Saibaba 108 lamps pooja

Saibaba life size poster

I went to Shirdi first time in 2013 january and I brought a Sai idol and a Sai poster in the photo above..back home.

I pasted it in my hostel room and started worshipping Baba’s idol too.
I used to stare at him continuously whenever alone but I couldn’t do it more than a few was like if I continue something would happen ..and I was scared of Sai too.😂
It started with a small Sai photo ..keeping his fasts and then moved on to his marble idol and a large poster.
I typed Saibaba in the browser and found alot of sites ..I wanted to know everything about Baba that the world knew ..I wanted to read all the experiences people had with Sai.
And then I landed on a beautiful blog
There were other blogs too but mostly were just for Saibaba pictures or sai messages.And this was an unique blog as author wrote about his personal life with Saibaba’s presence.
So..I emailed that author named Venkat and he replied.I was happy that some dedicated Sai devotee replied was kind of the feeling like meeting your favourite hero…or like talking to Sai himself.
You will laugh at how I asked him to include me as one of his assistant at blog I wanted to write too.🤭
His instant responses and beautiful posts about Saibaba made me follow his blog continuously.
I read about 108 lamps pooja there I thought ok ..let’s do it.
So was 2015 ..the holi festival in march and I asked my mom to help me ..she was already a Sai devotee so she was more than happy doing it.
We lit 108 lamps ..all filled with mustard brought flowers from different plants ..Papa brought colours for holi .
I used everything to decorate as much as I can.
It was really a nice feeling ..Baba’s idol was in the mid and all the lamps all around him.
108 lamp pooja at home for Saibaba
Their flickering flames built an aura of beauty and holyness in my home.
I bathed him with milk and played some Sai bhajans I have downloaded on recommendation from the same blog.
It was an eye catching sight and I sat there watching Baba and the lamps ..till last of the lamp went off.
I never knew this feeling before this puja ..felt so beautiful and close to Sai.
Like there was no idol there ..just Sai in his beautiful pose.
If you are a Sai devotee you should try it once in your life ..its a beautiful puja.
Take care of precautions please..(im so copying venkat here😁)
●Light lamps in a safe place.
●Take care of them till they are off.
●If you include somethings that can catch fire.. keep them at a proper distance from the paper or cotton.
You can add bathing Saibaba idol and doing his tilak etc. to it.And yes offer the naivedya of your love in form of anything you want to eat with him.😋
After this puja ..a new habit was installed I found relief gazing at the flame of the lamp I used to light in front of Sai idol.The flame seemed so fascinating to look at..after switching off the lights.
I sang songs for Baba and dance in front of his idol too.I drew his pictures ..or write about him.
You can express your love the way you want.
Doing puja and rituals are necessary.. as a plant needs support when it is a weak sapling to grow into a strong one.
Same is with our faith and devotion.
Its never a fixed thing ..means sometimes I do fasts again ..sometimes I go for idol bathing and lighting lamps ..and sometimes just looking at him makes me feel him so close to me.
If you find time for your guru will benefit you only will be so peaceful.
He is always there for us ..but to see him feel him we need to start connecting to him more and more.
The rituals will develop soon into smoothly flowing love ..don’t let them bind you.
I remember I felt anxious many times when I did not find time for lamp lighting due to some other tasks and my mind told me “this is not good on your have to do this to stay happy”.
But this is not the truth ..let your mind not bind you.
You can just chant(repeat) his name with love when can’t do anything else.
Atlast the greatest form of your love is following his teachings in your life.😍
But don’t resist yourself when need to light a lamp or do the puja the way you want.
After all ..its just about your love.
You can send me pics of your shrine at home or a nearby temple.
Do share the different ways of showing love to Saibaba..or any other divine figure you love.
 Here is a beautiful song you might like.. Raham nazar Sai.
Let your heart dance to his tunes❤
Check out my post 👉 Sabka malik ek
Also you can visit my page👉 All about Sai Reiki
Tata .see you next time.
Om Sairam😇

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