Its all about Faith

Shirdi Saibaba 108 lamps pooja at home.

I read saibaba used to distribute udi (ashes from burnt wood) from his ever lit dhuni to his devotee to cure ailments and more.

The udi had so many miraculous powers and it could cure anything and everything.

Shri hemadpant states in Shri Sai Satcharita (biography of Saibaba of shirdi) that baba used various remedies for different ailments for his devotees but in his last 10 years in shirdi ,he started handing out udi to every devotee.

I have been to  Shirdi few times in last 10 or so years but as there are so many saibaba devotees waiting for the same udi ,each one gets a little quantity.

That little quantity as compared to the extent i used it,lasted a few weeks only.

I could get udi from the dhuni of saibaba temple in the city I live.
Again there was never a continuous availability of udi in my home.

My perception changed
Till now i thought only a temple’s udi can do wonders as temples have a beautiful aura and udi made there has positive energy.

Saibaba cleared my concepts “Yes temple udi is positively charged,but it doesn’t mean udi from our home temple can not have that power,its your chant,your belief which makes it that miraculous”.

Sai udi has the power of cure , your simple home udi can have it too.

Two stories from Satcharita strengthened this belief.

In the  33rd chapter of Shri Sai Satcharita there is description of these two incidents:

Once a friend of Narayanrao(a devotee of baba) was stung by a scorpion and the pain caused by it was severe and unbearable .

Udi is most efficacious in such cases , he searched for it but found none .

Then he stood before Baba’s picture and asked for his help,chanted his name..

.. and taking out a pinch of ashes of the joss stick burning in front of Baba’s picture and thinking it as Baba’s udi ,applied it on the seat of pain and sting.

As soon as he moved his fingers ,the pain vanished and both the persons were moved and felt delighted.

Another incident ,making it short ,is when some friend of Nanasaheb had his daughter down with bubonic plague ,sent a word for udi as he had none.
Nanasaheb  was not at home that time,so he took some dust from the road he was on ,meditated upon Saibaba ,applied to his wife’s forehead thinking her to be his friend’s daughter.
The friend of his was very glad when he found that very moment his daughter, suffering from last 3 days, started to improve.

I have used udi for pain many times..and it gave me relief everytime ,yah taking a few minutes ofcourse.
I can’t write all my experiences in this one article, but I have been benefited alot by udi blessed by saibaba(both the Shirdi duni one and udi from other temples).

On the other hand,someone I know personally never finds any immediate results from udi as expected as he is sceptic about this whole idea of udi curing ailments.

That’s ok ,belief can’t be forced.

So, when we narrow it down,we can say :

“Its all about faith”

You believe in Saibaba or any other guru ,you believe in his udi from shirdi dhuni..

..or any other temple or just the ashes from the agarbatti in your temple at home or maybe sand from roadside..

it is your faith in your master ,that makes miracles happen.

If you love to do all paraphernalia of worship, do ..
if you don’t want to, then don’t ,after all its your faith in him that is working wonders for you.
You can read Shri Sai Satcharita online here.

Take care and believe he is watching over us,because he is.🙂

Om sairam

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