A prayer for all those suffering souls

A prayer for all
We all have some darkness and some light inside us!

Hey dearies , let us do what we are here for ! Pray for all those suffering souls.

We all know about the world wide chaos. As I have been a sensitive soul from beginning , I can feel the fear around us alot more than other people . It’s really exhausting many times , but Sai made me so maybe to counteract the selfish urges within me. As without this “feeling too deeply” part , I think I’m just a mind caring for my own stuff..my own life.

Last few days gave me enough time with Saibaba , I danced , I cried , I laughed , I sang with him ! after a really long time. At times , I felt alone but the next moment Sai will remind me of him and I will feel at peace 😇.

You know yourself better when you are alone!

Sometimes , I feel I’m getting away from my path to Sai but then he makes me feel things which I could never earlier. And then I realise ,I have been changed alot by Saibaba ..yes alot more than I know.


I was crying the other day , feeling kind of a panic attack and not finding it comfortable to stay away from my home and my husband.(My husband has gone to his home as my father-in-law came covid positive) .When I felt that pain deeply , I started complaining to Sai in middle of those sobs ” Why do I feel so sad ? So fearful Sai ? Is this pain necessary to go through?”

“I don’t want to cry sai !” I was repeating these words , and I added “I don’t want to feel so lonely. ” The next moment my words changed to “I don’t want anyone to feel this much alone ever Sai , no matter what their previous karmas were ..forgive us all Sai .Please never let anyone feel so alone!”

I was surprised at the change of words . I started praying for me and ended up praying for others.

While the past me would have scolded sai and complained about my family and loved ones to get me into this profession that keeps me away from them . But , I have changed ..actually I have been changed by him.🥰

The fear around us connects us

This fear is not so bad .It connects us all. As I remember Jaya wahi Di said this in some video of her. And actually I found it true.

Baba answered my “why ” during meditation. When he showed me a glimpse of so many souls .. there were hundreds which I could see ..sitting in darkness . Their faces were so fearful . Sai shows in a second what we take alot of time to understand. I mean in that one picture he showed ..he told me so many things.

“These are souls ..the fearful souls .. these are souls who have passed over (people who died recently) .They felt so fearful near death that they are still in fear and darkness .There seems no way for them to get free of this. And they desire peace from the souls who are still within body like you.So , you and alot of people like you are feeling so much sad ..so much fearful.So that you can feel what they are feeling. Your prayers can release them darling . They are in such a place that they can’t do much now . They can’t do good karmas to make them free. They can’t make contact to their loved ones to ask them for prayers .So,it’s your duty to pray for them.”

A prayer for all!

Can you imagine how did I feel after seeing this? I was scared initially😰.But then I realised we all have darkness within our souls ..and some spots of light waiting to remove that darkness. So, there is no need to fear any soul who has passed away . Just pray for them .. that they get rid of their fear ! May they get peace and bliss wherever they are. May they be given second chances as I want for myself in my life. May they get a guru like Saibaba who can save them in all the worlds that exist. May they be free soon enough ! Amen !

It’s all for today . I know you are praying and if not ..you will pray now for such souls. A prayer for all to diminish their suffering , to set them free.

Take care dearies .

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The meditation post will get completed this time ..a few days more. If you don’t know which post I’m talking about ..you can read these posts sequentially

Let us meditate Let us love Sai!

“Come to me” – Saimaa

Till then ..in sai feet🙏

Om Sairam ❤️

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