Sai blessed I am

Saibaba 21 lamps puja

Hey guys, it’s been almost one year since I began writing about Baba on a blog. I feel blessed .Saibaba knew I like to read and write so he provided me with this opportunity .😊

I have read alot of books written on Saibaba , as much as I could grab from Amazon . As I don’t know about other online available stores for such books. I feel books more than I feel my real life . It’s like those words are not just words .. a story ..a kind of movie is shown in front of my I read. Reading novels was one of my hobby during my teenage .But ,with time and focus on study , this hobby was ignored .Last year it again bloomed when I found myself enchanted by the books of Baba Sai.😍

I already wrote about how I started this blog in this post 👉 Perfection is an illusion

So, celebrating this one year spent with you all .Sending out love in form of Sai books. Kindly send your address and get a surprise book of Sai reaching your home soon .🤗 Sharing Sai with anyone is the bestest act anyone can do . You can read and share those books with another sai devotee or non devotee whoever is interested in reading.

Share your address only if you trust me and my intentions. Don’t worry I won’t come and steal your car from your home 😅.

The first ten emails will receive a surprise book. Send your address here 👉

If you want to know about Important dates related to Shirdi Sai to celebrate his love click the link 👆

Meanwhile enjoy these puja photos’s from yesterday. Om Sairam ❤️😇






One Reply to “Sai blessed I am”

  1. Many congratulations to the blog for completing one year.,,🙏omsairam❤❤


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