When you can’t change a situation .. let it be!!

Baba is every form of Maa 🥰❤️

Hey guys ..how you’re doing? I know you’re good❤️ , I pray for your well being ..you can write to me if ever find me worth sharing your experiences.

It’s so hard sometimes to accept a situation as it is.

I wanted a break but I couldn’t .. though I get an off now or then but it seems not enough for me.

I feel like I’m getting old .. yah I am,🤭 I have turned 29 this June .. maybe I am the oldest among my colleagues so there are more aches and pains hehe..

And I feel tired too ..sai only knows.

There are times when I wanna run away ..I was wondering 4 days back how it will be if I left ..quit my post graduation.

And Baba showed me the same message he showed me before my selection into Pg “don’t be the one ..who seeks ..finds and then runs away!!”

Yah he again made me stumble upon this message as if telling me “I warned you already!”

And I was totally out of my mind that day ..I don’t know why ..it was so hard to tackle such emotions.There is no solution sometimes except to accept whatever you are going through .

I wanted to cry alot and then sleep ..maybe in arms of my husband or maybe sit in a temple of Sai watching him for hours.

But, sometimes even taking a break is not possible.. what to do then?

Nothing ..just let it be.You don’t need to be all cheerful and enthusiastic always.. I felt I can continue working in a low mood too if this is what sai wants .Just that I don’t hurt anyone in that mood.

I was so low that I did not have any energy to even hurt or shout .Sai made me work .. and work and not think about anything.

I asked baba “why Baba ..why such a hectic schedule is necessary?”

And I opened Sai satcharita with this question in my mind and the page I landed upon was ..baba’s message to a devotee who was going for suicide to quit the tough situation he was in.. and the message was “What use this quitting is ? You will come again and will have to face this situation again ! Why not let it be gone through NOW and be done with your karmas once and for all.”

It’s disappointing when you can’t see an oasis in the middle of the desert ..but you know what ..maybe you are blind!!

“Sometimes there are oasis maybe not as and where you expected them to be but yess there are some”

I got break soon ..not on the day I wanted but I got it when I needed it🙏.

Change the words!!

I used to pray “Baba I want rest.. I need rest please give me a break ” but Baba asked me “if you trust me why don’t you say let thy wish be done?”

And yes it’s hard but you know what ! ..I ask for his mercy and say “let this attachment to sleep and taking rest goes away into your dhuni.”

It’s so wonderful na ..think about it.We ask for this and that ..what if we pray to not getting attached to this or that so that we don’t need them anymore .

What if we ask Sai “Mujhe asa bna do ki Kuch mile to thik.. nhi mile to thik “

What if I let my love for things ..situations lie in his feet ..let it be ..and let me be in his love while letting it to be.

Sai bless you all with immense strength to let it be. Yah I’m alright ..I know these ups and downs will keep going on ..but remember always ..it’s ok !!

Even if you feel like quitting ..it’s ok !!

Ask for the strength and acceptance ..he won’t anyway let you tread the path other than he chose for you.So ..it’s ok.

I remember last year I started saying this .. “Baba let it be ..there is no fear inside me ..a little bit maybe but I’m not afraid for my life as you hold it naa ..then fine you will keep me safe wherever I be ..so why does it matter if I am a doctor or a writer or a painter or a singer or a beggar.”

When you try to accept anything ..believing that you will be fine in every situation .. the fear disappears ..the fear of not getting something in future ..the things you want ..the people you want.

Sai cares about us more than we can ever know or imagine..right !! So why worry..if I’m this or that ..I was this or that in some previous birth ..do I even remember it now? Then why does this matter ? I’m a soul and I belong to Sai that’s the luckiest blessing I got and that’s all I need to know.🥰❤️

He is awesome and he is kind !!

Take care guys .. going to sleep now remembering baba!!

Om Sairam ❤️

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