If you accept yourself .. you become fearless!!

Visited saidham ..it’s a peaceful place just like lap of Saibaba❤️

Hey guys ..have you ever felt the fearlessness in accepting our mistakes. I know you have.

Many times , it so happened that I got stuck in a situation that I feared about the reaction of others and I am not lying but I lied a lot 😅. I used every kind of means to bypass that bad experience of breaking someone’s trust. I feel close to people who have some kind of aura that says to me “it’s ok ..even if you made mistakes ..you can tell me the truth ..it won’t affect our relation.”

Yah that’s easy ..to tell the truth to someone whom you trust that they won’t leave you or judge you anyhow.But the fearlessness comes when you tell your truth to someone whom you fear alot and you are damn sure that they will shout or comment according to your past experiences with them.

I was quite good in lying.Rare people can catch my lies as they are innocent enough to trust me 🤭. But yes .. I could see how I was harbouring a deep dark well of fear inside me and by lying again and again this “well” grew deeper .

It’s obvious ..we mostly use lies to “save ourselves” and when do we try to save us? .. when we feel unsafe.Meaning we lie when we are scared.I lied a lot to my mom ..I lied alot to my teachers ..I lied alot to my siblings..I lied everywhere I felt a chance of getting scolded or hurt by judgements.

It doesn’t matter what you did was right or wrong but if you are lying ..you surely are convinced that you were wrong . We might say we accept ourselves but THEY won’t understand us so we lie.Its not the whole truth.Truth is.. there is some corner of our mind who judges us for what we did ..and so we fear the world will judge us ..laugh at us.

Actually I am judging them too to be judgemental ..am I not?? My perception is developed from past experiences but if I find courage to drop them ..maybe they find courage to not judge me anymore.

There is some senior who is impulsive in nature but don’t know why sai always makes me see himself inside her .. I might get angry and judge her alot .But at the end of the day Baba makes me thank her soul ..that she is indirectly leading me towards “home”

For me , home is feet of Baba 😇.Baba makes this feeling so deep ..that I can’t doubt or deny even a bit of it.The feeling .. of deeply loved by that soul that she took a negative role in front of “world” to propagate me on the right path.

Wow ..just wow!! If I can see each being like this ..I won’t ever feel bad.Their scoldings ..their judgements are just a drama to move me closer to Sai.Can you imagine how beautiful it feels.

Afterall ..what is life but a drama.🤗

I loved when Jaya wahi di made this belief stronger by her words .. “The people whom you hate or have hurt you somehow have a deep relation with you from past lives ..they have taken the responsibility to hurt you because they love you alot at soul level.”


I am not talking about people who have left us but the people around us.When you feel exhausted ..trying to convince someone ..when you think you can’t make them see your goodness ,when their words hurt you or they scare you but still you have to live together.Use this telepathy instead of words.

Trust me I too fear to be judged ..coz I am stupid hehe but here I have tried this and it’s really amazing.I asked forgiveness when I was not able to say sorry in front of that person and you won’t believe they forgave me at a deeper level that was well evident in their behaviour.

I told people “I trust you” and their behaviour improved and they started trusting me even more. I told people I don’t hate you anymore ..I carry love and I know you too. All these talks were when I went to bed each night imagining talking to that person’s soul. And they had a deep impact .

It’s surprising but it’s true .. our words might not heal so much as our frequencies can.

So, trust others a little ..your life will change .Remember they are carrying Sai too.

Its an installment post hehe😄 ..don’t forget to read the last posts 👇.You can share your experiences with me ..to be posted here.

I pray , we keep loving him in each moment of life.

Stay happy and healthy🤗

Om Sairam ❤️

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