Seeing my picture equals to seeing me! – Saibaba

Baba Sai with rolling eyes

Ya Sai .. I pray for your health and happiness dear readers.🎉

Today , Im sharing a beautiful experience that a saisakha (saifriend) shared with me. She is in SAIBISA reiki group and is a staunch devotee of baba. I really felt goosebumps after reading her babafull incidence. So, here it goes…

“Would like to share my experience of Baba’s blessings on me and my husband. Few years back my husband had some health issues we went to the best of doctors but they said that they could not guarantee us when he will become normal, his urine and stool had stopped, so it was a major problem, catheter was put for urine and too many laxatives had to be given for stools, the normal system was infected by some virus and they said it is myelitis.

I was broken totally as my kids were small, and life would be very difficult as doctors said he may not recover in a year or six months. We were in hospital and away from home for a month then Doctors gave medicine which are only steroids in such conditions and said now take him home and that hospitalisation would not solve the problem we had to just wait uncertainly for him to recover.

Few days before my husband became ill a story of some one whose wife had cancer was shared in the Sai Leela magazine, and how the mantra Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai had cured cancer, and that it is a Tarak mantra, as if the story was published for guiding me,and in the time of emergency we resort to our Baba’s feet, I did nothing but would chant Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai, would do it all day and even in my sleep from the time he fell ill,and believe me it is a miraculous mantra.

I was exhausted mentally although my family was very supportive. The night I brought him home I stood before Baba’s picture in my house at midnight and broke down, I told Baba I have no one or no where to go please help me. I don’t have energy now, I had broken down completely and suddenly I saw Baba’s eye balls started moving in the picture, this had happened once before too when my husband was not well.

BABA Was rolling his eyes

I could not believe Baba was rolling his eye balls it was such a moment I got goose bumps my tears were flowing and I got scared too, scared in the sense that the aura of Baba was so strong that common human beings like us would not be able to stand in front of him. I started screaming Baba Baba please I cannot take all this any more help me.

At that time I felt like Baba is telling me that it is some suffering of my husband’s past karma and he will have to bear with it for fifteen more days and then he will be fine and will start going to office, he will have some difficulties till then but I will take care of him you don’t worry, let him suffer and finish off his karmic account but I will be there to guard him and no emergency will come. I wrote all this in a paper along with the dates as my husband isn’t a Sai bhakt like me.

Baba even told me that he will become normal again and one day he will become a more staunch Sai devotee than me.Wonder of wonders where the doctors even could not say if he will be normal again, my husband got cured.


We had to go for check up and doctor removed his catheter on 13th day from the night Baba gave me darshan and miraculously his system became normal and exactly on the 15th day my husband said I want to go to office today, so his brother took him to office for a short while and as Baba had told me that night, exactly on 15th day my husband went to office. I am ever great full and thankful to Baba for healing my husband and blessing me and my kids, how much ever I would thank him would not be enough for what he has done for us.

I had always wanted to publish my story and share this great Leela of my loving, merciful Baba. And today I got this platform so sharing it with everyone. Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai, dear Sai please keep showering your blessings on us.🙏🙌 – (mamta)

The picture shared above is from her home (which she talked about in the incident)

Isn’t it awesome saifriends. I can cry and cry in his love . How he rushes to the aid of his devotees 😭 . Baba Sai you are the ocean of infinte love and karuna . Ohh malik , how can I even start to praise you in my limited vocabulary.

I pray that you remember him when you are stuck and find no help. I pray that you see him when you need some light in your dark nights. He Sai , bless us all. We are weak baba you make us strong. We are poor make us rich with your precious love 😇

Meet you with still more experiences . Baba Sai have got me into SAIBISA family as Jaya wahi di as my mentor.. that I always dreamt of.Will tell about it later.

Love you baba Sai.

Allah malik💗

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