Saibaba.. You listen fast ..and respond even faster!!

Diwali puja at my home 2018

Hey friends are you all .I pray for all my readers to stay happy and healthy.I know you get the positive vibes from me … you?? 😍

I was somewhat disturbed last day ..mentally.Yah most of my storms are mental ones ..physical ones too become mental ones.If I am calm meditative kind of state I used to live last year most of the time of the day ..nothing could make me feel irritated.

Let me tell you ..the incident when I got my leg fractured.I couldn’t believe that I walked myself back from that shop ..though I knew what happened and the pain was intense.

Yes, I got scared but just for a few seconds.I took Baba’s name and I was ok later on.My sister couldn’t go with me to the hospital..if I would not have been so calm that day , I would have felt so sad that she didn’t come with me.But I was fine.. going with her brother in law.

I had my prepg exam after 2 and half months and I was smiling instead of worrying about “my schedule and my studies” which obviously were to get hampered because of that fracture ..literally smiling looking at ganesha photo in the hospital… as if he did me a favour…by taking away the blockage in my selection into blessing me with that injury.

Really , you don’t do this ..intentionally.It just happens ..this calmness pervades over you automatically, when you spend time in meditation ..anyway you like. And something made me feel amused about it yesterday.I felt like Baba was telling me “Look at you now frustrated you become at trivial things !! And last year .. you were so calm even when got fractured.”😅

And I as usual replied .. “I did not do anything ..last year it was you ..this year it is you.It depends on you to work upon me.So, it is you who made me calm is you who made me frustrated.”🤭

Actually the reason is “my duty” as a JR (Junior resident). Yah , I knew exactly hectic the duties can be ..I knew exactly how we will be treated .At least I am treated well ..I am helped by alot of people ..I am posted in the same hospital where I did my undergraduate.I really genuinely have so many advantages ..just because of Baba ..but still I was feeling sad. I am not angry with anyone ..but Baba.He chose this branch for me ..even when he knew my nature ..even when he knew what I can handle and what not.He made me think “I am for pediatrics only” , if it wasn’t for Baba ..I don’t know exactly but yah I wouldn’t be so sure about choosing pediatrics as my first choice.I would have gone for less hectic terminal branch.

Seriously, if someone has asked me 5 years ago when I got into MBBS ..what my priority is.. while looking for a job ..I must have answered “money”.

But I have changed completely.My perception for life has changed completely.I know I can make money by other means too it’s not a big deal.And I am happy with a luxury less life now it’s totally ok if I see 5 patients in a month.😅 Moreover , I don’t worry about money because Sai Baba has never let me to.

“There will be no dearth of food and clothes in home of my devotee.. this is my promise” -Saibaba

What else .. I like writing and I will try to help people as much I can.. my priority is peace and now I know where to get it. So, after all this , if I have to work stupidly ..not knowing what I am doing, is really frustrating.On the top of that ..I am not allowed to take rest in between even when I have finished my work.Yah that became too much. I was watching “mere sai” serial 2 days back and Baba blessed one of his devotee to start “his favourite most hobby” as a profession. And I was so moved by this ..I am asking him this from three days “Baba when will you bless me like this start my favourite most hobby as an profession.”

I have always considered every deed of each individual in my life Sai baba’s orders .So, I am not angry with anyone else ..but baba.Because I know ..if Baba did not want this to happen would not have happened.This was going on inside my head when I was suffering from fever , cough and cold from last three days. I asked him for some relief doubt I got off from my duty.But , it will repeat .I can’t live in such an environment ..where taking rest is considered a crime.Self love is crime ..then I can’t carry on Sai.

Though I shared these things to alot of people ..but I was frustrated by this “new me” who was finding time to talk about her “miseries”.I never wanted to be like this again ..Sai knows that.So, I was angry with Baba that he worked on me soo much and now is letting me go dark side again.😓 I wanna be someone who talks of miracles ..hopes …blessings ..not gossips or miseries in her life.So what ..everyone has one or another thing as an issue for feeling sad but they choose to smile ,why was my choice to smile was getting low. I was angry with myself.

It took 5-6 close people and one hour of crying to make me feel relaxed again.He brought me back to “Trust me ..I will make it alright.” I finally accepted the situation ..Baba made me see my advantages , and promised me to do something for proper rest in between.

And .. today guess what happened !We have new duty rosters .. now one individual will work for either 7 hours in morning or evening ..or 12 hours in night more the long 17-18 hours duty.I don’t know long will this carry on.But , yes I am satisfied .. whatever Baba wishes.

Sai has conquered millions of hearts this “responding immediately” quality of his.He is just a call away ..literally.You call and he not only listens..responds asap too .Baba Sai, I have considered myself an accepting devotee but I am not desire less ..I can’t be completely desireless.But you ..never let your devotee cry in vain.They call you ..ask for something and you bless them with it..without any hesitation.

Oh sai are soo compassionate don’t even think about it for a second and just make it happen.I read Sai stavan manjari last day..and this word “kalpataru” was written in it. Shri Das Ganu ji called Baba as “kalpataru”- the wish fulfilling tree. He is truly much more. He listens and changes the situation in his devotee’s favour even when the devotee accepts the situation as it is.

And yes .. one lady came today and she asked for flour saying “Aata dila do ..bht bhukh lgi h.” I did not even ask anything but she kept repeating “Aata hi lungi or Kuch nhi ..bhukh lgi h bcche ko bhi khilana hai.” I smiled and put money in her hand as I was sure she was sent by Saimaa lesson got completed.

What about your ongoing lesson?

You can share your experiences on my email.

I pray that all your wishes come true and you be a blessing for people around you. For that it’s necessary that you live happily.

You can’t pour from an empty cup.May Sai fill you with his divine love ..that it oozes all around you!😍

I was crying one day and I called sai “Baba where are you left me here in this chaos ” (though I am laughing now but I was damn sad that time) 😅

And I heard a song next moment randomly played on my playlist ..and it said .. (I felt like Baba is singing this for me.. a deep warmth of compassion ran through me)

” When the visions around you
Bring tears to your eyes
And all that surrounds you
Are secrets and lies
I’ll be your strength
I’ll give you hope
Keeping your faith when it’s gone
The one you should call
Was standing here all along..”

At this line ..I literally turned around to see if sai is standing here with me 😅 and felt like he said “I am within you my child.”

He will never ever leave you ..this is his promise. You can hear this song here .. THIS I PROMISE YOU

I wanted nothing more ..when this song brought the lyrics “This I promise you!! ” I was overwhelmed with the pleasure of Sai singing this for me.

I hope you could find sai in the image posted above in this article.😅

Om sai ram ❤️

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  1. Om Sai 🙏 Ya Sai ❤️🙏 he responds immediately, in miraculous ways he gives answers 🙏

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