Use physical to reach spiritual

Hi Sai friends , have you ever heard this that we got this human birth and this physical body to use it to reach our ultimate goal ..that is salvation .

When we walk on the path of spirituality .. we get confused how to follow the rituals that we used to perform earlier. Well we can’t discard physical rituals as they are a channel for us to reach the deeper spiritual aspect of ours .

For eg. When we light a diya .. we can just imagine that we are lighting it from our heart .. for baba … guru … God . It will let things remain not a mere drill but the “bhaav” reaches deeper and you will feel as if you saw divine in that flame.

You can keep your forehead in his feet just feel him not to be a statue ..but he himself. You bow down physically ..your whole existence bows down in his feet.

You invite him to eat ..imagining him to be seated near you and he will surely eat .. crossing all the barriers of this world .

You pray baba to be with your loved ones and you feel him inside them .. as their behaviour changes .

You forget and ask forgiveness in your mind ..and he turns this physical gesture into spiritual one when they truly forgive you.

You put Sai satcharitra over your heart and he comes to put his lit diya inside your heart .❤

You put your ego in his feet and he makes you feel oneness with himself.

This is him ..he will turn your physical gestures into spiritual ones and they will turn your life into pure bliss shower ..going on 24/7 .

Baba will touch your life so beautifully that you will heal from each wound ..each trauma ..each past memory that you carry as a heavy baggage on your back. The sharpest and deepest thorn will be removed away with the lightest of hand .. and suddenly the pain you thought was your identity will dissolve away like it never existed. And you will feel some new peace in your heart .. what is this feeling baba. Don’t know and don’t want to know .. baba sai !

Pardon me .. im not me today . In supreme bliss. Just wrote this to share this overflowing love with you all. May these words be your baba sai reaching to you. May you feel what i am feeling rightnow ..whole your life each moment. May your toughest phase be filled with baba sai’s calm blessing hand and his love reaches you without any teli ki diwar .. without any wall of discrimination.

May you become him !

Ya Sai 😇❣️

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