Saiganesha ..the flashlight!

Hey guys .. I pray for you all to stay safe in this pandemic ..I am myself having symptoms of covid.A few of my copgs have become covid positive.My test was negative ..but I am not sure about it.🤔

Three months ago ..when I was living safely within the boundaries of my home ..Saibaba showed me signs ..he continuously gave me signs about the importance of wearing a mask .In one dream he showed me how I left my mask and went into hospital.

In another dream he became one of the senior doctor and suggested me to wear a mask ..warning me of my sore throat which increases susceptibility for covid infection.That time , I could not grasp the significance of this dream as that time there was no exposure contact with the outside world.

On August 1st, I started my job in the hospital a JR and I had exposure to some covid suspects ..some who were confirmed positive too.Though I wore a mask ..but in between there were times when I kept my mask away to breath some air.In the 16-17 hours duty can not wear a mask all the time.

About a month ago ..I had a weird and scary dream .. like I am all alone in darkness around me..there was no light ..and I was missing my home so badly .I was shouting “mom ..bro ” but nobody could listen to me.And , suddenly I woke up.Sai maa always tells me beforehand if some obstacle or hard time is gonna come in my life.Again I had series of dreams where I saw a poisonous insect was behind me ..I was scared ..but it could not sting me.

Don’t know exactly what this meant.. but I am unsure of my covid report.I will go for Chest X-ray or CT tomorrow as it shows early changes in case of covid.Baba only knows what will happen.But , strangely enough I am not even afraid of it.🤭Baba knows what is best for let it be.

Those of you ..who don’t know ..let me tell you the sequelae of covid is lung fibrosis ..the organ which is used in our breathing ..the lungs show fibrosis .. they are destroyed by covid and though the patient becomes covid negative ..but he will live like an asthmatic patient.His breathing potential will be decreased.He won’t be able to run or do any sternous activity later on.. whole his life.

A note to all .. take vitamin C and multivitamins as a regular supplement now .. if having sore throat or cold, fever .. go for testing and start taking antibiotics.You can ask me personally if want to know more about covid or its treatment.I will let you know the management according to the newest guidelines .

Ok back to the topic ..😊 don’t worry about me ..I know your prayers will save me from any disaster.

Baba Sai showed me so many dreams whenever I was to get lost in darkness ..I am recalling one of those was so vivid that I can still feel it deeply.

I was with my Didi (elder sister) and satvikk (her son) and we were travelling somewhere by bus.There was a dangerous turn and a river on one side of the narrow road.And within a few seconds ..bus turned upside down and we were in the river .. the water was so deep and scary and it was night.. so there was dark all around.

Everyone was crying and shouting for help ..we were terrified.And as we lost hope of getting help .. I remembered Ganu and called for him as my last resort.I don’t know how ..the next moment.. I opened my eyes we were on the road again.This dream happened the same year when the preterm baby of my sister couldn’t survive.I have not heard about “khade Ganesh ji” before that ..but I heard his name in that dream.Some voice told me that Khade Ganesh ji saved you.😇

It was one of the dreams which echo in my mind again and again and I thank Ganesha for keeping his blessing hand over us all the time.

Baba Sai have saved Satvikk (didi’s son) from ear infection ..accidents ..bullying and much more.

How do I know that?

He always lets me know.I always prayed to him.. to tell me as much as he can because I don’t wanna diminish my faith in him.

Trust me knowing all this ..increases your faith limitlessly..when he shows you that there is much much more things happening behind the scenes.

Actually he does alot in the background not letting you know he saved you so many times.So, our trust seems to weaken sometimes ..because we doubt his presence in our life.

He saved my mom from heart attack twice ..he prevented a cancerous growth in her.

He cured my father’s diabetes in initial stage only.

He saved me from so many disasters infinite times that I can never ever doubt his love again.I hope he will let me keep these memories with me the next birth too as I don’t want me to see Sai as a stranger ever again.

Though, I could not see any light in many dreams of mine but ..I know he is there Saiganesha.. my flashlight.🤗😍

So, whatever Baba wishes ..I pray it happens.Let thy will be done Sai.

Take care and chant his name.He will definitely protect you..from covid ..from every kind of disaster.He is much more caring and loving than we believe him to be.🥰

He is concerned about us infinitely more times than we are concerned for our loved ones.

Om sai Shri sai jai jai sai❤️

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