If you are suffering … Baba will give it a meaning!

Om Sairam friends❤️

Saibaba have saved me infinite times .. from infinite situations.I don’t know and want to know about his connection to me as long as he is there for me.(told you ..I’m selfish 😅)

Just like Shyama ji (the great Sai devotee) , I just want a deva who cares for me alot ..provides me sweets to eat.(I couldn’t agree more😂).I don’t care about heaven or hell ..I just want his presence.😍

There will be some of you who are suffering right now , because of some situation or person.I really can’t imagine how hard it is.I heartly want your pain to diminish and disappear altogether.But, if it doesn’t on its own ..please take a step towards Baba Sai.

You are fortunate enough ..if you know Baba already.But ,if you happen to land here , just try to remember him in form of your favourite diety or lord or goddess.


Its good, if you can see the bigger picture out of a situation..it’s so good to be spiritually wise to be able to understand everything.But , still you may feel it is too much to withstand ..then don’t hesitate , just ask.


If you ever feel , everything seems hazy , as to why something happened with you ?

You can ask Saibaba to give you some hint .He will show you the importance of RAIN😭 as well as SUNSHINE😋 in your life.

It happens with me alot.I feel depressed and I cry feeling hurt.But, lastly Baba makes sure that I don’t store hurt of this episode.He clears away my doubts and enlightens me with the importance of that episode in my life.😊

Let me tell you about an episode where I felt bad when I got posted away from my newly found best friend.

I rarely find people who feel like my bestest friends from some past lives.One of them is my friend Amit.

I found another such soul here in my pg ..Vinayak.I felt like I could talk to him about anything.I told him about my lovestory (I got married to my love😍) ..my past life and much more.

He made the environment of hospital ..enjoyable .I worked with him and it didn’t feel like “a duty” at all.He has a kind of aura which made me feel “happy”.

Above all ..his face reminded me of my brother.As, my brother stays in Delhi ,so I felt like home with him here. Our interests matched.I was happy.😍

And then , after one month of working together .. he got posted in some other unit ..away from me.I did not know it will be so heartbreaking.I kept crying the first day I worked without him.

I know this feeling.There are certain feelings which seem to be repeating in my life.

Even in sadness, I have felt a certain kind of emotion when I felt like I will die without a particular person.I had this same feeling when I missed my brother.I shared alot with him ..I talked to him on phone almost daily.There was no problem of mine that did not get solve by him.So, I felt alone when he moved away after his marriage.

More like “I died ” without him and his phone calls.🥺

I show less than I feel.I rarely ever was frank enough to let him know this.

The second time I got this feeling was when my close friend Amit got married. Though I was happy ..I was so happy about him getting married.But, the impression from “last marriage” of a close person was that “he will be gone away from me”.

No matter how hard he tries ..there will be responsibilities ..and there will be no more “that Amit” after his marriage.So,I cried alot.I was not even sure why was I crying ..until sai showed me my “past trauma” with Sandeep bro’s marriage.😅

The same thing happened with my didi’s marriage but she never changed after her marriage ..she still gives me time ..she still calls me the same way ..she is much closer as her in laws home is in jaipur.So, I trust girl friends more in case of “change after marriage”.🤭

And then it was Vinayak ..who was not marrying someone, obviously. 🤭 But went away on some another floor for duty.As our duties were hectic so , I knew how hard it will be to even say “hi” after that.

The sadness I was feeling was mostly about “the environment ” of work which gets depressing if there is no one to cheer you up and laugh with you.

Again when I was missing him ..Baba made me see “what it feels like to miss a friend” And as if clearing away the haziness of my suffering ..he surfaced the lesson here..


Ohh ! How shocking Baba’s realisations can be.How in a split of a second you realise ..how wrong you were (in your past) !! And how your suffering gets a meaning.

This is all to teach you something.And if you learnt it ..be sure that Baba will lift away the burden from your shoulders.

My husband and her best friend has such a close friendship and I used to judge her when she cried for him.I used to think “Can a friend going away be this unbearable?”

I had a few close friends ..but I was always ok with them going away or moving away.I did not feel so much sad ever.But, sai maa showed me how it feels when a friend who “makes you smile all the time” goes away.

And, I was healed of that sadness ..I was healed of that judgement after understanding this.

I was doubting this realisation was maybe “mind -made” .Maybe sai did not say this.

Whenever, I tell you , sai Baba said this or that to me ..I mean he said this from within.He rarely appears in my dreams and says something which I specify otherwise.But, mostly it is his voice inside my mind , that I hear in form of a “thought”.

And just after hearing “that thought” I know it’s from Sai.But , other voices of mind ,sometimes , confuse me that it’s not Sai’s voice.So, that day ..this happened again.

At night when I came back from duty, I saw that friend’s (my husband’s best friend ) message saying “I miss you” (as she is a good friend of mine too)..which clearly indicated that I understood her feelings today and a judgement about her got resolved away ..so , Sai sent this indication that it was him only.🙏


You will feel deep healing after he touches your life with his “divine presence”.I have never felt this cool and calm with my tears before.

He was always there.But , when you take a step towards him..it changes the scene altogether.If you invest time in “thinking about him” ..telling him your pain ..chanting his name ..everything changes .

There will be times when you will get an option ..to talk to Saibaba or to say it to people.Whenever, I got addicted to people..life told me no one is so forever like Sai.

Everyone will get busy and move away but you will find Sai besides you …always and truly forever.So, start telling him what you used to share with others..your close friend or your mother.Tell him what you can’t tell to other people.He won’t ever judge but love you.

There is a lesson for you to learn ..there is a judgement for you to drop ..there is a deeper healing in your suffering.Look towards Baba and chant Om Sairam till he shows you that.


I pray for you all to feel the deep devotion and love for Sai ..that you never wander away from him.

May we all stay forever in his feet.. like his anklet who never ever breaks away from his feet.❤️

I moved baba’s shawl away to let his feet be shown to capture this picture.If Baba ever gets time , he will surely teach me a lesson for my tortures.😂

See you soon friends..

Om sai Shri sai jai jai sai😇

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