Say hello to naanu and aaru


Say hello to naanu and aaru two new budgie cuties. Well, I don’t know why I got such a deep desire to get two birdie friends and atlast this wish came true.

I want to cuddle them but ,rightnow they are too afraid to not see me as a threat.

I hope they will teach me patience and consistency that I am very poor at.

I already want to play with them but all the tutorials on the net warned that we should let birds feel at ease and approach them slowly .. doing one thing at a time . Like today you keep your hand near the cage for a few minutes to let them get habitual to it.. tomorrow just keep your hand inside the cage .

I did it, and there was chaos in their behaviour like someone is invading their privacy.

It’s been a week .But, I could not dedicate much time because of duties. Thats why I brought two instead of one so they are a company to each other. Making a bird feel lonely is the worst thing to do.

Naanu ate from my hand

Today naanu ate pallets from my finger. Naanu is more frank than aaru. Aaru is alot more hesitant and scared .

Naming them was difficult . Hehe I thought all the names of famous friends .. rahu-ketu , dhani -mani , nalla – tota .. then aaru charu came to my mind .

And  because charu was my friend, so I avoided that name and final yes went to naanu and aaru .

Pets are good for mental health

Well,I can’t deny the fact , that I have too many anxiety triggers and unresolved past trauma issues . While , Sai is not directing me towards a deep cleansing that I feel a need for ,I needed someone to calm my nerves.

So, I got pets.

I think we all need someone who does not judge us and just love us . Someone who never tries to tell us to do this or that . Who just accepts us as who we are and looks for food and warmth from us.. and nothing else.

So, awesome na!

I know life gets hard sometimes but never stop believing in the things that kept you alive.

I forgot why I came here  . But ,Sai made me see , how mad I was becoming to think that I would quit.

This much of hard work , and labour to wash down the gutter just because of a few mouths who couldn’t say something nice because they had some unresolved issues like me. I am alive because I love Sai and I love myself. Yes , I care for people . But, I am not here because I care for the rubbish they believe in. I am here to heal. To heal what I can.. to heal myself. I am here for those who need me .. not for those who don’t see my worth. I am not here to please everyone . I am here to please my Saimaa  . I am here to experience life .. and yes I may feel weak , broken or too much hurt but I know growth is painful too. I am put to extremes to change my way of thinking.

To make myself happy first ,to not fear anyone . That episode left a deep impact on me. Now, when I fear ,I think transient life is .. how the opinions of some people won’t even matter to me after a few years . So,if I was to die today..will I focus on those “ill talks or hurts” or “Sai” . And I got my answer clear.

Some shocks are necessary to move the pieces of our soul a little bit. Some shocks are necessary to revive us back .

Thanks alot Saimaa.

I feel like I crossed a mountain just now. As I crossed the stage where I left my job in my last jobs . I survived that stage in my third attempt (usually I get things and people in my third attempt.. I am a third ranker in every world 😂 ).

This reminds me of the three type of bhaktas (devotees) , ..first who does what their guru wants them to , without waiting for their guru to command. Second , who follow the orders of guru once spoken . Third are those who keep avoiding the orders of the guru until the situation goes over their head. 😂🤭 yah that’s me .

Well, I believe in me ,my Sai will bring me to first rank too.

Until then in Sai’s feet.

With each passing day I get this feeling stronger in my heart ,that nothing and no power (not even me) can break me as I have my baba with me.



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