A lots of love to all my readers.

I was thinking know how much I think 😜 hehe.

And while that “thinking” of mine was going on , I found out “My thoughts are not mine , in reality!”

Whatttt !!

So, you are saying , you copy thoughts of others ..

Ohh yeah , I am saying not just me , we all copy thoughts from others. But this copying is not in our awareness.. simply meaning that it is not in our control , so we don’t know about its happening everyday.

Saimaa have been with me he only knows from when ..but I remember him from last 14 years . And , I just get some realisations like this which change the way my “thinking” happens.

I used to feel guilt of the bad thoughts that I had for someone . For example , I thought “ohh how ugly she looks!”

And the next thought would be like “What the f#$% is wrong with you , are we human or not ?”

And the next moment I will know about how ugly that person was feeling about herself from the starting (earlier than the origin of my thought) .So , in simple language , I am arriving at a conclusion that it was not me thinking that she is ugly , it was her vibrations telling me that how ugly she was feeling with herself.

WOW !! These realisations just make me say this.

And its not just once , I felt this many times ..alot more to confirm my conclusions.

So, maybe alot of times , its not us but its just us. Meaning , if you want others to think good of you , you should think good of yourself first.

Rest , we will talk tomorrow .

Om Sairam

Sai love to all 🥰😘

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