Don’t fight it Harry ..just relax and you will be free !

Don't fight your fear
The devil snare scene from Harry potter 1

Hey dearies , it’s a tense environment .And I wish the best for you all .Today I met an old friend anty ..and she told me about her husband getting depressed from Corona fear .Yes, it’s really horrifying and scary .But , always thinking about this won’t help us get anything..don’t fight your fear..your mind .

Last year, I was alot more scared of this unknown disease ..alot fearful of death .Everyone of us fears death .But, we don’t have any control over it. What we can control is what we do now ..not what happens next.

I want to be a hero!

I always wanted to be a hero ..because I only saw the fame and publicity they got. Now , standing at such a place I got to know that it needs so much dedication and discipline to become a hero.And true heroes rarely ever get appraisal.They don’t want recognition but doing heroic tasks make them happy from within.

Don’t confuse happiness with being comfortable ..with your own people ..laughing or doing things you enjoy. Heroic tasks are rarely enjoyable.You will have to do things and you won’t even like them .You will feel alone .. like there is no one who can help you.Sometimes you will feel like you have done alot but did not got back half of it.

Your mind will get selfish at times will feel like a hypocrite too.

But, that’s what it is never stop doing that because it’s too hard.You do it because it feels right. Just imagine working in covid wards .. taking care of covid positive people .Such health workers are afraid too but they don’t let their fear stop them from doing what is right. They don’t let their minds stop them .

And I feel ..everyone of us is a hero ! For defeating our fear .. for loving people as they are.

You are a hero ! ❤️

Don’t fight your fear!

Sai taught me not to fight my mind .. I fail at this many times ..but he reminds me again.

I was too tired of my fear fear of not getting into Pg last year … so terrified that studying in the last few days before exam was soo difficult .I just wanted to get away from that feeling but my overthinking mind would not let me study in peace. As usual I called Sai and asked for a solution to cope with it?

I talk about harry potter alot ..maybe you want to go through this post to know why?? 👉 Learn your lesson and move ahead

“Don’t fight it Harry!” -hermione

Sai showed me the scene from “Harry potter ” part 1 movie .. when Hermione ,Harry and Ron got trapped into the devil snare . The more they moved to get free off of it ..the more tight it’s grip got. The snare was smothering them. But Hermione knew the solution , she stopped fighting and became calm ..and she got through it to a safer place. She told this to harry and he did the same. It’s too hard to “let it be” when such a creepy thing is trying to engulf you.You won’t feel like staying calm and not fighting back ..but this is the way to get rid of it. I can hear the echo of these words “Don’t fight Harry .. just relax and you will be free” .

I stopped fighting back my fear.And behaved as if it is a part of me and it’s ok ..I won’t fight and I won’t get frustrated because of its presence .I will do what I was doing when it was not there as much as I can.

Those few days could be managed thus . Fear was doing what it’s job was I will do what my job is. Similarly devil snare was doing what its job was .. and when Harry behaved like it doesn’t exist .. it let him pass through.

Courage is ..

You must have heard “courage is not the absence of fear .. but not changing our action in the presence of fear.”

Let us pray that we can live our life like this , accepting worst of our feelings..without any hesitation. It’s ok to feel like this .But it won’t make me change my path.

I am feeling malaise .. and feverish .Sai knows what is that for. Maybe.. will get tested today for covid.

Sai will do what is best for me , Right !

Take care dearies ..and don’t fear anything.

You can watch this scene here 👇

When Sai is here .. he will keep us safe be it in this world or the next.

Om Sai Ram ❤️

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