My mom and Sai

Om Sairam dear souls …This is a frame of baba , i found today under a tree , somewhat damaged , but this pic captured me. And I brought it to my flat and pasted it properly and then decorated baba with chandan .😃

It was 2009 when I started worshipping Baba in his form . I brought a puja book and a small sai picture at home (Jaisalmer) from Jaipur . My parents did not ask me any reason and started worshipping him with me.

It took a little time to become devotees of baba .Slowly , they moved towards being Sai lovers, which is in my eyes more romantic title for a devotee.

My mom lights a lamp daily in front of baba and says all her prayers. I did not know what kind of faith she had in Sai until she shared a few experiences of her with her baba.

Sai came to wake her up

One morning , she could not get up early as she did daily and as a result her baba could not get his tea . So , he came to wake her up. 😇

No , i am not joking. Hehe . I woke up at 8 am , when she told me she felt some hand who touched her shoulder shrugging it like we do when try to wake someone up. Mom opened her eyes , thinking its me when she saw from corner of her eyes that it was a strong hand and covered in some white cloth. She got up at once ,realising its not me. (There was no one else in the home that night.)

And, that someone was nowhere to be seen , the next moment.

This was her first experience like this as far as i know.

Sai pulled her out of the dark pit

As told earlier ,my mom has a mental make up as that of a stubborn child. She sticks to what she feels is right. Sometimes , it brings sadness and hurt her loved ones and herself.

One such phase was going on . When I dreamt mom to be in a dark room. She looked tensed but I could not approach her , no matter how hard I tried. This dream reflects the reality , how much i try to make her understand , that her words hurt her dear ones and in this way ,she is hurting herself, making her journey even more tougher than before.

Just now I realised, my words will work only when they come from deep understanding of the person I am speaking to. And if my intention is purely to help him/her. Sometimes ,people don’t listen to us and it hurts us. But I think that is because , it hurts our ego. We want to help them ,but out of this thinking that we are right and they are wrong. But, truth is one is wrong ,given the circumstances ,the conditioning,I would be tearing hearts like her . 

So, back to her next dream. I prayed to Sai ,realising , I am no one to change or direct mom when I don’t know where she is exactly.

And after a few days ,Baba showed her a dream … in mom’s words ..

“I was travelling somewhere on foot , with my sister , when we found a lake ,and thought to bathe. We walked into the lake , and after sometime we found someone took our clothes and that lake now became a dirty pond. And she tried to move herself out of pond ,but  could not. She felt trapped ,when she prayed to baba to save her. And the next moment ,she found herself out of the lake ,looking clean and covered with clothes. ”

You can easily grasp ,meaning of this dream. And I now know how baba did this . 😭 baba thankyou baba..

I feel my eyes teary , when this heart tells me about each of its beat he supported.. when I see myself fading away into him. Saiyan!

He did what ,me and my siblings or dad could not ever for my mom. We are just worms trying to remove the dirt around us, while we don’t know how much we are carrying inside us .

“Baba made her dwarkamai”

My didi and my mom were praying for their own dwarkamai 2 years back , where they can live peacefully.

My mom could not live calmly in jaipur. She and my sister in law had fights ..alot. I was blind earlier ,I supported my mother . But, I know how hard it would have been on my sister-in -law . Sai removed the black fog of “my own” from my eyes.

So, my didi (elder sister) decided that my mom and my dad should go to their hometown after dad’s retirement . This was just a proposal .. like many done earlier ,but dad was not happy doing this.

Third dream , my mom got after her intense prayer for a separate peaceful home. She saw like she is in a new home where she invited her sister’s , her brother’s kids to celebrate the entry into the new home.

She told me this , and I felt good that maybe Sai meant this will turn into reality .

Last year , this became a reality. My mom is living peacefully at our hometown ,with my dad. 🙂

Sai walked in front of her

It happened a few months back . Mom told me ..

She was cleaning the floor of the new home .. when she felt pain in her arm . Now , this happens alot , and she finds her solace in Sai. She just starts remembering him ,when pain arrives. So, she started chanting “Sai Sai” and on the area of floor in front of her which she just a moment back mopped with a cloth in her hand , appeared some footprints of some human … 4 footprints appeared one after other.. as if someone was walking alongwith her. As she now lost the sense of pain..she was able to mop .. she mopped and , footprints kept appearing. She stopped , footprints stopped. She was confused. (I must say she is fearless😅, If i would have been in her place ,i would have run away.)

She called dad ,to show him those prints and dad was amazed too.. finding them a copy of a large size foot of some human being.

She mopped the area again rubbing away those footprints , when they found same thing happening again . Those prints appeared again , as if someone freshly walked there .

This experience gave me goosebumps and I found out , my Sai is just awesome .. because he loves each of his devotees… so much that he can do anything all for them .

“I can’t see your tears my dear one . I love you alot and i can do anything to make you happy. ”

These were the words of Sai,i felt to share with you.

I am listening to this lovely song , in love of Baba ..” kinna sona”

You will find each of its word being sung for baba. Just listen and feel the bliss of his love.

Sai maa , we are nothing … really nothing without you. Just love us .. we are tired ..we want to sleep in your lap .. in your dwarkamai .. Saimaa . Our heaven is just this.

Keep singing ..

Kinna sona tu sona tu haa!

Sai Sai 🥰



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