A visit into the good old days

Om sairam dear souls . I have been on leave so i had a visit to my second home… jaisalmer.

It was a blessing really. My soul was feeling tired and exhausted. What surprises me is that sometimes we get so tired that normal routine feels like giving you anxiety . I developed so depressed that i just wanted to quit. Sad that , no one cares about your mental health . Not even you yourself. I started to think that I don’t deserve happiness at all. I don’t deserve rest or love .

Thanks to baba that he thinks that i deserve all the goodness . This mishappening actually rejuvenated me. I found time to visit the city of my childhood. I went there to rest and feel love of all my loved ones. People who love me alot and prove this fact that you don’t need blood relations to feel loved.

I can’t express how i felt when i went through the streets where i first learnt to walk on this earth. My school .. and each of its tree planted by me and my friends seemed to be blessing me with its abundant infinte love. Ohh it felt like heaven .

Here I am standing on the terrace of my home of jaisalmer .. some surgeon was residing there now but i had a strong desire to go there so we asked him , if he could let us in . I have spent so many evenings of my teenage here .. with books in my hands .. sometimes singing, when rare of the rains poured down .

My promises were fulfilled

Sai maa gave me a chance to keep my words . I could visit to the temples i someday promised in past . I said , if i got selected in mbbs , i will pay a visit there and i could not. So , this time i fulfilled my words as much as i remember. I felt lighter. Everything you say is remembered by the universe. So, its better to watch our tongue. I used to promise so many things in past. But , i know now the value of our words.

So , if you promise something , try to keep it .

I got to listen to the beautiful expereinces of some lovely people . They talked aboug guru and devotion. They were as welcoming as Sai .. doing everything and anything for me .

As usual jayant , my brother , my friend from school made my trip beautiful . We went to their farm .. on the outskirts of the city and enjoyed dal baati there.

I have walked on almost each street there. There was not a corner in the city where i did not have a memory linked.

It was an awesome week .

And I learnt that we deserve all the happiness… not pain ..not struggle. Struggle with your negativity and soon you will find you won’t have to struggle in this world anymore. Its a fact.

It would be so easy to live in this world when your belief becomes that “You are valuable and only you need to believe this.” Everyone else will follow.

Every dark cloud has a silver lining

I was injured and i got to visit my lovely city .. i learnt to type easily with my left hand .. i learnt to brush and eat with my left hand. I read half of the book “A monk who sold his ferrari” . And i got love from my people. Ohh so much happiness. Isnt this injury worth it!

Take care and love yourself. Your peace matters than anything else.

Om sairam 🥰


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