Failed in love? Wait dear till Sai blesses you with your Raabta!!

sai sai ❤️

Hey darling souls ! I have been telling, all my life stories to you . And many more are left ..but I would like to hear from you too. You can write to me here👉 my email .

I already told you about my first love interest , eventually he became my bf just because I asked sai for him to be my partner. Over time I found out I was loving a wall maybe .. just imagining things and praying for him to be mine ..while the truth was punching on my face from a long time ..And I was not courageous enough to see it.

Then one day sai made me leave him as he was really not with me..actually he dumped me ..but it seemed like I did.

I always had a guilt for that but Sai made me forgive myself. He taught me .. “it’s better to quit and move on when you know you are too exhausted trying.”

It was my MBBS first year.. most of which went crying .

Then after a few months , a prank started a new story with a new guy (my husband now) . I never thought , we will reach this far. I used to talk to him and sing a song on the phone .. not revealing who I am ..the song was “Raabta” .

Raabta means “a connection ” .. and I refer to it ..for a deep ..meaningful .. soulful connection.

This prank soon turned into a relationship.

Actually its a complicated story hehe .

We were in a relationship for almost a month and then he suddenly broke up and left talking to me at once.

I was shocked and too tired of rejections and heartbreaks , I asked sai if he is gonna bless me .. bless me with him . If he can’t then I don’t wanna love again as I already had gone through alot.

I remember that evening , I was on the terrace of my home and I had a habit to watch the sky while crying and talk like sai is the sky .😅

After two months to this , our mutual friends brought us to meet again. Though I was angry but still I asked for a sign .

We met again at a Ganesh temple .. and I was constantly asking him “You made us go apart you are bringing us together ..I don’t know what it is Sai .. is he made for me ? Will we be together? ”

And exactly at the moment a car crossed me and it had letters “Om Sairam ” over it and the words of a familiar song fell into my ears …

“Kuch to hai tujhse raabta…”

I was happy on the inside but angry on the outside.I have a weakness or strength maybe that I feel too much. And I can’t close the doors of my heart , if I do I feel like dying.

Anyways , after all the ups ,downs .. I am now happily married with the same guy my Raabta with him .😊

And now the painful memories of past seem like sand in the fist … getting lighter with each passing day .

So, trust my story !!

Saimaa , has someone soo good for you darling ..that (s)he will kiss away all the pains of your past ..all the bad memories .. yes it will hurt to stay in the relation but will understand each other and then the phase of neverending love and happiness will start .. you will feel safe that whatever differences you may have .. whatever arguments you may have .But your other half won’t leave you everr.

For me , it takes time to get the best. I never get my choice ..but what I get was the bestest for me.For I am a fool at choosing someone for me. Baba took this responsibility and also chose the best bad experiences for me to get mature and forgiving and understanding..

So, these bad moments , don’t you worry dear .. are good somehow ..if it gets too hard’s ok you can leave.

But , you will have your Raabta soon… sai promises that!

I promise you , you will be blessed with the love of your life .. just trust baba. 😍

He is the best match maker !

Hehe ..😋

Gudnight dearies !

Om Sairam

Keep smiling as you are blessed enough to smile darling!

And thank you sooo much Sai !!

For being you… For being in our lives!! ❤️

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  1. His plan for our life and the execution amazes us the moment we realise what he did for us


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