Shirdi Ghar Mera .. Mera Ghar Shirdi hai!

Shirdi ke Saibaba

This song is stuck in my heart and mind from last day when I first heard it in some Sai video at Pinterest…

“Mala ki man pe mai karta rahu ..sumiran tera Sairam”

Last night I was listening to this song.. closing my eyes in half sleep , it was around 2:30 am ..I was in night duty. I have noticed that we feel more in love with him when our mind is slow ..really if you haven’t noticed ..experiment and let me know .😅

Suddenly I saw the greyish stones of Shirdi temple ..while I never paid attention on those stones during Shirdi visits..I was amazed that I recognised them in the vision . The song played the lyrics .. “Shirdi ghar mera ..mera ghar Shirdi hai ! ” at the same time.

(Meaning : Shirdi is my home. )

Shirdi feels like your own place

Yesterday , one of my senior M.O. sir was talking about Shirdi with me and my colleague Dr Tamanna. Conversation went like this..

“Or Sairam kese ho?” (How are you Sairam?)

He addresses me as Sai 😅 .

“I’m good sir.”

“Everything is fine? Any serious patient?”

That’s when Dr. Tamanna interrupted and told him “Koi na sir , koi serious hoga bhi to apni Sairam thik krdegi.” (Don’t worry sir , even if some serious patient arrives ,our Sairam will make him better.)

She is kind of senior to me as we count seniority from UG perspective. It means she has passed her UG one year earlier than me .Though she is in the same batch with me now in postgraduate but I call her tamanna boss. We all call each other like this only.

She further added in her childish laughter ..”Apko bhi pata chl gya kya? Iski sai deewangi ka.” (Now you too know about her crazyness about Sai)

She was assuming that sir was calling me Sairam because of my frequent status about Saibaba . That’s when sir told her ,that he himself is a sai devotee and then he added .. he had gone to Shirdi a few times .

Ohh yes , my heart grew serene on hearing about visit to Shirdi ! I know you too would have felt that .Those beautiful memories ..feelings resurfacing when you talk about Shirdi visit .

He told boss that she must go to Shirdi atleast once .

He said “You will feel so calm and superb there like never before.”

I liked his simplicity . He did not think about what tamanna boss will think or say ..or she has trust over Sai or not. He did not care for that. He just told her what he felt .

People talk about Sai simply out of love.. and that’s amazing

That quality ,I think I miss sometimes. I judge myself alot of times ,when I tell someone about Sai. Actually it’s not preaching but I feel like I am. Yes ,my words get stuck inside my mouth when most troubled people come to me and ask for suggestions . While my heart would be shouting loudly and clearly to tell them about Sai and how he can help them , I can’t say much . I can’t show them my faith as much as I want to.. especially to those people, who I know, think more logically.

Strange! Maybe I believe now that whoever meant to reach him will reach him somehow and if Sai wants to use me as a medium , he will somehow. Or maybe I lack something . Anyways , Sai will make me someday the way he wants me to.

I ended my night with this sweet song reflecting my emotions for Shirdi which surfaced a few hours back.😍

Mala pe man ki Mai karta rahu

Thanks to its composers , may they get this feeling of peace what I’m feeling rightnow.

My brother and a message

Last day a message for using udi for health issues was getting stronger. I don’t know how but I felt it’s for someone. I did not know who (s)he was ,so I shared it on WhatsApp and later forgot about it.

Today my elder brother called .. after a long time. He shared his health issue with me .He sounded worried and tired of taking all the medications from last few months. Though I am a doctor but I seldom feel like one😂. People call me because doctors couldn’t heal them . They see a part of Sai in me .

And here I am , feeling just the opposite of what they think I am . I couldn’t say much .. I just told him Sai will help. And just then a flash back happened and that message came to my mind. I told him to take udi for one week with water in a very low voice.

I am not used to guiding those who once guided me. I feel so small in front of them. I feel like I am nobody who can tell them to do this or that. Because I feel like a child in front of them. But, this time I said what I felt I should.

He said “ok” but his voice was tensed even then . It was like .. he used his energy to call me to get an answer. But , how to tell him .. Sai will answer him ..himself… in his own way. What Sai wanted me to convey.. I conveyed.

I don’t know if he will take udi or not. But , I’m sure his problems are there because Baba loves him alot and it’s time that he puts some seeds of faith in him!

Venkat wrote today

I was telling my husband I need some help for website updates and I remembered Venkat (the owner of ) . But he lost his father last month and he is recovering back..So, I did not ask for his help.He already had helped me alot when I started this site. Actually, its like he established this site.

I can’t even imagine his pain. Finally, after so many days he shared his pain ,writing a post on his Appa (father). I am glad he is back . I pray that Sai blesses him with enough strength to go through this.

Back to the song , I’m happy listening to it . Maybe someday I will write and sing a song like this for Baba ….Someday … ❤️

Om Sairam😇

Updated at 8pm : My brother called me that he got his answer soon after he called me for an answer an hour back. So finally ,Sai answered him directly ,he doesn’t need any mediator.But , yes at the same time , trust of some one else works as a ray of hope for us .

Because only Sai knows how to say something you want to listen. I’m glad he sounded happy after that. Problem was not his health issue but the reason behind that ,which he was not getting an answer to. Yes,it reminds me of how much our mind troubles us na! ..May Sai gives it rest.

I am still humming this tune 😊 Shirdi Ghar Mera … Mera Ghar Shirdi hai!

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