Baba Sai’s timely warnings!

Hey friends , happy to meet you all again.😊

I once lit a coconut lamp inspired from 🤗

I hope you all are doing good in your life and enjoying it too.

I wanna talk about Sai dreams , yes’s been a crazy and hilarious journey with Baba ..and how his dreams worked on me ..I will let you all know.

You can share your “divine dreams” with me too ..don’t worry if they are not about Saibaba Baba and other divine figures are all one.❤️

There are so many dreams I had, blessed by Baba .. some divine to experience ..some scary and some seemed almost far away from the comprehension of my logical mind.

I will write about them as I recall them ..and I pray Baba that instead of me ..he writes them here.

I have already told you how Baba tells the future (in dreams) and makes us believe that if we keep practicing something ..we will excel in it definitely you can go through this post 👉 Saibaba shows you the result beforehand and proves “everything is possible with Sai”

The timely warning about my wrong decision:

Though I have been happy in my relation with my “then bf” but there were times when I felt unsure of my decision to continue my commitment to him.

One such moment came when I was tired of everything .. it was like ..I felt I was carrying my relation as a baggage on my shoulders.I will be happy ..laughing and talking to him one moment and if he did something to upset me ..I will become so depressed the next moment.My highs and lows are really extremely high and low.😅

I was so angry that I decided to leave my relation .My parents knew about him and everything for our “future marriage” was almost planned. I knew I won’t be able to leave him I told Saibaba that I don’t wanna continue ..please help me.I don’t wanna cry anymore.. I don’t wanna get hurt anymore.

Doesn’t it happen with us ?

We feel tired ..not of the people or things going against us but our own pain and hurt.I always wondered , do other people feel such hurt at such intensity or I am tuned to feel everything so deeply.

My relation had been 5 years old at that time.I have felt every kind of emotion with him.I asked sai to make him mine and he did it so smoothly.My parents were ready ..his parents were happy.Still , there is fate or maybe some lessons to be learnt through these dark moments.

I cried alot and decided not to talk to him until sai shows me what should I do.

Let me tell you something , which I noticed about Saibaba.He will never ever force you.. to stop you from going on a different path .. the path he did not chose for you. There is future which depends on our present decisions.Not everything is predestined.Baba always had been the one who never stopped devotees from doing what they wanted to do. He knew the possibilities or dangers of choosing a wrong path and he definitely tried to deviate his devotees away from the harm .But, at the same time he used to say “What is destined to happen, can’t be changed.”

What a melodramatic Baba .. he loves you so much that even changes your fate and then says “nothing can be changed”.🤭

There is an exception to this statement ..Baba Sai himself.. devotion to him. He will show you the dangers you may face choosing what you chose..he will give you details about your future.. only when he knows “you are alot devoted to him” that his advice might affect your decision.This is what I felt but it need not be the only truth.😊

Baba’s ways of stopping me are various ..he warns me timely in form of some dear people of mine .But I mostly neglect their advice as I do not absorb this simple fact “Baba is in everyone” . Yah , I know this ..but absorbing this each time seems difficult. Like , yesterday my mother in law said “how are your co pgs ? Do they behave well? Don’t hurt each other and live in peace with them beta.”

My ego’s voice told me “What does she know about me ? I am the humble most person among all of them.No one can get hurt by me.” Later when I put the phone off. Sai’s voice came “I speak some messages only when it’s time for you to stay cautious.” It meant , he was warning me to stay vigilant of my behaviour towards my copgs.Maybe there will be some moments in the coming days when I will feel angry or irritated by some of them and hurt them in reaction.His words are timely warnings only if I know my mother in law too has sai inside her.

She did not ask this once ..from last two months ..and suddenly yesterday she was advicing me “to behave appropriately with my copgs” . In past I used to understand the meaning of “such sai messages” only when the harm has been done.But, maybe Sai is getting dominated inside ,so the interval of “understanding and absorbing ” words is getting shorter.

The second type of tool is “Sai’s dreams” especially when I want some indication. The night I asked him about my relation.. he showed me a dream.

In the dream .. I was living with some boy, I have never met in real life ..I was married to him, in that dream and I was making breakfast for him.I packed his tiffin ..and I did some routine things for him to get ready for his work.And ,then I kissed him on his cheek to say bye ..but his reaction towards my love was so low.It seemed he was not at all happy with me.He went away without even responding to my gesture.

And I was left with such a horrible feeling.I wondered in that dream only ..why this happened?

And suddenly I got the scariest most feeling of guilt that I left my bf ..who was going to marry me happily .But , why I couldn’t marry him ..because I felt I was not happy with him.Ohh no.. why did I do this ..he was so loving and caring much better for me. But , I chose to leave him ..and marry some completely stranger.. just to show that I can live happily without my bf.😓

I woke up ..with the same kind of guilt , feeling as though I have lost my most precious gift that sai gave me..because of my wrong decision.

And ,trust me when I woke up ..I was crystal clear about my decision ..and I promised myself that I won’t ever use this dialogue “I am leaving ..I am not happy with you” ,while showing my disappointments to my bf.

Baba Sai’s dream gives you a vivid feeling like.. something like that really happened.You experience that pain ..that feeling even when you wake up.It impacts your mind so deeply that you can’t shake that off considering it “just a dream”.

And now , I’m happily married to my love.. after 6 years our relation got upgraded to marriage .. I can’t thank Sai enough for always guiding me towards a better change.🤗

I feel relieved that saimaa is with me ..who alwaysss answers when I’m in a dilemma..who not only helps me to choose the right path ..but also carries me through all the ditches .. ponds ..or forests that come my way even on the right path.

You may get ALMOST LOST but not completely lost with SAI. Getting almost lost is necessary to understand people and becoming compassionate.I hated and pointed a finger towards people who left their so old relations ..suddenly by saying that “They are not sure anymore”.I was kind of arrogant for my “so beautiful relation” ..I was overproud about “my faithfulness” .

But after this experience..

I understood people get to that point that they choose happiness over their they feel when they decide to leave.And I judge them no more.

I don’t judge people who cheat their partners ..because I know there are conditions which can lead us to such decisions.I feel if only we were kept in such situations and made the same way ..we would have done the same thing.

I don’t judge people who get involved deeply in a relation ..and then decide to leave.

I don’t know who I am ..then how can I judge someone ..whom I might become … someday.

Neither everyone feels equally hurt .. nor everyone is cool about changes in their a relationship becoming long distance.

We can avoid wrong decisions with baba ..but some ditches and dark nights are necessary they teach us alot of things about life ..that make us a better human being.

You can share your sai’s timely warnings with me .🤗

I remember the two incidents from Sai Satcharita when Baba warned Tatya at the right time but Tatya couldn’t oblige and suffered the consequences. He was going to the nearest marketplace for making some important deal.And Baba asked him “not to go anywhere today” .

I would have done the same maybe .. if Baba tells me not to go somewhere so important.Our logical mind can only see the consequences if we don’t go there.He similarly thought of the losses he will have by not going there.Seeing his eagerness, Baba adviced him to atleast take someone with him.But , he left alone in a hurry.

After crossing a village or so of the horses got wild and ran so fast that the cart turned upside down and Tatya suffered injuries.He was admitted in the nearest hospital.Deal did not happen ..and he got injured.

You can totally relax knowing this ..that Baba can never see you suffer ..even if it is because of your own decisions (mostly our sufferings are own decisions). Baba did reduce the pain for Tatya ..Baba did save him from a much larger harm.

Baba tries his best ..but sometimes our minds are controlling us so much that we can’t listen to baba.And find the significance of his words only when we suffer.

It’s ok though .These kind of rejections towards baba’s advice too bring us closer to faith.


I pray for us to be guided by Baba rather than our avarices or fears.

I pray for us that even when we get lost .. Baba finds a way to bring us back towards him.

I pray for us to grow compassionate and understanding like baba.

I pray for us to meditate on him as much as we can.

I pray for us to make his devotion not just a part of life but our life itself.

Let Sai says TATHASTU (so be it!) for these prayers.

Stay happy and keep smiling.🥰 You have got a beacon of light in your life ..your guide ..your angel ..your master.. your Baba Sai.

Baba will save you from yourself .. it’s his promise !😘

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Om Sairam ❤️

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