Sai forgives all


Om Sairam friends!

There have been so much going on in my mind from last few days. I feel like burning in anger the whole time. The anger is not just for recent events. But, the events from the past.

I have identified a pattern . As , I felt I had to keep silent in my childhood , I was the youngest , though I was loved by everyone but I was not trusted upon. And I did not share anything at home. There used to be times , when I faced certain things but I could not share it with anyone .. not even my friends. As I was terrified of loosing my sincere image. I was flawless in front of others and I tried so hard to maintain this image.

This trait gave rise to this pattern of myself being too loud now in adult When I can’t say things directly, I started to use phone as a medium. I wrote messages to persons I loved the most when they did something that hurt me . I messaged anything at all . My words were like burning sword . Really , I could not imagine how much anger and anguish I am storing  . My pain would burn them.

I hurt my bro ..sister and many more . Also , I hurt my husband .

If someone reacts harshly to not so hurting act of yours , you can understand , they have been accumulating anger over so many days..months..or years.

What to do ?

I have written all articles ..with a solution to the problem we discussed.

Today, I leave it here , you find out what should be done.

Do I quit society ??

Do I meditate ??

Do I accept my mistakes and apologise ??

Should I do nothing and be calm and forget what I did??

Or Should I find a proper way to let my anger out puncing a hit man “😂

May Sai show me the right direction.

I was listening to this song yesterday and these lines struck me my current situation.

“Je mere vch aeb na honde , tu bakshinda kenu !”

“जे मेरे विच ऐब न होन्दे , तू बख्शिन्दा कैनू !

Here  is the song

(Rakhi menu chrana de kol)

And remember , whatever you do , if your intentions are pure and you regret it , there is nothing Sai can’t forgive.

Om Sairam 😇

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