Narhari : the child of Sai

Sai holy feet

It was 2019 when I read about a kid named Narhari who lost his parents and his aunt-uncle took him over only to treat him like a servant. They kept him and behaved as if they were doing such a great favour to him. So,they used him howsoever they can. Especially his aunt would not let him live peacefully ..used every kind of word to abuse him.

Atlast tired of this kind of life Narhari left his home at a tender age.. not knowing where he was going. He remembered his uncle’s friend who talked about Saibaba once in front of him. It was around 1910. He reached there somehow ..he took help from one person or another on the way to Shirdi.

After coming to Shirdi ,Baba kept him with him for almost 20 days. But, this time completely changed his destiny!

Why am I telling you all this ? Because I sometimes feel like Narhari.(no no my parents are with me and love me alot 😂)

Baba performed many miracles in front of Narhari , he was Baba’s companion for 24/7 and he obviously saw what a person his age wouldn’t have ever before.

Once, Baba warned him before he was going to sleep in dwarkamai. He told him that he should not move matter whatever sounds come at night or anything he might see . He slept saying that he will obey Baba.

It was past midnight when he woke up with some weird noises . He slowly opened his eyes ..and started trembling with fear to see a huge snake in front of him. But ,there was Baba who was doing something with that snake and he was encaptured by Baba . There was a smaller copy of baba about an inch in size which was emitting some kind of light towards that snake and eating away the snake’s light. Narhari could not understand what was going on ..suddenly the next moment he found that snake slithering over his body and out of fear ..he became unconscious.

Felt the gravity in a worst way !

In 2019 , a day before one of my exam , I slept at night praying to Baba that whatever happens will be his will , so better give me strength to accept his will and live it peacefully.

I slept and when my sleep was getting deeper ..I found Baba came near the head end of my bed and lifted my head and put it in his lap . Ohh God what was happening ..I was flying down ! I was falling or flying. It was a feeling, twenty times more fierce, you get when you come down while in a giant wheel . Like some gravity so strong is pulling you so rapidly towards it and you can’t help but fall and fall feeling all the gravity inside your head.. feeling lightheaded and dizzy but you can’t stop that feeling.

I was literally trying to get up and be normal but I couldn’t even move my head ..and when I started crying in sleep , my heartbeats got so fast and I got sweaty , Baba whispered something so subtly I could have ignored it in my chaotic state ..he said “meri bchhi”.(my kiddo)

After a few cries of “Sai what is this pleaseeee stop Baba pleasee” , he let me wake up.

Ohh yes I love you Baba ..but that was too much Baba Sai.😂


Narhari had the same experience !

I came to know the incident that happened to Narhari after this incident of mine. I got so many answers through Baba’s books to” what happened with me was really something not just my imagination or myself going crazy.”🤭

The next day to the incident of snake … Narhari woke up with fever. Baba touched his forehead and striked his satka (a small stick) on the floor of dwarkamai three times and the fever came down. Then he took the boy with him to a walk ..where? He didn’t tell. It was quite early in the morning ,still dark . He asked for tea from someone in the way and blessed that person .

They reached on the outskirts of Shirdi and Baba stopped near a tree. Baba emptied the bag he brought with him there ..making a grave like something under that tree. The bag had that snake from dead. Well ,Narhari couldn’t grasp what was going on ..but maybe he was a calm child ..he had no one else left for him it was just Saibaba ,so never a single question appeared from his side. Baba put soil over the body of snake and covered it with leaves too. He asked Narhari to sit nearby under that tree and chanted something. He asked him ..not to move during the process matter what he feels.

Narhari felt gravity and whirling in air!

After some moments he heard weird sound like that of thunder ..and he felt like falling down somewhere so deep .. he couldn’t help or control it but he obeyed Baba and kept his eyes closed all the time. After a lot of spinning , dizziness and gravity he fell asleep tired . He woke up in the evening under that tree and Baba has left already. He went back to dwarkamai .

When Sai started this , he said “Child some creatures give their life for helping others. May Allah provides peace to their souls . ” So, maybe that snake died to help Narhari and took over his destiny . His destiny was not good ..he would have suffered even for clothes and twice a day meal. But , Baba changed it . That’s when Baba proved his saying ..

“There will be no dearth of food or clothes in the home of my devotee”

Later , Narhari became an astrologer and he got enough clothing ,a house to live in , and a proper meal everyday with Baba’s grace.🤗

This pic is soo dear to me, shared by a Sai platform on Instagram❤️

Baba came last day!

On 8th June at around 12pm ..when I was in deep sleep , I felt someone came and held me up like an object half feet above my bed . He was so powerful that he held me so easily keeping me straight while in air. And spinned me horizontally . I was asking “Who is this ?” But my voice was audible to only me .

It didn’t matter as if I already got the answer who was that.

I couldn’t open my eyes . He was holding me from back .

He spinned my body or soul or I don’t know really what! I was talking in mind with him ..saying that my legs will strike the wall and I will get hurt. So, he instructed me to fold my legs and I did that.After a few spins .. he put me back so slowly. And surprisingly ,there was no pain ..what I imagined I would get in this spinning and all process.

And I slept back(more weird)  and woke up properly after sometime remembering all the things that happened. I was praying to Sai , to change some bad habit of mine from so long and don’t know why I felt this spinning was for that.

That’s why I keep saying that I feel like Narhari. Baba did soo much to make my life better and he did definitely change my destiny .😭

Saiyan ….

Sleeping with his love in my heart.

May he blesses us all with a good life .

Om Sairam ❤️


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  1. Thank you soo much beautiful soul , I’m the one who handle the page sailovesyou :). Keep doing this great work of spreading positivity and love. BABA LOVES YOU


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