108 lamps Saibaba puja at my home

Hey friends ..I hope you are good and doing good to make this world a better place.😍

If I tell you what my mind says in a single moment will probably know’s not just you ..who is tired of mind’s blabber.I have heard and believed all the rubbish talks as well as some good ones too.Our mind has two kind of talkers , you might have seen one angel and one devil on the shoulder of a person (shown in some movies).

The angel dressed up in white talks all the positive things while the devil dressed in red or black talks every kind of bullshit, it can.😅

Some moments can be just angel part or just the devil part ..but mostly it’s both… confusing us whom to believe.

Now, if we look at this with spiritual eyes can imagine that angel and devil to be mind’s aspects ..and WE ARE NOT MIND.

Yes .. we are soul ..not the mind.Soul doesn’t have thoughts. So, it means neither the positive ones are reality nor the negative ones.Then why are we always told to “be positive “?? 🤔

It’s because soul functions on “truths” ..truths are somethings that are necessary for life ..but can only be perceived through thoughts.You might have seen ..sometimes our positive thoughts don’t turn out to be true.

Truth is truth can’t be altered ever.Thoughts are perceptions ..and a single truth can be perceived in different manners.It’s all ok.You want to hate someone ..hate them fully. Don’t try to justify your act saying that it’s good to do this. Because your thoughts need not be proved ..they are just thoughts ..”not the truth”.They became your truth because you chose to believe them or act upon them.

For example ..I saw a person for the first time wearing a red colour t-shirt.. I might find him handsome ..or I might find him normal ..or not so smart depends ..if I like red colour or not.It’s totally my perception.HERE TRUTH IS “THAT PERSON WEARING A RED TSHIRT”..PERCEPTION IS I THINK HE LOOKS QUITE GOOD IN IT.

Now soul won’t ever say ” hate that person” or “like that person” because he wears a red t-shirt ..but yes mind will say that.This is how our mind works.There are situations where mind works on both the aspects might say yah he is looking good ..the next moment the thought will change to ..”no this t-shirt isn’t that good.I have a better one.”

Anything can be thought ..but which one you believe ..depends on your tendencies.Tendencies are some trait of yours which depend on multiple factors.. like your past experiences ..past conditionings ..your exposure to spirituality ..your devotion.Tendencies can be changed..but truth will always be “love”.

Depending on a person’s tendency..any situation can be handled differently.

For example ..I have X,Y and Z person .. X is always angry with everyone he handles a situation with anger ..he shouts on other people and do whatever with aggression.It’s his coping mechanism .Then there is Y who is always calm and compassionate ..he treats everyone with love..shouts when he need to ..but that too with love in his heart just like Sai . And the last is ..Z who is timid ,shy and loving ..he never ever shouts ..not even tells anyone about his problems ..he just suffers alone and moves on.

WE HAVE ANOTHER TENDENCY TO NOMINATE PEOPLE IN OUR “TENDENCY GROUP”.In above example ..X will want to add Y in his tribe and for that he would want that Y be aggressive like him.Similarly, it happens with the other two.

I have always wanted everyone to be like me as I thought my way is the right way.But my tendency of being calm was not applicable to all ..can’t ever be.This world operates according to HIS will and there are million kinds of people ..we can’t all be same..otherwise there will be no sustenance.

We need a peon ..a nurse ..a doctor ..and many more to manage a hospital ..likewise we need some aggressive dominating people as well as some calm operate this world.As you start to understand that no one is wrong start to accept their tendencies as their truth.


He might be loving at his home with his family..everyone has a black and a white face ..and also some shades of grey.

Now here comes the concept of “guru”.What guru does is he uses our tendencies for the best for us as well as others.I have told you that I perceived my timid nature as a weakness but when I aligned my thoughts and my behaviour …I found out.. it’s my biggest strength.

All you have to do is align your tendencies so that you don’t live like a person “WHO THINKS ONE THING ..SAYS SECOND ..AND DOES YET ANOTHER THING.”A guru ensures that your mind and soul be aligned.Your thoughts..your tendencies be aligned with the TRUTH.

You need not be timid if you are aggressive kind of person but yess you need to be centered while showing your aggression.Centered means connected to your soul.Sai used to get angry at once without any apparent reason at some occasions ..but he was always centered..that’s why that anger was also for benefit of his devotees.

We can’t ever be centered if we keep hatred in our heart.Sai wants that if we get hurt ..we should let people know ..or just cut off from them ..but he never likes that we condemn them or judge their behaviour behind their back ..just to enjoy or make fun..or maybe gain sympathy.Your words can come out of anger but if you are centered will not hurt anyone ..that’s for sure.

There is a kind of MAGIC when you do anything with Baba’s name on your lips.Two months mother in law told me to make chapattis a certain way. I tried to but couldn’t .She has a timid tendency …she can’t ever order me to do something until she adds “beta log kya khenge ..thoda dhyan rkhna.” (What will people say child cautious.)

I felt exhausted with these words ..and after a few days my anger level crossed my threshold of tolerance.I conveyed that “I don’t care what the world says” but in a peculiar angry tone.

Here the thing is ..I have a calm tendency and I behaved opposite to my tendency truth which is calmness.So, whatever I said didn’t matter ..maybe it was right.But the way I said it mattered alot .

My intention was to show her that I am right ..if it was to show her the truth that she shouldn’t be afraid of the world.. I would have given her time.But I didn’t because my devil side told me “I am right.”THERE ARE TIMES WHEN WE KNOW WE ARE RIGHT ..BUT AS “THE FAKIR” MENTIONS “IF YOU HURT SOMEONE WHILE TELLING YOUR TRUTH ..IT DOESNT’MATTER THAT YOU ARE RIGHT ..THE MOMENT YOUR WORDS PIERCED SOMEONE’S HEART ..YOU BECAME WRONG.”

Because without a certain level of ego ..we can’t ever say “I am right “.There is a thin line between ego and self respect.In fact.. from my spiritual eyes ..there is no self respect without ego.hehe

What we call self respect is totally ego.And we definitely can’t kill it as we are living in this world.Only our guru can.So,the best way is if you realise you hurt someone ..just ask for strength to correct your act.That day..strangely I was not thinking about regret ..I was not feeling any guilt. And I prayed “Baba if I am wrong then make me feel it too.”

Baba showed me a dream ..where I was showing my tongue that has became so black and grown some tumors over it looked so hideous..I asked my doctor brother ..”bro what is it?” He answered “This is have tongue cancer.”

Then ..a voice announced this in background ..”this is what you get when you use your tongue for destruction..for hurt.”

And I woke up with a strange feeling. I was not afraid for the first time.I wanted to do good but now I didn’t fear the punishment.I again asked Baba ..”If you want to correct me Sai ..please do it with love.”

And again when I closed my eyes ..what I saw.. stabbed my soul…there was Baba and he fell down as if I stabbed him in his heart .This 5 seconds scene moved my heart soo much.I felt the pain I caused through my words.There was Sai inside my mother in law ..and I pierced his heart ..I made him bleed .I, who call herself a devotee of his…I, who always say that “I love him soo much”..I, who claim to give her life for him..I couldn’t give love to the person who deserved it most.I can’t ever forget this scene he fell unconscious like everything is lost ..all the hard work he did on me ..everything is gone by my single moment of “impulsive behaviour.”

I was crying but I couldn’t get enough dare to convey this “sorry” to mom in law.I may have been right but this is no sai devotee who wounds people by her words and then shamelessly calls herself ..”his devotee.”

I asked for courage to ask for forgiveness convey her that I am sorry.And he gave me that.


Sai Baba will always make it easy for you ..if you ask what he wants you to ask.Ohh.. he can do anything at all only to make you walk his path.If he is your guru ..he will never let you suffer.Our sufferings are totally a result of our actions ..that’s why Baba wants us to change our actions.Let him hold your life ..he will align your tendencies ..thoughts and behaviour with his love.And then the life will be awesome.

Don’t fear anything ..your self respect is safe with him.Nothing bad can ever happen when he is here.You don’t have to be silent if you are a chatter box don’t have to be a talker if you are an introvert ..but yes let him use your tendency for the betterment of world.

Your thoughts may be negative but remember the truths..truths of soul world.. always and it will be easy to live a happy life.

•God is in everyone

•Your anger doesn’t mean it should be used to harm someone can be used for some good too.Let sai show you the way.

•As much as you want people to believe in your positive side ..believe that there is a positive side to them too.It starts with you.You believe them to be good.They will believe you to be good.

•Pray for strength and mercy always.Pay your gratitude ..there is always something to be thankful for.Focus on that thing.

And much more we will talk about in next posts.🤗

Take care..

Don’t forget to kiss him goodnight tonight ..he is always waiting for you ..look!🥰

Om sairam❤️


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