The non believers transformed miraculously by Baba Sai!

Om Sairam friends🙏, today we will talk about people who had doubts for Baba and his divinity and their miraculous transformation into great sai devotees.😍

This is a picture shared with me by my dear friend Teena.

We mostly remember how people were attracted towards Baba hearing about him ..but there are alot who had doubts and suspicions about baba,who had different kind of beliefs and perceptions about Baba which seemed final to them, but Baba changed them that they not only developed belief in him but were transformed completely into a different kind of person.

Taking some incidents from Sai satcharita.. I am here to tell you about the “new saint” who doubted Baba to be a true saint when he saw the flags on dwarkamai.He believed saints should not indulge themselves in luxuries.But when he entered ..the peace he got just from the divine look of baba , melted away his critic point of view.

Actually this happens with us always ..we judge a person from “what we see” ..not “how he is”.But we can feel divinity in a person when they can answer our doubts and give us the peace we seek.

There was a doctor who took his friend with him while going to Shirdi.The friend was not much into saints and he obliged the doctor by putting a condition on this “I will go with you but I won’t bow my head in front of him.” The doctor was okay with this.When they entered dwarkamai , Sai welcomed them with such a sweet and unique tone “ohh welcome my friend! ” that resembled the friend’s deceased father .. he couldn’t resist but go ahead and fell in his feet .The doctor watched this in amazement.😄

Then there was “Megha”.. a brahmin servant at Shri Sathe’s apartment. Shri Sathe was a great devotee of Saibaba and he wanted to share the treasure of Baba’s blessings with his servant, whom he considered akin to his son .So, he asked him to visit Baba and take his blessings.But, Megha had an orthodox perception and he doubted Baba to be a Muslim, of other religion.So, it was against his orthodox beliefs to bow before a saint of other religion.He felt restless about Sathe ji’s decision for him.Little did he know.. he wished the best for him by doing that.

Megha was greeted by Baba in the same way he greeted Baba in his mind.He was not allowed to enter the dwarkamai without leaving his prejudices out.

Later on , Baba changed Megha’s perception and he became a great Sai devotee, who stayed in shirdi lifelong and left this world in Shirdi only.

There is a story in some other book , mentioning a devotee who was a firm believer of “charvak philosophy” which says “to live, enjoy as much as you can ..even if you have to borrow or indulge in addictions and die” as charvak philosophy doesn’t believe in existence of a soul or karma rules.

He would always make fun of his friends who used to visit Shirdi to meet Baba. Once he visited Shirdi for some office work and there Baba turned him miraculously. Now he left his job and dedicated his life in Baba’s feet.

Then there was a person named Sapatnekar who was a classmate of a Sai devotee Shevade.They were about to give an exam (law exam ) and when all students discussed how much they prepared for the exam , it was found out that Shevade had the worst preparation.But still he was so confident .He announced that he can’t fail…“Though I could prepare less but I believe I can’t fail as Saibaba said so.”

Sapatnekar laughed at him for believing some saint blindly.. “how come he will help you when he is sitting in shirdi.”But shevade’s faith was firm, he told them how Baba had the power to make impossible possible.

Later, the results came ..though Shevade was not among the toppers but he passed the exam as promised by Baba. Time elapsed, this was forgotten by Sapatnekar.

People seek God only when they loose their peace of mind and no one else can give it to them.In my eyes’s a good thing as some people don’t do even this. Sapatnekar lost his young son after 10 years to this incident.He was restless and couldn’t find his answers anywhere.Suddenly he remembered Shevade’s words and his faith (this remembrance is a blessing as it happens when he wills) and he went to Saibaba after failing to get any peace from other temples and dieties.Actually I believe when we worship God and dieties ..our prayers to them only guide us to go to a saint at the right time as saints are considered the agents of God who came on Earth to help us.

Baba did not give him blessings and all he received was a “chal hat!” (Go away!) from baba.He tried alot but couldn’t get blessings from Sai.He went back and came after one year..this time with his wife.While the wife was blessed, he was still treated the same.When he bowed atlast regretting his deeds , finally Baba let it all out “This fellow blames me for his son who died.. do I take people’s children away? Do I love to hurt people? now he will see that I will bring the same boy in his wife’s womb.”

Soon baba’s words came to fruition and they brought their baby to get blessed from baba..their faith always stayed in his feet afterwards.

A devotee was given experience of Baba’s divinity by sending him away from Shirdi to some other place and to meditate on Baba there only.When he was meditating .. Baba appeared there and his belief “Baba was limited in his body” was broken.

There are so many people who were not that interested in Sai but became great sai devotees later on.

Baba knows exactly how a person should be treated to make him realise that he is much more than his perceptions and beliefs. Baba shouted at some and let them know their own thoughts through his words .. to some he gave experiences in a subtle manner.He always answered their questions be them related to material world or spiritual one.

Baba performed physical miracles in front of the “superficial eyes” of people but by those miracles actually he was putting a seed of faith which lead to “a deeper miracle ” of “changing a person” or should I call it the Sai way “leading a person back to his inner nature.”

Everyday, there is a new name which adds up into his devotees list ..among the people around me. That’s why I feel he is a revolution.😍

You can read this post 👉 “Sai is a phenomenon

I saw these miracles in my own life. And every day I am witnessing a new one.Baba entering people’s life and answering them ..making them happier and peaceful than before.I am in such a stage that I can’t exclude someone around me into a “non sai devotee” as I really don’t know if they are a devotee or not.Maybe Sai has to enter their life in a later stage.Some people became devotees from childhood ..while some in the end stage of their lives.So, I have let go of my resistance in talking about Sai to anyone.. as maybe I am putting a seed of Sai inside them ..if not, then it doesn’t harm them either.

I have seen how my didi (sister) who was least interested in Sai, day by day got closer to him. I saw how my father and mother became Sai devotees ..that all they talk about now (with me) is “Sai”. I felt how, the more I opened up to people ..the more they believed in Baba ..the more I put love in my intentions while talking about Baba , the more people were attracted towards him. I am nobody to be able to do that but because I was maybe assigned to spread the words of Sai to people ..who were already his devotees ..who were already touched by him.

Like what the great devotees Jaya wahi Di and Venkat and many more helped me to stay firm in my devotion.

I feel so much blessed😭 that he helped me by making me useful.This Sangeeta would not have been here without his grace.So, keep sharing his thoughts ..his talks to people who need faith in their life ..who need a hope to survive.

Jaya wahi Di believes “Gifting sai to someone is the greatest gift.”

Once in my drop year, inspired by Baba.. me and my friends spent days reading Sai Satcharitra and talking about Sai day and night.Baba came in my dream that night and showed me that he lit the diyas (lamps) of his devotion in three hearts (my three friends) .. and he will use me further to do that.

So, be ready if he asks you to put faith in heart of a person .😊 Because we don’t know who is already a devotee from some birth and now it’s your turn to let your devotion attract him again to Sai.

When Damu Anna asked Baba (in his mind) that “So many people come to you .. do all benefit and stay a devotee forever?” Then Baba pointed towards a mango tree and said “look at the buds .. will all these buds ripe into fruits? No ..some will fall off by winds ..some may be fed upon by parrots and only those who stayed strong and held fast to their tree will get the chance to become a ripe mango.”

Here, the tree represents Saibaba and the buds, the devotees.Some devotees get attached to Saibaba intially but if they can’t find time to remember Sai regularly (keeping in touch with sai) .. and can’t see some miracle happening in their life, they tend to fall away from the tree ..the Sai.

And it may sound absurd but honestly from a few months I feel .. a devotee who is still on the tree (attached to Sai somehow) can give a part of Sai faith to the ones who are easy to fall away ..not because the former one is a superior devotee but because it’s his duty that what he enjoys should be offered to taste to those who had forgotten that taste.

I mean ..if you see someone and feel you should share your faith with them .. don’t overthink it.Talking about Sai out of love.. can’t ever go wrong. Your faith might prevent that bud from falling off. And it’s your duty, nothing else.We are doing ourselves a favour by doing this. Stay original don’t need to hide your devotion or show off.

Just check your intention ..if you hide devotion out of fear ..or show your devotion out of pride. How to know you are giving in to fear or false pride ? .. just ask yourself ..does your mind says “ohh don’t speak anything as people won’t listen ..or they won’t understand ..or they are not even sai devotees” this is ego dressed as fear.

And when your mind says “You should tell people how great of a devotee you are .. they are nothing in front of you.” It’s ego dressed up as pride.

I have heard both these sounds and worked accordingly many times ..but you always have the power to change your intentions. So, when I hear these sounds ..I ask him “If I do something wrong ..stop me Baba ..correct me and teach me.” And then I correct the intention “Let my words be your words ..let my words not hurt anyone .. let them feel peace and happiness what I feel with you.”

And yes I do mistakes now and then but he always corrects me. He is a saviour.

We can’t get rid of ego ever better use it as a tool.. to do some good.😍

I feel good by sharing Sai everywhere as it keeps me alive ..yah I am selfish 😄 ..and in spirituality care for yourself so much that you forget that you are doing anybody a favour but yourself by doing good or following your sai.😊

The key is to be selfish in the right way.I don’t know a damn thing about “the right way” so, sai shows me the “sai way”.😄

Let his wish be done and our resistance to any of his will be gone away.

May we feel the relief and peace in his feet forever and be a Sai light for others.❤️

Keep spreading love and Sai to people in need. Keep smiling and praying for all.

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Om Sairam 😇

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