Saibaba is still alive – Jaya wahi di

Om Sairam friends❤

I thought it would be nice that I review the books which had a power to change my life.
So, I am starting with “Saibaba is still alive” by Jaya wahi ji
God gave me a love for books from my childhood.
I saw my brother going to library and I followed in his foot steps.
So back to the book and its beautiful author Jaya wahi di.
I ordered this book on amazon 3 years back when I was going through some anxiety and depression issues.
I literally lit a diya when it arrived.
Baba came in the form of this book to me
And this book came like Sai has come himself to heal me.
Baba always talks through his devotees(and other people too).
People who feel that kind of affection and love for Baba… when they share that love just feels magically soothing.😇
If you are in love with Baba you will definitely find it awesome.
And you get to know the power of love(faith) on baba.
People were saved and rescued from impossibly dangerous situations.
It just leaves you with a “wow” feeling.
Words have a power to heal us ,this book really made me believe that.
I was yearning for Saibaba’s love and this book amazingly delivered him to me.
She has penned down the fascinating experiences of people around her with Baba Sai.
It will surely take your faith in Baba to next level.
I felt like I know her already.
Jaya wahi di and Reiki
Now let me tell you how she changed my life..
Her book mentioned an incident of a young boy who met an accident and was paralysed and couldn’t even speak.
I am just focussing on that part..Baba HEALED that boy through her.
No,she isn’t a doctor.. I mean that’s why its my pleasure to tell you she healed the boy with her hands and prayers.
Her story moved me so much.
Reiki healing
 I searched her videos on the youtube and got to know that what she did was called “Reiki” and she believes in “Sai Reiki.”
I was not sure how to proceed into Reiki.
I felt drawn towards it and I started meditation and prayed Baba to enroll me for Reiki healing.
Now its like a routine thing.
I have been practicing Reiki from last one year.
And it has changed my life dramatically.
I can listen to Sai more clearly now cleared away a barrier ,I think, which has kept me away from Saibaba.
I will be happy to tell you so much of its benefits and Jaya wahi di’s outlook on reiki.
You can watch this video here.
How beautifully her younger sister speaks “her di’s intention is to increase the healing hands all over the world ..if there are 4 hands which hurt people there will be 2 to heal those hurts.
The world will be so beautiful.”
Her mission is having atleast one healer in a family.
I was hooked on to her by these lines.
But its not easy .(Nothing is easy)
You can start it but without consistency its effects won’t be visible much.
I am not much of a disciplined type but Baba managed to keep me into it regularly
Do you need REIKI?
Have you noticed there are days when whatever you try your mood is so depressed you can’t control what you feel.
And for some people these are not just days these are long phases.
You feel like you can’t do what you want to?
You feel like its too hard to focus on a single thing for you..or doing meditation seems impossible?
You find yourself getting too much emotional over petty issues? ..well this was the case with me.
If the answer of either of these is “yes” you may like to try REIKI.
Reiki can help you alot.
You can channel Reiki for yourself as well as others..
My aim was to become a healer to help others..
I wanted every one to feel Reiki ,but Baba again taught me its their choice.
Not every path is for everyone.. right!
So, now he decides.. I oblige.
Effects of Reiki
I can listen to people more affectionately without judging or ignoring them.
I know we all have alot kind of troubling thoughts.
But after Reiki you don’t pay attention to useless babble of the mind…the negative thoughts about you don’t affect you much now.
You feel dared to help people.. to help yourself.
You feel relaxed.
You cut out the clutter and detox your soul through it.
Its just like someone else doing the meditation for you.
If anyone of you feels “its your kind of thing”.. you can contact me here.
So, Jaya wahi di may not ever know what she did to me and alot of other people.
Will talk about Reiki later in details.
Do read her book ,I promise you won’t regret.
Here is a lovely song written by her.
The words of this song…
 “par mere Sai mere hatho ki lakeero me tera noor samaya” these words ..I can’t explain how they bring tears of love in my eyes ..each time I hear this song..I feel the unfathomable affection of Baba for me.
Ok see you next time with a new article.. “FALL IN LOVE WITH SAI” you can let me know “how you fell in love with Sai” I will be pleased to share it with others.
You can send me Saibaba’s pictures too.
Don’t forget can change your life for better.
You can spread positivity through SAI.
Sai blessings to you all.
Remember you are beautiful and strong.🤩
Stay safe.
Om Sairam😇

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