SHIRDI SAIBABA : the bestest friend!!

Hey guys it’s raining outside and I am watching raindrops falling on the window glass of the car, I’m travelling right now in.I am finally going to join college for my Post Graduation.🤗

When I look back at my life ..all I see is Sai ..Sai and Sai.❤️ Happy friendship Day to you all.I know baba is your bestest friend too and one day you will find it difficult to think about him without tears of immense gratitude in your eyes..maybe you already do.🥺

I really don’t know why he chose me like so many of his other devotees.. he lit so many beautiful lamps in my path. I found out it was not 11 years ago that he came into my life.. he was there from the starting ..the starting I can recall.

He was there when I felt terrified by people .. he saved me from angry faces of my teachers.He magically got me my lost pencil, sharpeners 😂.He always made me top the class.I can’t believe how I could remember each word from my the tests ..while I felt blank otherwise.How I could control my sleep while studying! otherwise I am the sloth kind of person.🤭

Shirdi Sai amazing wonderful mysterious friend.You call “maa” and he answers call “Ganesh ji” and he answers..he doesn’t need credit for his deeds because his deeds are not some favour..but purest ..kindest expression of love.😍

I remember a story of a Sai devotee who worshipped Shri Ganesh whole heartedly.He came to visit Shirdi , he took Baba’s blessings.He had to go back to his home..alone in the dark night.Baba blessed him saying.. “Don’t worry, lord Ganesh will protect you.”😇

He went to find a Tonga but he couldn’t.When he felt he had no option left than walking on foot alone..suddenly a cartman came there and asked him where he was going.He took the ride and felt safe with that stranger.The cart man told his name to be Ganu Maharaj .

He reached home and recalled a person named Ganu Maharaj came to him years back to show him the right way ,when he got lost in a forest.And he was amazed to know that no Ganu Maharaj lived at the place that cart man told him.He considered that person to be Lord ganesha ..himself.And was convinced Saibaba and lord ganesha are the same.🥰

One more story , I saw in “Mere Sai” serial.. There was a tailor in Shirdi.Baba told Tatya to call him to get his Tatya was forcing Baba to get a new kafni (kurta).Tatya went to bring the tailor to dwarkamai , but he refused to stitch a dress for a saint.He worshipped lord Ganesha and considered it a “sin” to even see some saint or God other than Lord Ganesha, let alone stitching a dress for him.

Tatya came back with the “refusal” but Baba insisted to get the same person for stitching his dress..otherwise he would prefer to stay in the old kafni.Tatya talked and convinced the tailor by offering a solution to his problem .He told him ..”You can cover your eyes with some cloth,you won’t have to look at Sai this way and then take the measurements.I will write them up for you.And if you don’t consider Saibaba as your lord then consider him another villager and stitch the dress just like you do for others.”

Thus, both of them proceeded .Saibaba was not surprised to see the tailor with cloth tied up over his eyes.He came closer and Baba stood up to let him measure.The tailor forwarded his hand and as he tried to touch Baba’s chest , he felt a broad abdomen and a trunk.He thought he was mistaken he tried again.Same thing happened again.

He felt wonderstruck .. because all he could feel was lord Ganesha in place of Saibaba.Overwhelmed by the emotions he threw away his blindfold and fell in Baba’s feet.

Baba is mysterious and we can’t ever know him completely.But if we love him ..there’s no need to know anything.. as then you yourself become a vessel for sai to reside in ..😊

That’s all for today.You can send your experiences at my email

Take care .. stay safe.

I pray for your well being.And I know Baba is always with us ..because he is our bestest friend ..he may come in any form ..but he will surely come.. when you need him..or you might feel him within you already.😍

Smile because life is beautiful with Baba Sai.

Om Sairam😊

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