Throw aside your horoscopes and have faith in me!

Hey dearies , I hope you all are good and doing good for the people around you.🤗

Have you ever been in such a situation that you believed your horoscope so strongly and it had some negative prediction ..and that created an anxiety within you . Well , I have been there.

It was when , I became serious for my then boyfriend . I searched both of our signs to find out the “compatibility ” between us. What I read was “our compatibility is very weak and we can never live happy together”. And I searched not just one ..alot of sites and there was one or the other negative thing about it ,everywhere. Huhh ! What a disaster , I should have known this earlier . 😰

“So what? you would not have loved him , if you knew you are not compatible? 😒”

It was the voice inside me questioning my insanity.

“Yes, maybe🥺”

“As if it was in your control ? To fall in love with him.🤔”

Atlast tired of this fear of being insecure .. I surrendered it to Sai.

“Baba , if I have to cry in this relation ..always ..then why did you create it in the first place. I already told you I don’t wanna cry , I want to be happy .”😥

Baba did not answer me instantly , or maybe I couldn’t understand that time.

After a few months I came across “Sai satcharitra” . I didn’t know , Sai left such a treasure for his devotees. And I was so enthusiastic reading it and finding out what Sai’s life was like when he was in body just like us !

If you want to read it online visit here👇 Sai satcharitra in English chapterwise

I read the chapter of a medical student fearing to give his pre medical test thinking that he won’t pass the test. Why? Because some astrologer , some famous one, told him so. He believed his statement so much that he quit even preparing for the test. (A silly kid like me😅)

His mother got tensed looking at him , not even listening to what his parents said. She went to Shirdi Saibaba as she venerated him and had faith in him.

What would have happen next , ohh you know that ! Saimaa as usual rained his blessings over her and said “Tell him , he don’t have to fear for I am here. Throw aside the horoscopes and future speculations and study well .He is going to pass this year only. Believe in me . I will never lie , sitting here in dwarkamai.”

Mother went home and told her son everything. He got some hope and started studying . He could keep strength till he gave his written exam , again quit studying as the time for oral exam arrived .

But, when did sai say he will leave us in mid.If he brought him so faar ..he would take him further!

He molded the situation.The examiner knew that boy well (as he scored very well in written exam) ,so he sent a message that the boy should appear in oral , assuring that he will certainly pass.

I have never seen such a teacher , who passed such information to his student. Only Sai can make this happen.

What a Leela! What Sai said came to fruition…as always.😍

So, it was a story to drive away the deep fear inside me .After that day,I enjoy horoscopes and all this stuff , but whenever there is some negativity which makes me anxious , I know “What Sai wills , will happen.” And if you want something from the core of your heart , he can even change your destiny to make it yours!

Like what paulo coelho said in “The alchemist ” (I wondered why I loved such books before Sai came) ..

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

Getting pediatrics !

I may have complained alot in the past , or might grumble again 🤭 about my profession and branch , but I know how Saimaa saved me by making me reach here. I feel strongly like Sai changed my destiny , he pushed me alot towards this , otherwise my destiny would have taken me somewhere dark.

You might have found me telling that Baba came in a vision to say “Your destiny is in your hands , not the lines of your hands!”

He has always focussed on “do your work.. do good deeds and leave rest upon him.” He won’t ever betray you.

Getting one true love!

Not only career , I felt I had a doomed love life. After being gone through rejections and alot more depressive stuff , I lost the hope and will to love and trust someone again. I got back my lost love ..and trust me Sai did soo much to maintain our relationship. He is awesome .He used every means it working in the awake state or dream state. He changed my and his mind so well that we fit each other perfectly.😍

Baba , I find myself weak to express this gratitude . I might never be able to feel the same strength of love for you ..that you have for me..but I love you!

Tatya and Sai

You might remember how Saimaa declared to a close devotee of his.. Ramchandra patil (in his dream) that Tatya (his beloved devotee) will leave this world soon on Vijaydashami. Tatya was a close friend of Ramchandra patil. So, he was worried about Tatya.

Later we know , how Baba took on tatya’s destiny over himself .Instead of Tatya , Baba left this world on Vijaydashami.

Baba only knows what he does. We may never understand all the mysterious ways he uses to change our lives for better.

Sharing with you this.. I was attracted towards this particular phrase in my childhood . 🤗 You will find it funny , my siblings would joke around and ask silly questions of them was ..

“Answer me , an egg fell from a tall building , but didn’t break ..why?” 🤭

And then after all those discarded answers ..the right answer will be:

“Jako rakhe Saiyan ,maar sake na koi!”

(The one protected by Saiyan /almighty ; can never come to harm)

Though we took it as fun , but this sentence gave me goosebumps that time too that’s why I still remember those moments. 😇

Changing my family’s destiny

Saimaa not only saved me from my bad karmas.He saved my mom of so many deadly things , I remember each time he showed me a dream. And how beautifully ,he came to divert it.

Not just after me , but before I was born. I have this feeling deep within me , that he was watching over us from so longg.

Oh lord , that reminds me of the dialogue from Sai Satcharitra “Baba , don’t you think you are so old!”

And he said “Ohh! You think I’m old ..then come and try to catch me.” 😂

I already wrote about the worst day of my life .. and how Baba came from nowhere to save me . (This post is here👉 Not afraid anymore He did save me ..and changed my destiny alot of times.😇

The concept

I used to wonder “How we can help ourselves and others change our destiny ? ” I got the answer “by doing good.” Meaning, you might not believe it ..and this is also a truth that all people have to experience the fruits of their deeds.. but by changing our present , we can make our bitter fruits .. taste less bitter and also a sweet future.

When you walk on the path of humanity ..the path of Sai , it’s an unsaid rule that almighty have to take care of you each moment ! He will make them smile , who try to make others smile always.

My professor’s prediction:

Here in my pedia department , one senior professor is good in reading hands . Once after his rounds , in his enthusiasm , he read hands of all his post graduates there. While he took my hand to read , he said in a serious tone “You might face some grave situation , if you need some help , you can come to me.”

I felt numb for a second. But, I remembered Sai’s lines the next moment “Why fear when I am here .”

Recalling another incident from Sai Satcharitra , one devotee Bapusaheb buti (who built butiwada, today’s Samadhi Mandir in Shirdi) was once told by an astrologer , Nana saheb dengle, that he has a danger to his life that day. When he reached dwarkamai ,terrified by the prediction , Baba announced “What does this nana say? He foretells death for you. Well you need not be afraid.Tell him ..”Let us see how death comes.”

Later that evening Bapusaheb came across a snake , which soon moved away with Baba’s grace and vanished.

Ohh lord , I can just narrate so many incidents ..on and on ..and the stories of his grace will never end. Our Baba has saved so many souls .. so so many .. we can’t ever imagine.His love so deep and infinite which never feels lesser even after sharing with so many children of his.🥰 The love which melts even the hearts of murderers !

How to tell you the story where he fought with “yamdutas” ( the transporters of death) to save an almost died man , when his wife cried for his life.

Or the tale where he protected two families sitting in a car , which got into accident and got twisted and turned in a dangerous way..but nobody could believe the people inside that severely damaged car were safe.The driver devotee called “Sai” just once when he saw his death coming.

Baba Sai , we are lost children of yours ..please not just show us the way, but walk that way with us ..coz we have no one else than you.

If you like to read about Sai , you will find it super calming watching his serial ,the first episode of “Mere sai” . This serial has become a beautiful part of my life. Baba has answered me alot of times through this..and it cleared away so many doubts of mine.

You can go through this post 👉 Baba Sai’s timely warnings!

Ok darling souls .. hasta lavista! Stay in Sai’s feet forever. Om Sairam ❤️🥰

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  1. Thanku soo soo much mam 😇es blog se aaj bht se questions ke ans mil gye ❤❤omsairam🙏


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