Sai is a phenomenon!

Shirdi Saibaba is a phenomenon!
This sentence is written in a book “Saibaba of Shirdi” by  M.V. Kamath and V.B. kher.
 You can find it on amazon.This book has details of leelas mentioned in Sai satcharita as well as other leelas.
Author says.. Sai is not a conventional saint.He has always shown exceptional characteristics ..that are not considered under “saintly behaviour”.
His unorthodox ways changed a million hearts and destroyed their arrogance.
You may notice in Sai satcharitra..
 Baba ate onions on seeing which a yogi felt disgusted “what kind of Saint eats onion?” he thought and felt repulsed by Baba as he then considered him unreliable to ask his question on “how to establish samadhi (trance).”
And Baba saw his devotee Nana saheb and answered the yogi’s query “People who can digest onion should eat onion..not all can do that.”
You can note here ..sometimes Baba look at someone else and answers you happens when he talks through messages or status or blogs may be someone else’s story but his dialogues fit your situation..your questions at that time.
There is another incident mentioned in Sai satcharitra when a beginner at sainthood reached dwarkamai and seeing the flags on maszid maai he felt “How can a true saint be interested in all this show off stuff.. flags and all and he announced “I am not at all interested to go any further.”
He decided to go back but his fellow travellers said “These flags made you think like this will you react when you will see the luxurious things like chariot ..a horse .. beautiful shawls and the chavadi procession.”
They also tried to clear his doubts by telling him that Baba is least concerned about all this ..he accepts love of his devotees and is never perturbed by luxury and lust.
So, the new saint accepted to go with them but as soon as he stepped inside , Baba shouted at him “Why come here this the way a saint should live ..doing all the show off? This is no saint ,we should leave this place at once.”
Actually here the sentence from Venkat applies correctly ..”Sai is the reflection of what you think and do”.Baba let them see their own thoughts through his words.
And that saint was drowned in the brilliant peace he felt seeing Baba ..he remembered the sentence from his guru “Consider that place your abode ..where you feel ultimate peace.”
All his doubts and judgements melted away.
Baba associated with people ..large groups of them but nothing could deviate his peaceful state ever.
Mostly saints consider living alone as their ultimate purpose of life but saints like Saibaba are very rare who consider helping people as their ultimate purpose.
They don’t want followers like the modern saints ..they don’t desire things from their devotees.They just do what they do for love.
If someone offered something to Baba he would treat him the way devotee’s mind was working.
It’s just like what Shri Krishna said ..
“If one offers me with love and devotion a single leaf, a flower, a fruit or water..I will accept it.”
But when devotees offer, not out of love, but out of arrogance , he would treat them similarly.
We can never point out the intention behind someone’s devotion ..and why should we when we can ourselves be an example of the same.
I was doing 108 lamps puja once and I shouted at my mom in my anger as she didn’t do what I asked her to.
Though it’s a regular thing for me and my mom but somehow that day Baba made me realise what I did is not “regular”.
I was doing pooja out of arrogance not love that’s why I had to shout at someone to help me out.
And the same way Baba behaves.. if he would have been in body.. he surely would have thrown away my puja thali that day.(Actually.. behind the scenes.. on a deeper level , he threw away my arrogance beneath the puja thali.)
Baba did not have any disciple to take over from him.
It’s said that Abdul Baba tried to take the seat of Saibaba after his mahasamadhi.
I don’t know exactly where I read this.
Someone tried to convey him that what he was doing isn’t something Sai would have asked him to.
But he somehow was mislead by his mind maybe and tried to take over the Sai hood and considered himself as Saibaba’s heir.
But a few days later he started bleeding and it didn’t stop untill he realised he was not following his Baba’s teachings.
Actually it is ok to get lost but if we have firm faith in Baba he won’t let us be there for much long.
And same thing happened with Abdul ..the bleeding was not a punishment in my view was a blessing from Baba that he made Abdul realise his mistake at the right time and stopped him from falling down further.
Baba used foul language even in front of children ..people like us will judge him in this matter too ..but “our right and wrongs” need not be the spiritual right and wrong.
That’s why I always feel.. our mind is really very limited and only a guru like Baba can bring a change for us.
Baba would tell someone to do parayan (reading religious texts in a fixed interval of time) and go for teerth ..while to some he will say “just chant God’s name” that’s enough.
You may be knowing the famous Leela of Baba when Das ganu asked permission from Sai to visit “prayag” but Baba told him “What is the need of going so far.Our prayag is here only.” And the next moment.. streams of ganga-yamuna water started flowing from Baba’s feet.
To some.. Baba will donate large amount of money daily ..but to some he would never let them have any gifts from the visitors.
Mahalsapati ji did not have a decent income..and had very less to sustain his family financially, still when a devotee offered him money, Baba did not let him have it.
Some he helped in their yogic practices ..while to some he restricted continuing their yogic practices.
There is a mention of a yogi who was lost in his “siddhi” (spiritual powers) when he practiced tantric spells.. his guru left him, after trying his best, on the shoulders of Saibaba.
Baba made him realise soon.. how he was destroying his spiritual progress and going in the dark pit.
So, he left the practices.
He gave some contradictory suggestions different devotees.
As he knew which devotee had, which lesson to learn in his life.
He knows us more than we know ourselves.
But it takes a lot of time to trust this finally..
 that “he is so much trustworthy.”
We say we trust him I always say I trust sai but I know the reality that I don’t really trust him.
As Jaya Di’s quote made me think deeply..
“Trust is never in portions.
It is either full or nil.”
If I trusted him fully.. I would have done everything he said ..but I find myself doing the opposite many times.
He only knows what kind of trust I have on him.😅
I am blinded by Baba’s love maybe..and I don’t know the reality ..the whole picture.. still I feel Sai is spreading like universe..he is just different from other saints.
I can see how many people are getting attracted to him day by day.
Maybe they all have some rinanubandh with him but still it’s a huge number really.
I saw vision of so many white-dressed people following Baba and I really feel there’s a revolution coming ..and I always pray people to be sai followers as he changes a person so beautifully that this life becomes like heaven on earth.
I respect all the saints and God but I see them in Sai only.
And I really wanna sing this song for him..
“Kese mujhe tum mil Gaye ..
kismat pe Aae na yakeen.”❤️
(How did I got you ..I still can’t believe my luck.)
Maybe you don’t know him or maybe don’t feel so attached to him yet ..but I am sure ..your soul is much more attached to him than you without his will you would not have landed on this page.
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He is just awesome ..he is so so beautiful.
May all his devotees walk on his path always and make their world.. a “sai world”.
You can go through my last posts below.
And let me know your experiences here.
We will someday discuss about RINANUBANDH.
Take care.
Keep smiling in divine love.
 See you again.
Om Sairam 😇

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