Bara ladhla janm ha manvacha
We got this human birth after a lot of struggles
Sai Sai Sai

Hey dear souls .. I hope you all are doing good ..and spreading positivity in the world .Today’s title is a beautiful sentence from Sai Aarti “Namaskar Sashtang Shri Sainatha” …BARA LADHLA JANM HA MANVACHA , NARA SARTHAKA SADHANI BHUT SACHA .DHARU SAI PREMA GALAYA AHANTA .. NAMASHKAR SASHTANG SHRI SAINATHA!!

बरा लाधला जन्म हा मानवाचा , नरा सार्थका साधनी भूत सांचा । धरू सांई प्रेमा गलाया अहंता , नमस्कार साष्टांग श्री साईनाथा।।

Meaning .. we got this human birth with alot of struggles done in previous births. Because only human can do penance to attain liberation (moksha) .So, let us put our love in Sainath and keep faith in him.Keeping our pride away.Let us bow down to lord Sainath!

I tend to loose my humanity a lot of times .. and these words remind me of my purpose here .Why am I here? To disharge my duties eat sleep yes. But more than that to become anklet of Sai’s feet.🥰

The rudest question!

Sometimes , I ask silly questions also.I found myself asking Saibaba that many people are fortunate to get what they desire and live a happy life. They also go through pain and conquer it too. Then can you tell me what difference do you make in my life ..if everyone goes through pain and enjoy some happy times.. how my life is different than theirs ??

I know he will answer me one day ..but I feel like I already know the answer.

It’s very rude of me to even think of such a question ..hehe but I did .Baba has blessed me in each and every way. Be it family life life or my relations with people .Baba blessed me with understanding nature.He blessed me with understanding people around me. He blessed me with enough strength and intelligence to live a decent life. And blessed me with conscience to reject the wrong paths .I couldn’t even survive without him..and now I am living a good life .

Still my mind asks this question .

A joke pierced my heart

One of my colleagues here, was kidding with me ..teasing me .His patent dialogue is “karam h boss” means all our bad deeds lead to such things . When I told him this month I am gonna represent in the audit and there is non stop mortality this month I am gonna face seniors and their questions.In audit I have to give details of expiry ,admissions and much more in front of all professors and seniors..and mortality is a big deal here .

We try our best still people find reasons to blame and satisfy their ego. But I still believe nothing like this will happen in my audit..May Sai teach me something . He can never punish us .. he only wants us to learn .😍🙏

I consider everyone else more lucky than me .Everyone has found time to go home.And when I planned to go .. HOD sir cancelled every kind of leave because of covid situation. 😅 Also , the worries of upcoming audit ..made me ask Sai “what difference do you make in my life?” 🤔

Showing anger to my guru

Our mind may make us feel doubtful of Saibaba but our soul can never love him lesser.He is not a choice he is the necessity. Asking such questions doesn’t decrease my faith over him.

But yes fearing such questions is not what I do now .Sai has told me ..don’t fear your doubts and negative thoughts. Just answer them with faith.. so powerfully that they never arise again !

Baba has shown me his decisions ..however rude and harsh they seemed at first were beneficial for me alwaysss. This time too I will wait I know he knows what is best for me!

He sai !! Let us be good human .Forgive us and teach us how to be you .. be it 1/millionth part of you .

Inspite of all these worries ..I am enjoying as the best part of pediatrics branch is being with kids ..cute lovely kids.Their smile ..their cry ..their talks .. everything is so cute ..hehe 😊😍

Covid and mask

Sai , in my last meditation was showing me a mask over his face.. like warning me of my reluctant behaviour . I shall follow his advice .. trying to be more careful than before .

You can watch this video on covid from my inspirer Jaya wahi di

You too take care and stay safe.

You can go through this post here 👉 Residency with Sai

Will meet you again.

Om Sairam ❤️

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