Perfection is an illusion!

Shirdi Sai milk snan
A warm hello to everyone ,I got something to share with you today.The story behind origin of this blog.😊

The confused me

I am a person whom God gifted  vast areas of interests…but couldn’t work on them much.😅
I love singing and writing the most but I too like to dance,cook,read books,paint and draw ,carry out my own decor projects.
And I feel like doing all the things at once, and it leaves me so confused ,as most of the days I can’t decide which interest to focus on.
So, I end up giving up on all of them.

I would have done this on and on without reaching here.

But recently, I discovered I have someone who can help me find out which of these hobbies of mine to take in the next level , my guru my God “Saibaba”.
Yah.. I have a quite hilarious talent of forgetting this again and again that..
 Baba is just a call away.
He has told me often “I am not just outside in the statues or pictures ,but within you too. You can talk to me when you talk to yourself as I am your higher self .When you are calm in mind ,you can hear me clearly”.
It doesn’t matter whom you believe or have faith in ,you can listen to them ,whenever you want ,by letting an honest talk with yourself.
 So, I talked to myself like this:

Question”Why do you always put up some status on the whatsapp which seem intimate?”

Answer:”I guess I like to tell my people that I too have gone through hell so they are not alone or maybe I want them to know what my perception is about anything in general ”

Question:”What can it be used for, in a healthy way ?”

Answer:”Hmm..maybe I can reach out to some people in need by sharing .Maybe they can see things more positively with the help of my words”🤗

This kind of self talk is too hard for me,as I  had to be honest to myself ,why I want what I want?

But honestly I was thinking more of writing a book initially about Shirdi Saibaba not a blog.
And I had started penning down my experiences with Saibaba little by little.
But it seemed like a long process and whatever seems too slow,I have a habit of not doing it at all.Maybe I need results too early as I am quite impatient, so I lost my interest in working on the book.

Sai talks through your loved ones

A junior ,an honest friend and a saibaba devotee, came along and asked me to start a blog ,as I had mentioned her last year about my dream of blogging about saibaba, if I could ever, in future.
I almost forgot that I told her about this.
One night before this miraculous message from my junior,I prayed intensely to Saibaba “Baba..  I want to do something good,I know you have given me so many hobbies to make something beautiful out of these ,but I feel stuck ,please give me a clear indication which path to tread.”
I had nothing else to do than to trust my junior enough to get started already as it was a clear and bold Sai message through her ,not in italics or wavy fonts.
So ,without dawdling anymore, I started blogging.
And when you are sure what you want out of your passion, no doubt or fear can stop you anymore.
I have already kept myself shut.. to become perfect and then start, but I forgot a basic thing..
 if I fear making mistakes and don’t even try scared to be judged and being laughed at , how would I learn new things.
Perfection is an illusion.. as we are never too stupid to not share our experiences and knowledge with people and we are never too smart to not continue learning..or listening to others’ experiences.
You can’t wait to get perfect to start something as you won’t reach perfection if never start doing something in the first place.
And perfection is nothing ..a person is perfect until someone better than him/her arrives.
Say no to procrastination!

I hope you can scrub aside the uncertainty or “not good enough” syndrome and pursue your passion sincerely.
I pray we all spread smiles😊 and love ❤️ in this world in our own unique ways.
And most of all feel alive again.
Guru Purnima (5th july) is approaching and we are planning for 108 lamps pooja.
You can read about it in my post👉 108 lamps pooja for Shirdi Sai.
You can write to me here.
Let us rest a while in his feet.
Om sairam😇

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