There are angels all around us!

Yes, there are angels all around us. And I’m damn serious 🙄.

😊 Om Sairam friends , I don’t know why I am feeling so excited to talk about this .You might not believe me or maybe call me crazy after reading this but whatever I am gonna tell you.. is one of my truths.

It’s 00:40 and I was having a dilemma ..shall I go to sleep or write this post. This topic is roaming in my mind from last two days. And , I opened my eyes to decide , that I should sit up in bed and write..the same moment I saw an angel (or a fairy) again indicating me that I shall write definitely!

Ohh it sounds weird na! Hehe 🤭

The beginning

It started in 2019 when I was at the peak of meditation and spending most of my time remembering Sai. I have done it from last 12 years but not with such an intensity. I would sit at a place for almost an hour and later open my eyes to find out hundreds of flickering lights ..that kept doing to and fro motion in the air around me.These were quite small ..smaller than anything we can see can say “a point that is just visible” size . Initially I thought maybe it happens when we keep our eyes closed for so much time. I even was worried for my eyes for few days 🤭.I thought something is grossly wrong with them.. and I am seeing flickers of light as we see in glaucoma 😅.

But I noted it did not happen when I woke up from sleep after closing my eyes for so long or doing anything else. Slowly I realised , I now saw those lights even at the slightest thought of Sai .

Signs of Sai

I took those lights as sign from baba in my dilemmas. Yah I had alot to ask and Baba would shine a light at the thought of the option that was correct.I would see a single light at such moments when I needed to decide something.

Or if I planned to do something , something that was beautiful or kind ..I will see flickering light definitely , as if Baba blessing me to assure that “You are on the right path.”

“Rabda “

Finally it became a habit to search for those flickering lights whenever I meditated on sai .And I always saw them ..sometimes alot in number ..sometimes somewhat lesser ..depending on the intensity of meditation I had.

I came across “Rabda ” book and as I turned pages I read a line “There was Saibaba and there were a million of small lights or small atoms of bright white light roaming around him .. going from here to there ..not staying at a place. ” It is an excerpt from rabda book by Ruzbeh n. Bharucha , one of my favourite author.

(If you want an original copy of this book , you can send your address on

I kept reading and my eyes opened wide 😳 as these words sounded like the author was describing what I was seeing from last few days.

I put away the book for a second to absorb what I read. He said ..

“There were souls ..souls who lived within sai , merged in him..and working as some light worker in his feet. These souls were those flickering lights ! ” 😳

Sai and his angels

Those souls had desired in their lives to merge in Sai and work for him only they were working for him. Whenever there was a call from a devotee on Earth , they will fly there and help him somehow by giving him relief and peace by giving out their energy to him/her and maybe diverting his mind to something better . They were messengers of Sai ,as pure as him .. merged in him .

“Is this real?” I was really amazed to know this . I thought maybe I will stop seeing them .But I did not.

I still saw them.

The amazing day

Then there came a day .It was raining and I was dancing to the tunes of Baba . I had my earphones and my favourite Sai song (it’s also available in Hindi) on was afternoon and rain was heavy . I found another level of bliss in dancing in the rain remembering Sai .❤️

I was imagining Saibaba in the sky and referring to him gesturing my moves.. pointing towards the sky. Whenever that singer called Sai Sai ..I would jump and move my hand towards sky like he is sitting there .I couldn’t see towards the sky constantly for long as rain drops would splash in my eyes the next second .

I played the same song for the 5th time but this time I saw something unusual when I pointed again towards sky. Some circle whirling in the air just few inches away from my hands . For the first time in my life I was not scared of this kind of unusual episode . I don’t know how I kept dancing and seeing that circle inspite of the rain and a strange fear. As I moved faster with the beats the circle would whirl more and more rapidly .. with some lights around it. My eyes got filled with tears and raindrops as I did not and still don’t know what it was but I felt soo calm.

I sat down after the song was over and I closed my eyes and said “Thankyou Sai ”

A few moments earlier my mind was asking for Sai to appear in the clouds or sky like what his many devotees had experienced ..they saw his face in the moon ..the sky . I don’t know what it was but there was no face to it ..just some transparent thing ..some lights.. some form of Sai !

Angels all around us

I thank to those souls who have uplifted me on behalf of Baba as they are one with Baba ..whoever I call them “angels” ..lights or fairies or something else. But I believe there are angels all around us form of those lights or human or animal shapes . There is Sai in form of them everywhere spreading his love to people like us in need .🥰

I still don’t know why I shared this here today..I have shared this with a few people only as I thought others won’t understand. Maybe I shared it with my husband last year.. I don’t remember.🤔But this incident had a deep impact on me .

Waiting for the day that I would live like them Baba’s feet ..roaming here and there to help someone leaving my sparkling light wherever I go .. while not knowing that ‘I’ exist.. fully merged in him! 😍

Keep smiling and loving Sai and be an angel (or human) for someone today 😊.

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You can share these books with someone you like , this way you will also do some kind of “gyan-dan” .

So , don’t hesitate and let me know which book would you like to have.

Om Sairam 🙏❤️

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