Need for a guru

Guru in simple terms means a teacher.In hindu scriptures ,he has been compared greater than the God himself.

Need for a spiritual GURU

The word “guru” means remover of darkness..

From the day we are born ,we need guides or gurus in our lives.

Our mother is the first guru we have.

Then,everybody around us plays the role of a guide in one thing or another.

When your questions start to become more and more like”Who am I ?” Or “Why am I here?”

The need for an expert in this area seems inevitable.

Growing up I saw how a person claiming to be a spiritual guru ended up behind the bars.
Ofcourse all this warped my definition of “a guru”.

After Saibaba came

Intially ,I saw Saibaba as a friend ,as “guru” word has lost its essence in my eyes.
He helped me in ways that I won’t be able to explain ever.

When I compared my “Before Sai” and “After Sai”..

..a realisation dawned upon me wonderfully Saibaba changed me, I am more kind, calm and forgiving. I am learning life with more zest and zeal.

I remember I didn’t even know about Sai satcharita ,let alone reading it.
Neither applying his teachings was an option nor I had an idea about what he said while he lived.

I just had a copper plate kind of thing ,what we call “a yantra” which had the 11 vows of Saibaba.
Those vows or “vachans” were so beautiful that I felt so safe and protected while keeping it with me.

Saibaba was my guru ,when I didn’t even know what “a guru ” is ..

Slowly I learnt Sai is not some saint who lived in Shirdi 100 years ago , but he is still here with us.

My thinking then evolved to “Saibaba may appear separate from us but he is within us”

“We are our own guru”

Zen Master Dogen said..

“Look for Buddha outside your own mind, and Buddha becomes the devil”

You may say ” if we are our guru ,why we need an external one ?”

Well that is because we have burnt down the bridge going from “us” to “us”.

We are living in so much chaos and rush.
We paid too much attention to the noises from outside ,that we forgot to breath let alone listening to our inner voice.

People walking in different diretions without any order

And that is why we need an external source of wisdom ,one who have learnt to listen to his higher self ,who can help us build that bridge again.

We can create the bridge by “meditation” and some other practices akin to it but not everyone is doing that.


“We need to connect to ourselves so desperately” …this knowing won’t be felt untill we have developed a threshold of insight needed for this realisation.

And a guru develops that insight in us.

How to know the difference

You might feel attracted to a present time guru , but there are a few points to note while taking the last leap.

● A true guru doesn’t always need words to communicate.He works from within too.

● You will feel peaceful in his presence.

● He can ask you for donation but he won’t force you for anything.

●His deeds will be based on Universal oneness.(obviously you know that😅)

● You should ask yourself ,do you really trust him/her.(This doesn’t even count as a point! 🤭)

A guru can be unpredictable most of the times , so we can not find some simple points to apply on all.
No surprise, so many people fall for the wrong ones.
Its just like any other person in our lives who can stay true or someday suddenly stab us in the back.

I really don’t know if there are true gurus in today’s world I just believe in ancient Gurus.
But I may be wrong.

I feel we need to listen to ourselves before trusting anyone else in this matter.

I will say do not jump on any conclusion just seeing a person to be appearing like a guru these senses have always fooled us since ages.

And remember

“Light shines to enlighten the path, not to cut it short for you’

Living guru is essential or not

I was told by someone that we need “a living guru” to reach “nirvan”.

I don’t know what truth is.
But really I don’t feel a need to have another guru when I have saibaba right next to me,even now telling me to write these words.
I can’t care less where he takes me in afterlife,(ohh I am sure he will come to fetch me from the yamdutas 😋 ,will show them his satka and shout “run away she is mine”)

Don’t tell him I wrote this 🤫

He will take me to nirvan or not,don’t want to know,I just trust him, that he knows best.

(Nirvan or moksha seems to be out of league kind of thing to me)

If you are a Sai devotee , as far as I feel ,you don’t need anyone else.. he will use every way to connect to you ..dreams ..visions… people around you ..movies …songs ..even blogs or whatsapp.

He knows what kind of interests you have, what kind of beliefs you have and he will use the same to guide you at each step.

If you are attracted towards spirituality,
give it time , practice at your home.
We will discuss types of practices we can do for building insight.
Trust your own instincts.
Its better than falling in a trap of a person impersonating as a guru.

You don’t have to find a guru ,your guru will find you.

Shirdi Saibaba states that on the outside ,it may seem people go to him ,but it is him who calls them there

And if you have found Saibaba ,(oops i meant Saibaba has found you )well then I got nothing to say as you would have already seen what he does to us.😇

Let us just keep loving him and let him work upon us , praying to destroy the obstacles of our mind and senses to his plans for us .

Keep smiling
Stay safe
Sai blessings to you all

Om sairam🙂

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  1. You won't believe …I literally sighed at the end of the blog.I meant I felt so good.Its a good work.looking fwd to many more.🤘🤘

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