Sabka Malik Ek -Shirdi Sai

                           Sabka Malik Ek
                               God Is One

Quote of Shirdi Saibaba meaning God is one.

Baba Sai used to say some phrases frequently.. like..
■ Allah malik (God is King)

■ Yad-e-haq (Remember God)

■ Allah acha karega(God will do good)

■ Sab ka malik ek (God is one)

■ Shraddha aur Saburi 
(twin virtues of faith and patience)

Sabka malik ek is quite famous among all.

Honestly I am still waiting when Sai completely enlightens me with the realisation of these words!

There is a difference between understanding and realising.
(You got that already in my last article Change and Saibaba  )

In today’s post I am gonna share the dreams baba used to clear this concept of “one God” to me.
Before that let us discuss the “understood” meaning of these words.

We have heard and read..
all religions may seem to be separate but are paths going to the same destination.

Baba seemed to rebuke the devotees who changed their religion as he said “religion is our mother
It meant that our mother and religion are gifted to us by birth.
We may find flaws in both but they are provided to us for a reason.

If we go about discarding our mother( or religion) because we feel that the grass is greener on the other side then its akin to disrespecting the Higher consciousness ( which is us only).

Now let us come back to Sabka Malik Ek.

Let us say there is a RO water filter in our home.It represents the “one divine power” above us all.
Now imagine…water from this RO filter is filled into an earthern pot(matki), a plastic camper and a steel jug.

The shape,size and durability of the containers are different but it doesn’t change the quality of water they carry…
all have RO-water inside them.

These containers represet the way saints and avatars of God “appeared” to us.
They seemed as separate individuals because of the different physical body they had.

But actually ..they are one as they all have the same pure consciousness (divine power)in them.And they know this fact.
So,they don’t discriminate each other as “I” and “you”.

Now if we mix milk in the matki water..
salt in the camper water and turmeric in the jug …the water (consciousness) looks no more clear or transparent.
The same RO- water can not be seen now unless the “adulterants”(false beliefs) be removed away from it.

This is us.. we have focussed on the matki,camper and jug (the physical body we carry) so much that we lost the “knowing” of having the same RO-water within us all…
and eventually got polluted with different kind of beliefs.

And that’s why we categorise ourselves into “Us” and “Them”.

Not only this, our mind makes us project our attributes on God too.

“Because we are separated by religion,caste,region.. so how can our God be one? Right!”

We tend to forget ..when a person rises to the level that it is one with the higher power,
 all the identities attached to his physical body are lost and there remains pure RO water.
(So had Saibaba and other saints)

But we can’t realise this from the narrow dimension of our mind.

And that’s ok ..

We can’t REALISE on our will as realisations are not in our voluntary control.
If you are a Sai devotee and value his teachings much more than just reading and forgetting…then all you have to do is understand and apply them as much as you can.
Leave the rest on him.

Dreams by Saibaba

Once I was inspired to do 108 lamps puja in medical hostel room with my close friends.

We placed 3 statues of Saibaba and 1 of Lord Ganesha to do the abhishekam as we were four friends ..we had one idol each for abhishekam.I had a Saibaba idol.

Medical students did 108 lamps puja with Shirdi Sai and Ganesha idols

The same night I had a dream..

I saw the Saibaba idol I had.. in the shrine ..I picked it up ..and as I was placing it back it turned into Lord Ganesha’s idol.

When I woke up I clearly remembered the dream.
It was obvious here, what Baba meant was..

But I thought I already knew they are one then why did he took efforts and showed me this.

To which he answered by bringing to my mind minute details of the thoughts I had while abhishekam ..
Now I clearly recalled ..during that puja a thought passed my mind. It would have stayed there just for a fraction of a second,not more than that.
But ,it crossed my mind anyhow, meant it was lying dormant somewhere in my subconscious.

The thought was..
“OK I love Saibaba but I love lord Ganesha too shouldn’t I abhishek him too?

Will not Ganesh ji feel ignored and angry?”

You see how our mind applies our own traits and perception on God too.

For example if my friend got praised and I got ignored by the same person..though I be the coolest person on the Earth but a part of my mind will surely generate hateful thoughts for that person.(maybe for a moment only)
So I felt Ganesh ji will get angry with me.(As I worshipped Saibaba not him)

(This is no spirituality.. its basic psychology : Projection)

And Sai ..always so concerned about my thinking ..made it easy to let go of even the traces of such belief.

Isn’t it amazing ..Sai teaches us with such divine dreams.

(He is some heck of a mentor delivering his classes in our sleep too😁)

In one more dream.. I was planning to visit a temple with my friends.
In the next scene , we were inside the temple waiting in a row of devotees, to get darshan of the main idol.As I got closer I saw there was no idol there ,instead a book was placed and worshipped like I had seen in a Gurudwara.

So I thought “ohh its a gurudwara..right”.
When I found myself just next to the place the book was kept, I was surprised to read the word Quran over it.

I was amazed to find out how these dreams changed me slowly.

We may not grasp the essence of such dreams immediately but Saibaba has a sight far beyond our limited vision.

He knows how a dream will unfold later on…and will definitely shake and collapse our false reality ..gently but firmly.

Baba has immense patience😊.. he is following us like a crazy fan from so many births and he watches every move we make.

If I was him, I might have lost my temper over a devotee like me ,everytime she screwed up “abe kya kar rhi hai ..samjh nhi arha kya kitne janmo se vahi bat batae ja rha hu” 😅

(Good-God! what you’re doing girl!! Can’t you understand the same thing I have been repeatedly telling you from so many births.)

But he is the most tender and compassionate..
He slowly unfastens the suffocating chains of our own past conditioning ,that we have been tied up with.

A friend of mine , was confused when she was attracted to Saibaba ,while she was devoted to Lord Krishna already.
She felt like she is becoming unfaithful to kanha focussing her attention on Saibaba now.

How could Saibaba leave her in anxiety .. he gave her a vision during meditation.
In her own language:
“Mene dekha jese saibaba kanhaiya ki tarah bansuri baja rhe h aur bina bole vo mujhse kah rhe the hum ek hi to hai beta, fir chinta kis bat ki!”

Translation:”I saw Saibaba playing a flute just like krishna and without moving his lips he told me “We are one child , then why to worry !”

Lord krishna playing his flute


This vision is similar to an incident  happened to a Lord Krishna devotee when she visited Shirdi.
(I saw it in Mere Sai TV show skip to 3:40 minutes to watch the exact scene..its divine😇)
She heard ,people there revered Saibaba as their God ..but she was a krishna devotee how could she worship someone else than Lord krishna.
Eventually baba made her doubts disappear into thin air by appearing as the little kanha(krishna)in front of her.One moment she saw kanha..and the next moment he became Saibaba.

Shri Sai Satcharita also provides us with such experiences where Baba established his words Sabka Malik Ek  in his devotees’s hearts through divine visions.

That’s all for today.
In the coming days I will provide you with reviews on some insightful Saibaba books that I read,some meditative practices that I am into and much more.

Stay updated.
Keep sharing.
May Sai keeps you safe.

Yah don’t forget to share what you feel in comments.
Om sairam😊

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  1. Om sai ram. Yeh sahi hai sai baba ne mujhe krishna ka roop dikhaya or mujhe feel karayi ki sai hi Krishna hai jai sai ram🙏🙏


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