The hand mill of Shirdi Saibaba has two stones : Devotion and Hardwork

This is a picture I took at bhakt niwas Shirdi in Feb ’20

Hello friends ..Om Sairam 😇.Today, we will talk about Baba Sai’s hand mill. As most of you already know Baba Sai used to grind wheat in a handmill at dwarkamai.Though he had no family but he had a lot of reasons to do that.You must have read this in the 1st chapter of Sai Satcharitra , where Baba ground wheat and the flour was thrown on the boundaries of Shirdi village.

The villagers watching all this ..stated “What Baba ground was not wheat but the epidemic cholera.” The epidemic was spreading across villages but couldn’t enter Shirdi at all..after doing this remedy.

Shri Hemadpant ji felt.. this physical Leela of Baba is carrying a deeper meaning.Saibaba tend to mingle among the common men and act like them so that he can make them understand the deep spiritual world by day to day life examples. Still not everyone could grasp the significance of his actions..or maybe he had various kind of messages for different people by a single leela.

Villagers saw this to be a cure of the cholera.. while Shri hemadpant ji felt Baba was grinding the sins of his devotees keep them safe from the harmful results of their actions.I would like to tell you how baba gave me a message through this.😊

I was deep in Baba’s devotion three years back..but my devotion was limited to just Sai. We worship Baba and talk about Sai as much as we want and our devotion is just this ..Sai himself in his “physical form”.

But in reality devotion or being devoted to someone is not always what we think it is.If our devotion doesn’t affect our thoughts ..our actions.. it’s immature.I was in the same stage.I used to ask Baba Sai to live inside me so that I don’t have to go through the ordeals of life.

Baba did fulfill this wish of mine but also showed me the real meaning of “Baba living inside me”. I used to think there will be no pain tears hurts if Baba Sai resides within me. But initially it’s the opposite.You will go through worse of situations ..harshest and most unpleasant experiences to become actually devoted to Sai.

I believed.. “yes I am devoted to sai”. But there is hell of a difference between feeling love for Sai standing in the temple.. midst of beautiful Baba bhajans and heavenly atmosphere all around you..and actually trying to thank sai and keeping the same love for Baba while working like a horse ..sweating and feeling out of place among people shouting at you..judging you ..abusing you .. all around you.

My friend pointed out the necessity of hard work for true dedication to saibaba.. to the ignorant me .We can all love sai and other people when we are feeling good and are in our comfort zone.I am telling you the truth.

I felt oh yess.. how much I love sai ,while listening to an emotion- triggering music for Baba.But the next moment I put away the earphones and see someone ,I start shouting and blaming him for anything at all.And I called it devotion. 🤭

I remember how I judged my friend “not to be able to understand my devotion” while I was the one who couldn’t understand the concept of “true devotion”.

There are two millstones needed for a hand mill to work ..right ! The first one represents “devotion to almighty” our case devotion to Baba .And the second one is for “karm” or work.

You can’t operate a hand mill properly if these two stones are not equal in size.I had the stone of “devotion” way too large and the stone of “hard work” was too small to carry that devotion stone properly over it.And so, there was no visible outcome ..because no flour could be produced this way.

Baba Sai gradually molded me that I recognised the correct meaning of true devotion .True devotion itself makes those stones work in synchronicity to each other.And then Baba Sai can operate over the hand mill of your life and clear away your obstacles.😇

Some days you will feel like “Why is this happening with me when Sai is there.” You will find it soo difficult to digest that Baba Sai can let such tough situations in your life to happen that you may feel “Is he loving or a careless master? “

Trust me, these ordeals are here to make you see what you are seeking is not the true happiness. You are seeking “comfort” not happiness and these are two completely different things.

You will definitely find peace yess peace ..not comfort.. but the peace within you ..only if you get uncomfortable and in middle of that chaos .. you will smile and thank sai for the garbage kind of feeling you may be feeling .But you will notice a space that will still be peaceful and that is named as ” bliss”.

Yes ,bliss is not the feeling when you feel happy to get a new car isn’t even the happiest moment of yours when you meet old friends or when you top the class or when your parents are proud of you. These moments are precious ofcourse but what I am talking about is way more superb than these. Just imagine there is a storm all around and instead of panicking and saving yourself will be calm , peaceful within and will be saving others.

Negative worrying thoughts may tell you “Just pray to Sai that you can avoid night duties ..ask Baba that you have to study less and pass.. pray to Baba that you can sleep more.”

Hehe .. I am rejecting these thoughts again and again because they keep coming out of fear for hectic duty in post graduation 🤭.But there is a deep something ..I can’t name it .. I can feel it ..something so powerful which says “Baba knows the best ..let him do whatever he wishes. Is there someone more kind and compassionate than him! Is there someone who can care more for you than him! There is nothing hidden from him.If you ask ..ask for strength and his blessings whatever may be those.”


It needs sai blessings to be able to say this from your heart. Yes, mostly.. we trust baba’s power but not his wisdom.😅

I laugh at the irony .. how we ask Baba to change a situation and say ” Baba I trust you” at the same time. Yes .. I do this alot. But still it’s a mystery how our mind considers Baba to be the most powerful soul and believes that he is listening to us…so why not ask him to follow our list of wishes and our schedule.😄

“What we want for us is the best for us” ..said who?

..Our mind.

Don’t you trust Baba enough that you can let anything happen ..and don’t need to pray to change it.

It’s ok if you can’t do it.

It’s all ok till the day you realise how wise Baba is ..he will never let anything happen in your life if it’s not his will.

He won’t let someone pass a rude comment on you ..if this comment was not necessary for you. He won’t let you loose that phone if he didn’t want that to happen. He won’t ever let you be harmed if it wasn’t to increase your faith..because he knows you would call him.. only in these harsh situations and this mishappening will eventually nourish the bond between you and him.😊

I know it’s too hard ..maybe I don’t ..because I haven’t even felt a pinch of the pain in my life ..but still trust me.. this painful moment is there to bring you closer to him. Like what a Krishna devotee said “The problems of our life are the villains who came to harass the heroine (us) so that the hero (God) can make the entry at the right time to save us..otherwise we won’t fall in love with our hero.”😄

I came across a divine video of Jaya wahi di today.. I would like to share the best lines from that video…

Happiness won’t come to you when you will get that particular status or thing or job or person. IT’S AN ILLUSION THAT HAPPINESS IS OUTSIDE OF YOU.

I have read this quote many times but the meaning was soo far from realisation that I couldn’t understand it till I felt that inner peace within me.

Baba Sai told her what “true happiness” means ..if on a difficult day can smile ! If in the worse situation, you can be brave! If in complete panic all around you , you can stay calm.If somebody hurts you badly , and you can still give back love.If someone breaks your heart , and you can still bless that person .If there is everything wrong all around you ..yet you can keep a space of bliss within you.. yes this is the true happiness my child..everything else is an illusion.

How beautiful these words are .When I hear such words ..I feel I knew them already ..I knew this from some early unknown memory .I can literally feel this space nowadays ..where it feels like there is some calmness inside me ..and I actually smile when I am feeling angry or sad and I say “Thank you Baba as you only told me it’s your will..and that’s for sure that you can’t ever harm your child.

So , let it be.

I will do what I can and let the rest over you.”

It’s hard but I promise if you practice this way will feel different and strong. Like no one and nothing can harm you insults failures setbacks loss. You will always have that space of calmness and peace within you. So, there will be no need for “everything to be alright” outside.

You will be meditating every moment if you make it a habit. When feeling hurt ..chant Sai Sai Sai and no matter how difficult or stupid it seems in those tears and say thank you Sai.

I can assure you will feel so much relieved.

For me , work or “Karm” means “getting out of my comfort zone” and devotion means “utmost belief in Baba” ..and all this will lead you to the inner happiness.You don’t need to struggle in the outer world if you practice on your inner self.

Whenever I see Baba using the handmill , it feels like he is indicating me that my mill stones are proper sized now and I am on the right track..his track.So, he can work on my past deeds.. and grind them away.😄

Ok friends these words will be useful for me messages are Sai’s words, so these are for me too.I hope we all get that strength to practice like this.I pray Baba Sai’s love become the ocean of bliss in our heart that we keep drowning in it again and again to wash off our wounds.

Take care and keep smiling.😊

Your inner peace ..your sai is not somewhere far but within you .🤗

And remember nobody can ever take it away from you.

So, don’t worry and be happy because..


Om sai ram 😇

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