Shri Hanuman : demolisher of fear

Power of shri hanuman the abolisher of fear


A hindu devotional hymn addressed to Lord hanuman.
My elder sister made me learn it when I was 9 or 10 years that I can recite it when I feel scared of some “ghost”.
No no , I didn’t roam in a graveyard 🤭 but our house was kind of “haunted “(not the one like in movies ..just a little ) as some bizarre things happened there which we couldn’t explain logically.Will talk about it sometime later.

I had what we know it as nyctophobia from the day I could remember.I couldn’t stay or sleep alone when it gets dark outside.

On the contrary , I too remember the “feeling of being protected and safe” whenever I sat in front of the shrine in my home which had all the photos of divine figures and sang “aarti” with my didi(sister).

I used “hanuman chalisa” as a shield to overcome my fear when my siblings won’t wake up to take me to loo late at night.😁
(Though it rarely happened)

This experience I am sharing with you today is a scary go ahead with strong heart😶.

“The horrible night”

I grew up.
I forgot Hanuman chalisa.
I went out(away from home) to get coaching for premedical exam as I aspired to become a doctor.You must have known by now that I believed the existence of ghosts as well as God from my childhood.

Honestly I was never in a mood to “feel” anyone of them.(I am scared of God too😅)
But it seems.. things just happen to me like I am some kind of “magnet” to weirdness.(or too stupid to do weird things casually)I was staying in a paying guest home with around 10 other girls.There were 2 small size large room accomodated by us.

Most of us were late-night studying kind of students.

One such night we were awake but one girl named Soniya slept earlier that day.

Just after a few minutes she woke up and ran into my room ,she looked terrified and anxious.
“What happened?”  I enquired
“I felt choking and I woke up ..”
She was trying to tell something but she fell silent.
“Ok can tell us.. what exactly happened dear? Did you have a nightmare.. something?” I enquired.

My room mate Misha too asked her the same.
So,she told us..
“I saw something ..but it didn’t feel like a dream ..
There was a girl with two long sidebraids and she was …sitting on my chest and constricting my neck with her hands ..I couldn’t move or breathe and I tried to open my eyes but couldn’t for a few seconds and she was laughing at my condition..”

Me and Misha(my room mate) looked at each other,we were not sure what she felt was more than a nightmare.

“Was she exaggerating?” My mind murmured.

“..and then I prayed to lord hanuman and she vanished… I woke up and ran here.”
She finished her sentence.

“Ohh.. its totally fine ..don’t you worry ..we are with you ,you can sleep here.” I was trying to lighten up her mood.

“No, I don’t wanna sleep just now. Please talk to me ,I will be fine ”

I called other girls to chitchat with her to divert her mind.

Well, what I did next was ..just opposite to what I was trying to do..
It was 2:30 am
I proposed to play a game to call spirits who are around.
(I think my mind went out to wander that night)
Surprisingly they all agreed to play ,they all tried to call spirits taking their turns but nothing happened.

Last candidate was a girl named Piya.. she was concentrating and when she finished I put away the coin and laughed..

“Its all fake you know,I was just trying to make you believe that there are no ghosts here”
(Please don’t even try anything like this ever …I am mentioning the horrible most mistake of mine here ..just to let you know God helps us in such situations immediately)

Girls laughed with me and were going back to their rooms but I noticed.. Piya was too much absorbed into calling spirits that she seemed like she dozed off.

She was sitting on the chair,her head bent down.

I casually called her “Piya , you were so bored of this game that you slept in the chair only..”

Getting no reply from her , Misha shook her to wake her up ..

What we saw the next moment ,I can never forget in my life..
Her eyes were literally red and wide open and jaw clenched so tightly and her body was shaking like having convulsions of mild intensity .

It seemed everyone knew what just happened ..they all shouted in panic and two of them ran out of the room to call landlady.

Misha was Piya’s best friend and I ,ofcourse the culprit behind this.So, we stayed there and tried to do something.

She didn’t speak anything but was constantly looking towards Misha ,who was still calling her name ..”Piya say something..what happened ..say something”

But Piya was still the same with red eyes ..tears rolling down as she was not blinking at all..
My heart sank with the doomed possibility of what was transpiring right in front of me …”how can this be possible was meant to be a joke “…
I returned back to my senses and
all I could think of was calling out to God.

“Please help us lord.Please save her”

In my room..I had a small almirah with statues of saraswati maa , a photo of shri hanuman.
(No, I wasn’t into Sai that time)

So, I took the photo of shri hanuman to hand it to Piya but she had clenched her fists ..and as we tried to open her hands she forced us away.

“Misha hanuman chalisa and let us make her speak his name ..” 

Just then Rashi came there ..she said she called the house mistress (she was not at home that day , what a beautiful coincidence 😪)

Hanuman chalisa was played and I took the phone near her ears ..she tried to put it away but Misha was holding her hands and we both were almost shouting “Piya are you there ? Please try to say  jai veer hanuman ..jai veer hanuman ..” 

She heard hanuman chalisa for a few seconds and then fainted the same time our landlady came.

I Lord Hanuman rescued us and I was relieved a bit.It worked like magic ..but we were too tired to feel happy about it.

And you won’t believe I looked at the clock it was 4 am.
(Till then I always rejected the theories Brahma muhurt  and all)

The landlord took Piya to the hospital.

I wanted to cry but I was too numb.
I couldn’t understand why this happened ..through me.

I took the responsibility of having done such a terrible thing to a girl when our landlady asked us.
(What else I could have done)
Soniya was still not feeling fine , she was horror stricken after all this .She went to her home.

And we went to our classes.

After class was over.. all girls tried to find “a cure” for this as Misha told everyone that Piya is describing some uneasy sensations in her body her belly is not where it is , she felt it outside her.

Surprisingly Piya didn’t remember anything and she seemed quite fine with such sensations.

We took her to a nearby temple ..asked the priest to cure her…he said he would make a taweej but he also stated it would take him one day and some expensive items for this.

We requested him to finish making taweej that day only.My land lady seemed uninterested to do anything ..maybe she thought Piya was feigning.

But I had already seen too much ,I was not ready to take such a risk again.
We were on foot ..we tried to buy everything on the list made by the priest ..searched for different grocery stores but some items were not available anywhere.

Priest consoled us putting a peacock feather on piya’s head to cleanse her ,in hindi its called a “jhada”.
He did the same on all of us.
(We didn’t tell her as we didn’t want her to panic like us)
It was just a usual temple visit for Piya.

We came home heart was already panicking as I was getting hints that she was not alright even after the visit to temple.
But I kept remembering shri hanuman and kept my calm.

All slept at 11 pm ..except Misha.
Today on my request everyone slept in the large room.
Piya has slept too.

It happened again

Misha woke me up at 12:10 am ..almost whispering “hey wake up ..look at her”

I turned my eyes towards Piya ,she was lying at the same place I saw her last but her eyes were open and she was staring the wall in front of her.

“What happened ? I thought she was asleep?”
“Yes ,she was ..but from last few minutes she is staring the wall without blinking at all.” Misha said.
“She spoke something?”
How I wished it to be just a nightmare ..but there I was witnessing this again with a trembling heart.

“No yar not again ..why the heck I did this”
I was cursing myself.
But this time was do something ..

I woke the girl lying next to Piya as I feared she may hurt her (effect of seen too much horror movies)

I tried to wake her up and tell her to move away ..but she,being half asleep just shook Piya up calling “Piya …Piya are you okay?”

I almost shouted ..”Aree!! why did you ..” I couldn’t complete my sentence ..Piya turned to face us and sat on the bed and started laughing maniacally in a heavy deep voice and her face could make anyone faint out of terror.

It woke everyone up ..our landlady ran out to call her husband (He was a night guard)
And we were left with her in the room..
And the door was behind her so there was no exit .
This evil laughter was much more scarier than what I saw in old horror movies.
I used to make fun of those laughing evil ghosts but here in real life heart felt like it would explode out of fear.

Misha was trying to get her hands on her cell so that hanuman chalisa could be played.
Piya threw away the idol of ganesh ji she loved so much which was kept near her pillow to protect her.
Atlast Misha dared to jump out of bed and could play hanuman chalisa..
As soon as it was played ..she fainted and we ran out of the room.

Our landlord came and called Piya’s brother who was staying in the same city.

He took her away.

Next day Misha told me about Piya’s  past she was able to see ghosts and feel them she was told by a Priest that she is easily affected by spirits and some ghost is always following her .
I was shocked Misha knew everything ..still she let her take part in the spooky game.
She said she ignored these things and found them too hard to believe.


I did believe in Shri hanuman earlier..but I didn’t know how powerful his name was.

We hear stories ..but when something happens in front of our eyes ,our faith upgrades to next level.

I still thank him to save all of us that day.
Misha told me Piya was alright after her family took her to someone who was an expert in removing ghosts ,and she joined another coaching and continued her studies.

Soniya came back after a few days.Her uncle was a great tantrik (one who deals with spirits) and he told her the reason behind the happenings was..
they.. Soniya and Piya stepped on some “hoodoo” (an article spelled with black magic) and unintentionally got attached to an evil spirit.
What that “calling the spirit game” did was a horrible conincidence.
(Thank God, I could forgive myself)
He also said as Soniya was so much into God and puja (worship) so she was not affected as much as Piya.

After all this I always felt similar goose bumps kind of feeling while watching the last scene of 1920 movie..though that was much more than this ,still when the hero starts reciting hanuman chalisa just feels similarly empowering and erry.

If something good happened out of it ..was my faith in shri hanuman reached new heights.
And I memorized Hanuman chalisa again.

I feel fearless each time I recite it.

Not only the fear of dark or ghosts abolishes ..but any kind of fear just disappears whenever I recite it.

I have a habit of chanting it when I need strength.When I have an anxiety attack..When I couldn’t control my excessive sleep ..When I have nightmares..When I  feel sad ..he never fails to wrap me up with his light.

I hope this story of mine shows you the real presence of Lord in his name and hymns.

There are too many things on my mind but can’t write everything in a single article, so saving them for another time.

I love the Fast Hanuman Chalisa alot and chant along often.
(You will need this anyway ,after reading this article 🤭)

Yah you can write what you feel in the comment section below.I will be delighted.😍

Stay safe
Sai blessings.
Om Sairam🙂

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  1. So brave u are.i might had heart attack.Waoww….you need to give a disclaimer that this story is not for weak hearted.🤣🤣

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