It is never too late to be what you might have been

Om Sairam sweet souls 😊

Saibaba love

Belated guru Purnima wishes to you all. I took leave from my work and spent last week in Haryana ..went to my village and also stayed at my in-laws.It was pleasant to spend time with my loved ones after such a long time ..almost an year.

Got into second year

Also I completed one year in my post graduation.. cheers to that 🤗😇 Can’t thank Sai enough that he stayed as my strength all through this time ..all the love from my loved ones ,my readers and yess how can I forget my husband . He was the one who took efforts to make it easy for me to survive here. He did the chores and took care of mine like my mother.. everyday ..I guess better than her sometimes .As this did not include the scoldings of my mother 😅 for literally everything . Still, I feel he is kinda similar to her! hehe

Well ,I will be a second year truly when my first years will be here after the exam scheduled in September . (Delayed because of Covid) Till then I am ready to do what Sai has planned for me to.

The finishing kick of your race

I am feeling new vibes in the air like some happy days are coming for all of us .Like it’s time for the depression … Sadness …darkness of every kind to leave and the wave of cheerfulness , happiness to warm up our frozen souls. Yah , it feels like it’s been too much .. so long ,still we are waiting . No more wait now. These new days promise you a new better stage of your life soon . Just a few months of hard work but this time work hard with love in your heart. Sai says “Work hard because I want you to .. practice because you deserve happiness . It’s last phase of your struggle dear , as you have waited for soo long and it’s time that my boon blessing hand showers you with your wishes .Work hard with love your intention . Because it’s the right thing to do . Just forget about what is your duty or responsibilities or anything else are doing this for yourself because you love to do this and because you love your Sai ❤️. It’s the finishing seconds of your race just give it your best.”

Singing and Sai

Saibaba and wish fulfiling


There was a whatsapp message on the departmental group of our batch .. asking who loves to sing ? Give your names. I was at my home , so I did not respond . The word singing brings a wave of passion within me . But , I ignored ..thinking if something is meant for me ,he will make me do it.

Last day my colleague messaged some names to sing a Vandana over stage as we are having inauguration of “Breastfeeding week ” on 1st August . My name was not there . The people whose names were there withdrew themselves , as one of them was sick and one was on leave.

My colleague organising this , again messaged new names and this time she had my name (as she knows I sing too) . I was surprised this morning when I read all the messages one by one .Ok that means Baba wants me to sing. It’s not my first time on stage but it feels different like I’m back to my passion . Though it won’t be so much of my singing as it’s a simple Saraswati Vandana .And I love maa so I’m doing it.😇

I was lost in such thoughts while in train (I read these messages in train only ) and I put my phone aside telling sai “Though I am singing but I lost my passion for everything Saimaa , don’t want to but don’t know why I have become boring..and sleepy not doing the things I loved.”

The signs

I was preparing my seat to sleep. When a man seating on nearby seat started to talk to my husband. I slept listening to their talks and I overheard him saying “I work in bank but I do many more things You should always give time to your passion the things you love to do. Without  these things life is not life.I play tabla ..I sing ..I do face reading.” I felt a pain in my heart as I miss singing and many more things but I surrendered everything at Baba’s feet. I slept.

As we returned today from home ,were tired from journey.. were relaxing in bed  watching a movie named “The journey of a dog” . The main character was a dog and a girl named CJ. She loved music , she wrote songs , played and practiced them but never performed them in front of anyone. She had so many chances , but she always felt ,her songs were not good enough.

Soon , her mother says “You will never know how good you are if you never try.” 

Atlast , she played in a club and was very much liked by people. 😊🤗

Sai only knows if that’s a sign to me or not , but I enjoyed the movie . And I loved how she Atlast put her fears and doubts aside and went out to follow her passion.

Also another movie’s lines hit me .. when I was focussing on the fear ..

“A true artist does not perform for the world ..he performs for himself and the world just watches him. ”

So , perform for yourself , appraisal …success or money will follow . Focus on your love for the thing you do , everything else will be taken care of .

Baba hna !

I pray we remember these words in the upcoming months as I feel we will need them .

His grace is always there to lift you up❤️

Keep smiling 😊

Om Sairam 😇



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