Fall in love with Sai (Part-2)

Shirdi Saibaba samadhi mandir

Baba Sai is someone whom if you come to know a little bit ..you don’t think about it and you just start loving him eventually.

There are a lot of Sai friends of mine.
Sai has blessed me alot with their presence.
And today I will share their feelings towards Saibaba in their own words…with you all.😇
Starting with the Sai devotee who has become a sweetheart for me.
How I fell in love with Sai??
Well this question made me to look back to my journey with sai.
One thing is for sure that He loves me more than I love Him.
So back in 2005 or 2006 I came across a book “Sai Sarita” ..life story of Deva including his leelas and teachings.
My mamaji visited shirdi and on his way back home he came to meet us and forgot that book at our home.
So for me it was kind of a novel …I read it.
It was a beautiful book.
Eventually I read it 2-3 times more.
And after that I started seeing deva as my isht devta.
Before that I can’t recall his name in my life…and now he is my God.
After this life happened….he was there all the time.
And in those days I used to just remember him time to time..like when doing pooja..when I was sad…or happy…or had to wish for something😂
He was like a father figure to me.
In college, I used to visit sai temple once in a while.
Also used to read that same book” Sai Sarita” once or twice in year.
I used to look at his photo sometimes…that made me happy and I felt his love through his eyes.🥰🥰
So it went on like this.
I mean I got so used to him that I forgot to give special attention to him.
Then last year Deva through my boss introduced me to new aspect of his Love…I think I can say this is a milestone of my spiritual journey (as I like to think that I am on that path😂)
So my boss introduced me to different videos and different masters related to Deva and spirituality.
She also sent me some books… suggested some.
Before this I didn’t even have” Sai Satcharitra”.
So I read a few things..watched others…and now as my understanding is growing I am realising..
..Sai is not just to ask wishes..not just to say prayers…. not just to visit his temple.
One have to live every breath for Sai…Now he is not just my God..he is my Guru.
And I feel it’s just a starting …. many more dimensions I need to explore✌🏻✌🏻.
Om Sairam 🌸
Here is another sai lover describing her life with Sai ..
I am in love with Sai because of you.
 (the awesome me😜) 
And his modesty ofcourse.
I always knew God hai but itna connected sirf Sai se feel hua.
His presence is a lot more felt , he’s a lot more available.
Aisa lgta h bulaya.. to aate h , 
khilaya.. to khate h.
Pyar kia.. to vapas karte h.
Jaise hum me se ek ho par fir b best ho.
Now back to me..
As much as I have felt Baba Sai’s love has a kind of stages ..
First you come to know him ..
You start praying and calling him when in troubles..(and in some phases forget him )
Then he gets more permanent in your heart like mostly all the time but then you kind of grow an ego of being a Sai lover.
Then there comes the realisation of ego and all that stuff of life which we are carrying and hurting ourselves with.
Its the time when one starts to actually listen to Sai (before that we keep calling him but seldom lend an ear to him😅)
And there are so many more phases that I don’t even know about .
But whichever phase one is in ..the blessing of having Sai in one’s life is the real treasure.
The achievements he got for us ..the things he brought to us ..the relations mended ..the status acquired..everything narrows down to his selfless neverending customised love for us.
Any kind of person you are ..his love will leave you enthralled.

He is sooo beautiful ..I can cry all my life but my tears won’t be enough to sing his glory..
but then I realise by spreading his love to all ..
we are loving him only.😍
No words can make it all be felt.
His love is to be experienced…
Let us be in his feet forever ..true wala forever.
Will be back with some more love with Sai..
You can visit my last post 👉 Fall in love with Sai .
Yes ..one more thing I am going to start a daily message page for Sai devotees with baba’s inspiration soon.
Take care
Sai blessings to all.
Om Sairam😍

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