my anxious thoughts

Hello boss I would like to share this miraculous experience with you..
I am a sai devotee from a few years.
I used to keep Saibaba’s fasts.I had affection for hanumanji already.And my mom worships Saibaba.
Last year.. while I was posted in medicine OPD during my internship..one old man came there ..his attire looked like that of a muslim.
He started telling me his complaints(symptoms).
I was an intern ..so I felt I was not so skilled that I try diagnosing him instantly so I asked him to wait while I call my Assistant Proffessor sir.
But he said “I know beta ..the big boss is sitting in that room..but I trust only you.”
His words had some magic.. I wrote medicines which were for his ailment.He seemed so glad and he was literally crying ..blessing me..
 “Allah bht bhla kre beta”.
 (Allah will do good child)
He also asked to write my name on the medicine slip.
I couldn’t grasp what just happened.I have seen so many patients but none like him …I felt so connected to him.
I was happy as I just received so many blessings.
When I recalled an incident from a few days back ..I got the meaning why the old man said “I trust you”.
A few days back ..an anty was not considering me efficient as she felt assistant professor sir is better than me.
Ofcourse he is ..but he only wanted me to treat her but she was not comfortable.
And this lead to a thought in my mind “We interns are worthless! Nobody values us.”
And baba came to show me that he trusts me no matter who I am..in form of that old man.😇
I always felt affection towards elderly people and after this incident I always started crying recalling this lovely Sai leela.😭
I searched on youtube about Saibaba..and..

I came across many experiences of sai devotees where Baba came himself to meet them.. in form of a human or animal.
After this knowledge I felt like that was Baba only.
I loved him more when I came to know how Baba lived in the old masjid and chanted Allah malik.
He was above castes and religions.He showed many miracles in his lifetime and even now.
Thanks to Baba for such a beautiful episode.
Om Sairam 
Hey friends this was a junior of mine she is a sai devotee who had felt sai love too.
I have felt people not giving importance to young doctors ..if only they know ..if young will not practice how will they turn into older experienced doctors.

Its like we don’t want to water the young plants but want to enjoy the shade of already grown large trees.🤔
I like the way she found time and wrote her experience to share with me.People who show their belief in Sai confidently attract me alot.
I have become better day by day by reading so many devotee experiences ..if they had not said it confidentally on some blog or video I would not have reached here so I feel indebted to them.
As shri Hemadpant (author of biography of saibaba) said about shri Nana saheb chandorkar who took him to task when Hemadpant ji postponed the visit to shirdi.
Shri Nana saheb was some heck of a Sai devotee😂 ..he always caught his friends to go to Sai..and they never regreted going there.
Hemadpant ji said “I consider those friends more than my kith and kin who got me to Saibaba..I feel indebted to them and wish for their happiness always.”
I respect every kind of devotee as everyone is not the same and all are playing their roles exactly as Sai wants them to..
 be it a frank devotee like me or a reserved one.
But still if you ever feel like saying something ..please do share ..it can change someone’s life.

Be it about Saibaba or any positive thing.

Baba came to wish me happy birthday

I remember one incident where I felt Baba came to wish me on my birthday last year.
I was merged in Sai that time ..meditating and reading his books so I felt ” he is gonna come today definitely.”
He came but in the form of an insect to teach me a lesson alongwith the wish…😂as I am scared of insects.
Double tasks done at a time ..Baba has his own kind of humor.
An insect came out of nowhere in front of me ..I was sitting on the bed with a book in my hand and it came and sat on the bed ..
I felt its him ..saying “Happy birthday Sangeeta” as I was expecting him to come.
All the doors were closed ..don’t know how it came inside exactly two minutes before 12 in midnight.
It was there till 12 am and I got up to go to washroom and prayed” baba I received you now you can go ..don’t scare me more.”🤭
When I came back..I found it nowhere.
Sai and his leelas ..only he knows.😍
Will share more of such experiences with you later.
Do write to me yours here if you ever felt his presence.
I will appreciate if you consider your words worth sharing.
As I felt ..
Faith can’t be forced but faith is surely contagious.
Adios and wishes for your wellbeing.
Ohh yes ..a beautiful song for sai devotees..listen it here.
May you feel his presence with you..within you.
Om sairam😇

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