A new lease on life with Sai !

Ain’t I cute??

Hey Sai friends .. I pray for your health and happiness. 😊

I noticed about my anxiety .. either it feels like a huge man trying to fit in a small room   .. constricting feeling ..as if we are trapped somewhere . Those of you who had ever felt this , would actually understand each of my word.

Or it can feel like vaaast endless ..unknown thing . You must have noted a wave of strange feeling running through you when you stare into vast blue sea ..when we can’t see the end or limit of some place.

It feels like you are lost in that vast vaccant region. We feel this fear of uncertainty everyday , I think.

Now, talking about these strange feelings in context of meditation ..you would note something is similar ! How strange , that feeling of anxiety and meditation can be same! 🤪 mind boggling.

When I started meditation , I felt like the centre of this body is coming up and up and at a point in meditation, I felt just my head ..whole my body was concentrated there. That was a strange feeling . Also , I felt like my limbs have increased their size.. it felt like I had hands with 5 times the size of my normal hands.

As , My mind was trying to find the meaning of these feelings .. it stumbled upon an old lost memory of such feeling right from my childhood.

Many times , in my sleep I used to feel this (when I was in 5th or 6th standard) .. I clearly remember waking up with a feeling of have enlarged the size of my body ..especially the hands felt fat and huge.😅  Well now physically its happening .

I still don’t know the meaning . But it’s calming to know that there are things that only baba knows. But ,this showed me that , my roots are deep down somewhere connected to Saimaa maybe.. from my childhood. Doesn’t it surprise us , we have ignored so many subtle feelings and things and when they are exposed they give a new meaning to life.

Sai cleanses away our lakhs of misdeeds in a second

Rememeber I wrote about “Sai cleansing away our misdeeds from lakhs of previous lives in a second”

I got a dream today .In that dream , I saw both my brothers and father also. I was tensed about our underground which was so much polluted and everyday there was alot of garbage being thrown into it . And I kept questioning my brothers “What will we do yar , its beyond the limits . Now its not within our capacity to clean it away ..even if we try to do it continuously for years . And soon the police people will know about it and we will be thrown into jails.” Maybe my words were comparing depressive phases of life to jail , what we call as “hell” in religious texts.Believe me hell is nothing else than this living of ours .. so much pain ..anxiety .. stress.

And then I slept (in my dream) with all this stress inside my mind and hoping that Sai baba will show me a way . I also saw , this accumulating garbage also killed people .. So, obviously I was so afraid.

And when I woke up (again in my dream).. wow ! I could not believe ,the whole underground (compare it with our inside ..our soul) was superbly clean. And baba saved us from everything.

And before I would have celebrated this sai leela(in my dream) , I woke up (in real world). 😄

Such a strange dream na!

But I felt relieved . That I should not be tensed of this if Baba is with me. I will just say his name and if my intentions are right .. he will help me out..definitely.

He can forgive all those things that we can not forgive ourselves for.

Sai maa is great. I pray that his name ..his presence cleanses away each of our undergrounds .😍

So , we can start afresh . So that our depressing lives can get a new lease .. new beginning .. just like a newborn baby.😇

I believe he will. Do you ?

Om Sairam ❤

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