Na dattaguru Saimaa , majahavari kadhihi ruso!

Original picture of Saibaba from year1916

Meaning- Let my lord Sainath never get annoyed with me!🙏

Hey friends, it’s been almost 11 years since I started worshipping Saibaba.You can read Baba entered my life here 👉 Fall in love with Sai .

And yes can share your journey with Baba 👉 at my email .I will be truly glad to hear about baba from you.🤗


Sometimes , I was pained at the things ..situations that came across me.We all go through such experiences now or then.

Sometimes, the world seems to be against us one understands us or comes to our rescue. People are selfish ..we too are, but at our lowest , if someone treats us badly … yah, that feels like someone stabbed us right into the heart, right? Especially when those people are your own.

I had a deep fear for “being rejected and left alone”. I still carry this fear. I have tried my best not to feel like this but except Saibaba, nothing else could help me.

I asked Baba about this horrible fear ..and he told me “There are emotions and impressions we carry from other lifetimes ..maybe I was left alone or discarded by the society in some life I still carry the deep impact it had on my soul.”

I wanted to know more but then again ..I don’t want to go dark to know my past and future.I have already learnt my lesson , not to try to look into past lives. You can go through this post to know more 👉 What you need to live a beautiful life – INSIGHT!

Some people have a talent to stay unaffected of people’s opinion and they adjust well when they are left alone.But, I always found it as hard as climbing a mountain.


I don’t know exactly what this dream meant but I felt it deeply. The day I raised my tone to explain something to my mom in law , Saibaba told me “how I am gonna suffer in the coming years, because of misuse of my tongue for hurting innocent people.”

Baba Sai showed me how I hurt him by hurting my dear ones ..yes SAI IS IN EVERYONE!

But this time, I was adamant at knowing the reason …why I should stay silent while I feel like telling my truth to people.And Baba showed me ..the actual condition of mine.

I don’t know how to explain this .. but Baba occasionally lets me know how many wounds I am carrying on my body (not the physical one) ..the body that is not visible . That night he showed me I had peeled skin all over my body .. lesions were large patches of exposed flesh. I was lying in my bed and almost slept.. while this vision occurred. And then one more vision followed ..when my mind asked Baba (in my sleep) about those wounds .. I saw a black and white vision ….

… I was in dwarkamai .. Baba was sitting on a stone and I was covered with a blanket and sitting near dhuni looking at Baba ..while someone was talking to him .And 3-4 people were sitting behind me. It was just a few seconds vision.As I grew eager to know more Baba put me off by saying “don’t explore the past again ..remember!”. And I slept back.

The visions he shows me ..carry more than just the visuals ..though there is no voice or sound alot of times but I actually understand alot of things which are neither explained or shown to me in that vision.

I felt in that vision as if I was a leper and was covered in blanket to hide my wounds , I was feeling warm near dhuni and safer than before .

After this vision ended a strong feeling waved through me like Baba wants me to stay cautious of my behaviour with others as it will create more wounds on my body ..those ..out of which many have been healed by Baba somehow..and he is trying to heal more.

It’s like Baba is saving me from myself I don’t know from how many years.He forgives ..and holds my hand again.I run off listening to my mind and turn back to darkness ..but he is always standing in the midst of that darkness to show me the path when I stumble in absence of light.

Baba Sai is someone who never gets angry and leaves us.He knows exactly ..why we do things to disappoint him.But he still trusts us more than ourselves.

I still feel like a leper sometimes.. left out ..shut off by the world but Baba never ceases to offer food, love and home to people like me.

Baba Sai’s Aarti :

“Na dattaguru Sai maa majahavari kadhihi ruso!” By an ardent sai devotee B.V. dev

This Aarti (hymn) gives me goosebumps whenever I listen to it after I get heartbreaks from people criticising me.

My mom (last year) in her disappointment blurted out “You did not do your best , that’s why you failed.”

Maybe she was right , but words like these ..when you already are feeling so low because of your failure , can feel like a sword through the soul.

I did not want to shout , so Sai kept my calm ..and when I put my phone off , I was left alone with tears.

This time, I wanted a new way to look at this.I have never done anything else .. have I ? except for crying and complaining or shouting in front of my elders.

And this time after mom’s words, Sai made me play my favourite Aarti and it’s lines healed my deeply wounded soul .. if you can, please go though this .. sing it along’s so true.. and lovely🥰

I felt each of its word ..

I was amazed at the starting line …

Ruso mam priyambika ..let my darling mother be offended with me😅 (ya she was definitely 🤭 )

Ohh .. knowing this ..that everyone can get angry with me ..but not my sai mother ..ever ..ever..

How can’t it heal me🥰

“Let anyone in this whole wide world get annoyed or offended with me .. let everyone not care about me or ignore me..but let my guru my Baba Sai never ever get offended with me!”

The last two stanzas drown me most .. so beautifully soulfully written piece of art.. pure love for Baba ❤️

Vimudha manhuni haso, maja na matsara hi daso, Padabhiruchi ulhaso, jananakardami na faso.

Na durga dhrticha dhaso, ashivabhava mage khaso, Prapanchi mana he ruso, dridha virakti chitti thaso.

Kunachihi ghrna naso na cha spraha kasachi aso, Sadev hrdayi vaso, manasi dhyani Sai vaso.

Padi pranaya voraso, nikhila drishya Baba diso, Na Datta Guru Sai maa, upari yanchanela ruso.

Meaning …

Let all people laugh at me ..calling me a fool ..even then let me not get bitten by anger or jealousy! (These words ..ohh I can’t tell you how I feel while reading them )

Let me be delightful in your holy feet and let me not get entangled in mud of worldly existence.

Let this mind get offended with worldly indulgence, let firm dispassion (towards worldly existence) get inscribed in my mind and heart.

Let there be no hatred for anybody, also let there be no longing for anything.

Let Sai baba always reside in my heart, let Sai baba dwell in my mind and contemplation.

Let my love for your holy feet flow incessantly, let Baba be seen to me in everything that is visible.

Let not my Datta Guru, my Sai mother, get offended with my humble request made above.

You can completely forget ..but when real life situations make you weak you feel Sai’s words more deeply than ever before.Maybe that’s why Baba said …

“When you are low are empty ..and when you are empty only then can my love fill you up darling.”

No wonder my darkest nights were the nights I got refilled ..again and again with his love. I intensely called him out and was never left alone or ignored.

He is Baba ..our Saibaba .He can never see us in pain .❤️

I was moved by these words ..and I felt peace even in mom’s scoldings.Let me be called a fool ..I will accept it too. Though it’s hard for my ego but when Baba is here will be ok and easy.😊

Shri B.V. dev prays in the whole prayer to let not Baba get annoyed with him .. let everyone else get angry .

But in the end how beautifully he concludes ..let me see Sai in everyone .If that happens one can get annoyed na! Because everyone will be Sai and Sai won’t get angry , he has already prayed for this.😍

Let us feel the peace he wants us to live in .. let us not be affected by the negative emotions of anyone it others or ourselves .Let us love everyone inspite of the misunderstandings in their or our mind.

Now getting sleepy.. will write more about my fear and what Baba is planning nowadays.. tomorrow.😊

Come on let us rest in dwarkamai near baba’s feet.. what a warm lovely place to be!!🥰

Ohh forgot to tell .. our blog hit half century ..published posts became 50

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Goodnight ,sai dreams to you all❤️😇

Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai 🙏🥰

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