Sai will make you pass your exam ..Trust him absolutely!!

If I turn and look back I can only see the grace of Sai ..making me feel so so enthralled.❤️

I have been a fearful person ..I fear changes and exams ..still Sai made me pass all the exams of my life them the academic ones or real life ones.

I am surprised how I topped in school each year.I can’t believe now I used to answer questions even when a moment ago I had no idea about that question. Yah ..I’m not kidding.😅

Let me tell you one incident that is still daylight clear in my memory.I was studying in coaching for PMT preparation and physics class was going on. Then, the teacher asked a question and he asked students one by one to answer that ..but no one could.I was second last in the same row and I was damn sure I had no idea what the answer is.

And lastly his finger pointed towards me ..”yes you” .. I was dumbfounded but what happened next I still wonder if such things are possible! I spoke up the answer.. 😅 and while speaking I knew it was not me ..not at all. I spoke and the teacher nodded his head as if agreeing with me.Then he told the whole class the answer was correct.

I sat down with wonder filled in my heart.I still feel that.

With Sai everyday is a miracle ..if your intentions are good ..know this in your heart ..that he will do anything to make you happy make you stand tall.

There is a fear ..a fear of I’m not good enough in each one of us .And this fear tells you constantly “why do you think you deserve this ? are not good enough better worry about your future ..because you are not gonna reach there”

But I’m asking you ..have you ever felt Baba has done so many things ..such little to great things to keep you motivated keep you happy and moving ahead. Ohh yes, remember that night when you were not able to sleep ..and his name gave you relief ..and you could sleep at time and wake up at time too. Remember that moment when you felt you will not find enough time to study but you could. Rememer that day , you needed some help and he sent his man to support you darling. Remember that time when your fear told you won’t make it ..but you made it through entered into MBBS went through all your exams and passed them too.

Your concern ends with your hard work ..doesn’t matter if you could not work hard … He will handle all. Do what you can do .There is nothing like a universal BEST.You need not compare yourself to others ..not your hard work ..not your timing or your efforts or anything at all.

They have got it the first time ..let me tell you .. there are so many things that they could not get the first time.Everyone is having their struggles dear.It may not be visible on the surface . Let them be happy ..but don’t let yourself feel low .

You are as unique and wonderful as sai made you.Do you doubt his creation??

Faith is greater than knowledge!!

I always wanted to be super intelligent ..I was a diamond in my school time.. people said that especially my teachers there.I was ok in mbbs and I’m not lying I like when people praise me because of my knowledge.

But , I had a time and still have such moments when I behave so dumb hehe ..I can’t believe if both are me ..the intelligent one and the dumb one.I fear being laughed at or insulted for not knowing .But Sai has taught me alot of times … And this is what he says ..

Faith is much bigger than knowledge .Do you wanna rely on your knowledge or your guru ??

We fear consequences of some exam ..because our knowledge tells us that there are much more intelligent and smart people out there ..and I’m not good enough in front of how will I pass this exam.

But again I ask you have faith in this knowledge / fact ..(I know this is a truth) or do you have faith in your SAI???

When someone tells me “You are not so lucky ” or someone tells me the situation “This year competition is so tough .. and blah blah blah” I listen to them ..I don’t hate them for this but I truly don’t give a shit about these kind of things or calculations..because I never had to.I had watched Sai changing a terrible situation so amazingly many times .You just blink and he will come running and wipe away all your tears .. just wow !!

So, how can I rely on these kind of calculations or assumptions or the fear that I don’t deserve this.

“Are yar ..Sai hai tumhare pas … Saiiiii … Vo Sab Kuch krenge .. Sab Kuch ..or jab tumhari intention achi hai to vo tumhe kbhi harne nhi denge.. kbhi nhi ”

You will reach there where you wanna be and he will still be there with you because he knows ..there won’t be a step that you won’t need him.

We might forget him sometimes but he never can .

I feel like Shevde sometimes (I am sorry if I got this name wrong) .. though I fear too but like he said “I could not prepare much I know but Sai Baba won’t let me fail..that’s for sure.” Are you afraid to say this because you fear this won’t happen ..then just go in a corner and shout it out .. I trust you Baba .. I trust you enough that you will never let me fail!!”

Ego grows with knowledge

Somethings happen to kill our ego ..we use too much mind in everything.Life is not “logic” .You have to forget logics and trust Sai sometimes.

My husband told me how he forgot some answers during his exam ..and he just ticked any one option taking baba’s name .And wonderfully those answers were correct.

I get a feeling this happens show us that we can’t do it all based on our knowledge ..because we do believe that if we are able to read and retain all the material that can ever come in a particular exam ..then only we will pass .

No, dear ..actually there should be grace and some good karmas of yours that will give you what you want through faith .Hard work is necessary but exhaustion and worries are poisons.

Take time to remember Sai even when you can’t .Because remembering him for five minutes will give you thousands of pounds of grace that is necessary for your success.Yes, remembering him is a good karma and as your good karma increase .. you will be able to purchase something big ..your big dream .

Our wants and desires are our purchases as well as gains as they pave our path towards Sai himself. You get into a job to help people and Sai makes it so that by helping people you are helping yourself ..cleansing your negativities.

Trust me .. fear is inevitable but trust will make you soar soon .. time is near and I know that you know Baba is gonna take you further towards him .This year was awesome .. as you learnt so many sai lessons .. through tears ..through smiles but you made it here darling .

Do your best ..and trust yourself ..even if you can’t remember anything now .. you will mark your answers right.. how?? Let it be on Sai .

Wherever he will take you .. will be best for you ..right !!

Take care buddies of luck for your upcoming exams and I am sure you will make it through .When Sai is here ..and you have done your part need to worry anymore .

Past is past .. it doesn’t matter now as today is different ..and tomorrow will be beautiful. Your past failures were there for a reason you are gonna fly high with Sai.🥰

Take care happy.

Sai is always with us.

Om Sai ram ❤️🥰🙏

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