Stop finding faults in your job as nothing in this world is flawless !

Our beautiful Saibaba

Hey guys , we all work for a living. And a few of us are really enthusiastic about their work as they love their work. But, situations change them over time. They get boring and dull. Why? Have you ever thought? 🤔

Well , I don’t know exactly but I can tell you what is the case with me. I love kids ..I’m sure I do love this job of mine . But , I don’t like the things and duties that it brings with it. There are alot of things that I have to do here ..that actually doesn’t come under “my job”. And then it makes this “love” getting dull over time as you keep doing more than what you want to. 😓

In government setup , you won’t find a thing in the right shape. You have to adjust to everything. Sometimes , it’s laryngoscopes not working properly ..its light goes off when I’m inside the throat of the baby.😥 Other times , I don’t have vital monitor available to watch a baby ,so I have to change monitors myself. I have to do things, usually needing two or three men to do , all on my own. And you can’t expect nurses to stand there with you all the time . I have seen a few energetic nurses who always support us , but it’s really a few . They all are tired by their duty too.

So, the job which actually is meant to be done with love becomes a hectic and frustrating one .

Also , there are monthly audits and alot of data management here , done by residents only . I wonder why they can’t get a clerk to do it 🤔. Last night only , we were discussing that we should collect 1000 rs per head and hire someone to do all this for us. As, all of us are tired of the threats of professors that if we don’t compile data on time ..they will do this or that .😒

Yes , it makes me angry . 😠

Is anger a solution?

Now , hitting the rock bottom truth ..I know I don’t have any kind of authority over this. It simply means ,I can’t make my professors or environment change because really I am not that rich or great. So,what is the solution?

I was ranting about it from a last few months .And you know what ..the more I grumbled ..the more work I got out of the blue. I had done my part but some colleagues couldn’t ,so my senior handed it over to me 😅 saying that “I’m sincere and I will definitely do it properly.” 🥴

I couldn’t deny but yes I felt frustrated inside.

This anger makes me feel that I’m not odd one out. As all are angry on one thing or other . But, in long time ,I feel like I’m deviating from my real path. I am talking Ill of my professors and that’s not who I am . I don’t want to do this but it’s forced upon me.

Sai gives you answer when you need it !

Baba’s answers have an effect so deep that he calms my mind in a few minutes.😇

He reminded me of the lesson “When you don’t do something properly in the first attempt will come back to you again .” Here ,properly means “with acceptance .. if not with love”.

Nothing in this world is “a waste of time” as Sai reminds me that whatever duty he gives us has some purpose . No matter how useless it may seem to us. Like this data thing ,I always considered it as a useless thing. I repeatedly did it but it came back to me as I was doing it half heartedly in frustration.

“No job on this earth is flawless. There will be so many adjustments you have to do with your environment . Even if you love your field of work , there will be so many things attached with it which are boring or useless in your view ,but you have to do it . But, finding faults in it and venting out the anger won’t make it any easier . Do it with acceptance that whatever came in front of you was with permission of Baba Sai . And if he wants you to do it then it’s not useless .”

And then there is “Our tongue”

Even if I fully accept it ,I take part in backbitching ..why ? Maybe cause I don’t want be the odd one out. If I say nothing in a group gossiping seems rude .

But , this time I will do it with Sainess intact . Baba Sai only knows how he will make me do it properly without fighting within my mind. And also keeping me away from gossiping about it. But, I trust him , if I decided I will do it properly, he will definitely make it possible. Because it’s our Baba Sai 🤗

And why it’s just me ? Who needs this lesson ..because it’s only me who gets so many advantages of having a guru like Baba . So , it will be definitely me who gets to learn such a beautiful lesson. Right!

Let us ask Baba that he gives us wisdom and strength to do our job and accept it fully with all its flaws.

Sai Sai Sai

Stay updated to read my next post .It’s specially for those who are looking for guidance on “Sai guruvr vrat” (Sai Thursday fast)

Baba bless us all

Om Sairam❤️

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