What’s your new year resolution?

Hi guys , So how is your new year going ?

Mine is fine till now . I played a game with my close friends , where we gave each other a resolution for fun .hehe.

It was fun really , you can do it too. You will be surprised to find out what people want us to do, especially friends. Because we always think of what we want from us .😂 It’s a huge new finding.

Well , you might wanna hear out the resolution I gave to my brother -in – law as its cute . I told him , he has to finish reading one book each month this year .. and those books will be a surprise as those will be sent by me .(He lives in Delhi)  So , it’s cute na. I hope someone can gift me a book. I love books soo much but the last  book I got as a gift that I loved reading was in my childhood . It’s ok well..as I am too choosy in books..and people don’t know me  enough..maybe. And those who know me have their brain washed to not think in this direction . They know just this..

That I am a devotee of Saibaba.😇

Well ,these days I am doing reiki daily , thanks to my friend teenu , if you decide your resolution with someone , it gets easy to do it consistently . (Only if they are as much encouraged as you)

Well ,don’t wait for someone . Just wake up and do the things you love just because you love them . Not for appreciation or reward but for your own satisafaction.

When I look back on the things I did in past , thinking that I was doing somebody a favour ,were just for my seer satisfaction . Especailly the things like helping others . It was for me and it was always about me. Really!

That reminds me of the dream I had last night .. I saw myself falling into a well twice and somebody made me fall outside .. in place of the well . And you know who that somebody would have been . And yes , I felt in that dream that I was crying for falling too hard .. while I did not know my fall was planned to be much harder than it was actually.

I hope Saimaa makes us realise how much he cares for us . Because we know he cares but all we need is a deep realisation of this .

Thanks for reading this post ..its much like my random thoughts .

I hope you find your reason to live .. a few cool resolutions and stay cool in doing them daily.

Om Sairam 😍

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