Saibaba incidents over the month

Baba Sai majhe bhau ahe 😇🥰

Om Sairam friends , I am not writing nowadays . Don’t know why!

I thought to write on guru purnima , then on the day I felt something special in meditation .Then the day when I did somethimg that I needed to do from a long time. Then again , on 31st july when I got completed with the Reiki level 1 training and became officially a healer . Then , I decided to write on Rakhi and now here I am . If you are reading it , its not one more of my half written drafts.

Actually , nowadays I start to write and I go blank like I don’t wanna say anything.

Why this happens , don’t know. I feel like , I know nothing . Still I will try to write whatever comes to my mind.


Guru purnima was good . I felt somewhat sad when my fav. teacher asked me ” how is my depression?”

Actually , I shared about my anxiety issues with people here but calling it depression seemed too much . I respect him and maybe he doesn’t know me much . Yah he doesn’t know me much. So , I felt fine in the next moment.

Atleast he cared. And the next moment he told how he got depressed and fearful in covid. I was in awe , how simply he accepted how he felt . And I felt totally normal then.

If someone says something to you .. and he tells you that he has the same ailment that you have .. or maybe he has gone through the same feels lighter ..atleast to me.

Some people feel bad at this also .. as they don’t want others to compare their ordeals with theirs. Comparing doesn’t rules out that your pain is not valid. But its done in an effort to let you know that if I survived .. you too will. Just a way of letting you know that you are strong enough.

I wanted to atleast honor our all teachers with booquets but no one was in for this idea to implement. So, it didn’t happen.Its ok , I paid my gratitude in my mind. Hope they received it.


Then the day of meditation.. I nowadays in reiki feel movements again . It was like this in 2019 . But I had a long break from reiki from then . Now I can do it again and I feel good.😄

Also , my anger is on the rise . Or don’t know what is happening. I feel rage inside me again and again that doesn’t feel bad.

Sometimes guilt comes after me shouting and showing my anger but then something inside me tells this anger is necessary. It will go away when served its purpose. Sai only knows what is this. Ok coming to the day , I asked baba to give me the treasure which he claims to have but no one takes it from him. I said I am ready please give me that. Also , I was feeling like , I never talk to baba now like I used to do. I imagined like he is standing beside me always listening to my silly talks. But now I am somewhat lost in outer world. So , that day I talked to him again.I closed my eyes in reiki. And I saw a white figure who travelled from behind me to the table which was in front of me and felt like he was going to sit there . But , before that happened , it disappeared.

Usually , I must have lost my cool and ran into bed in fear. But , maybe baba kept it so subtle that , I felt just a pinch of fear that it was like nothing. Ohh and after realisation kicked in… I felt so good that baba is always with me, besides me. 😍


I felt sad and happy both at the same time, when I saw pictures of my sister tying rakhi on my brother’s wrist. Sad , as I could not be there. Happy to see them happy.

Then , I thought whom I will tie rakhi? And this made me even more sad. Just then I remembered , I bought rakhi for baba and all the forms of him whom I loved. I tied rakhi to them and became happy . I am sharing that photo with you.

I felt a strange kind of love when I looked at hanuman ji.Don’t know , I always got brother’s vibes from him. And after that rakhi , it felt like he did feel the same. Like he was happy that I did tie rakhi.🥰

They have always protected me. But my connection specially with hanumate is on the rise from a few days.

Tying rakhi to my protectors😇


I am a healer now certified by SAIBISA attuned by my guru di jaan jaya wahi , reiki grand master.

I hope , I get the certificate soon🙃 . With that being said.. you can contact me if need reiki anytime. Its my email

Hope , I be able to pass healing from baba towards me and all those who are in need of it. Amen😇

Ok, I will write about one more day that made me feel like I learnt a lesson or it would be better to say.. I passed the test after failing alot of times in the same again and again.. in the next post.

Till then live in baba bliss. Om Sairam🥰😇

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