Not afraid anymore!!

Hey guys, I pray that you stay blessed always!!

I have always told you about the life lessons that keep repeating untill you do what is needed to be done .I keep repeating this to myself (actually not me but Sai) . Actually there are alot of lessons ..and I think my life will be too short to learn all hehe.😅

Ok, jokes apart’s lesson is kind of a different and serious one.I was always afraid of people behaving badly ..but not anymore.It took years to reach here to do what I will do after two days.

I am going to complain about a male nurse at the floor I am working. His behaviour and his body language is sometimes to insult modesty of a woman.He tries to touch girls indirectly by some means.And trust me I know how such people behave ..I have a prolonged experience from my childhood.I had seen and I had ignored and ignored and ignored ..alwaysss.. right from the time I could understand this.

But not anymore, I won’t stay back this time.And yes this is my lesson.It will keep happening,wherever I go ..people change but I will find some people who will do the same things .If I keep ignoring, I will not be living according to my sai-ethics.

Thoughts ?? What about them? I am telling you exactly what thoughts my mind is having rightnow….

“What if nothing happened? And you have to face that person again ??”

“What if he does something to take revenge ..if something happens to his job??”

Ohh yaah and a lot more such kind of thoughts .. but you know what .. do hell with this mind.

What I know is ..just Sai ..and he will never want me to ignore such behaviour.

Yah, I can forgive that person’s soul after doing what is needed to be done . I never want another woman to feel that unsafe like I did ..I will never want anyone to be looked upon as an object.. I will never want anyone to suffer like this.

Maybe I am doing this because of the built up anger from my past experiences ..but yes one thing is for sure.. I am not afraid anymore!!


I can tell you one incident that has been the concrete base for building my trust over sai much. AFTER tHat , I was damn sure Baba is not just some saint in that picture or statue .. he is actually ..I’m not talking in analogy. HE IS HERE ..he will actually literally take you out ..rescue you within seconds .TRUST ME WHEN I SAY THIS BABA IS STILL ALIVE!!

Baba saved this Sangeeta that day ..almost 9 years back ..not only saved this physical body but the soul .. from such a deep wound it would have got.I thought, I would be never ready to share this here ..but I am now. I am not scared or afraid for people to know.

I just want you to know that when people forget their humanity and fall below.. to the level of devils ..Sai Baba will never ever let you get hurt. I know everything happens for a reason and maybe I have done something bad to that soul in previous births … but I know one more thing that Baba will never let me go through such thing.. he will never let me break .

I can’t tell you the whole thing ..just that I had the scariest most encounter with a middle aged man .

He tried to do what a devil will to a girl . He had held my one hand tightly to not let me go and he was twisting my wrist to torture me .I was crying for help ..but I could see no one so far.He was trying to feel me physically ..and I was trying my best to run away.

The next moment he tried to lift my shirt off…my heart sank .. my hope of being saved from that demon almost drowned and I shouted out in my desperation to the top of my lungs “Kaha ho saiiii?”

(“where are you sai?” )

My question was “why I was going through this if he is my saviour?? Is he asleep while her devotee was in such a grave situation?”

Such things just shake up your reality and existence .I remember I cried each night after that .. I did not know whom to tell so I suffered alone.I knew this pain from childhood but this time it was at a different level . I died somewhere inside.I lost my smile .I could get back to normal after a few months only.

Back to that moment ..after my calling out to Sai .. I could see a man coming towards me ..within a minute.There was no one there a few seconds before.. suddenly he came and saved me somehow arguing with that guy.I never asked who he was ..I was too numb to do that.But, I got timely help ..but alot of people ..alot of women do not.

I pray for people who do such things ..that Baba show them the right direction ..let them know how it feels to be at the suffering side. I pray for people like me who instead of ignoring should do something about it ..forgetting the fears they carry in coming forward.

I pray for all the girls who went through such things ..that it’s not their fault that people behave that way.I pray that I can be braver ..I can harbour Shakti inside me.

“Walking on baba’s path is not easy ..but it’s worth it.. given all these lessons ..I have really started to see the worth of my life! It’s nothing without baba inside it.Without him , I would have never realised that we should come forward and do something.If I ignore today .. I am giving boost to their activities as they will start to think .. no one is gonna say anything..they can do anything they want.”

Sai Baba has always rescued me like this .. though I always show my disappointment that he never appears before me he did to his old devotees..but I know how many times he came in the form of people ..good hearted people.

I had a thinking that if I grew physically stronger.. by doing gym and growing muscles ..only then I will be unafraid.But, I was wrong have everything you want within you ..NOW.Your mentality can make you weak as well as strong.

For me my faith is my strength !!

You can listen to this song .. You are not alone !

I hope you can find hope , courage and peace to live your life fully.

And yes ..don’t feel sorry for me after reading this I am alright and much stronger than before.I know why something happened and now it’s my turn to start mahabharat!!

Draupadi never invited someone to insult her ..but it happened.Maybe it took a lot of time to analyse what should be done ..but I still remember the lines of Shri Krishna when he said “Just forget your own pain .. see the pain of others who might suffer if such people will rule this kingdom can do something about it .Forgive him ..and then do what you gotta do!”

I don’t know what “this forgiveness” means but I thank that soul ..that he lead me closer to Sai. Rest , I will not hesitate to even murder him ..if I have to.

May Sai bless us all!!

Don’t worry , he is here truly forever❤️

Om Sairam 😇

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