“Watch the world go Saifull”

Hey it’s Christmas ..and I’m so happy ❤️

Hey guys, Om Sairam 😇 . There is a story I don’t know where I heard but I feel attached with it.

There was a kid who lived with Baba ..it was like wherever Baba went , he followed ..almost all the places he was allowed to accompany sai.

Kids are ever lost in some place .. playing with their friends ..but this kid was unique. He loved Baba as if Baba is his father.Baba loved him too ..much deeply , loving him and at times scolding him too.

That kid could not complete his childhood to go into youth ..he left this world but Sai promised to accompany him always.

You know what? YOU are that kid.

Ohh no no ..I’m not mistaken .How come you landed here?

How come you know me or this blog ..which is already one of a million thing ..how come you read that sentence .

We all are related with Sai .. maybe differently ..uniquely ..but we all are.

(I’m kidding .. this story is from the book “the fakir”)

And when Baba holds a hand , he never lets go. I was missing my solace time with Baba. Today in “mere sai” serial sai sent tatya out of dwarkamai forever .. tatya broke into tears and was asking sitting alone in dark street “Why did you pushed me away Sai.. why did you broke our relation?”

While Baba answered sitting in dwarkamai.. ” when we are constantly remembering each other , how can this be considered “pushing away” .”

Actually it sounded perfect in Hindi ..

Tatya: ” Sai Apne mujhe khud se dur kyu Kar dia”

(similar to this ..I cried at night asking this to Sai)

And Baba replied “jab hum ek dusre ko har pal yad Kar rhe hai ..to ye duri kese hui ?” ❤️

Moral of the story : don’t listen to even Sai if he gives you vibes that he is pushing you away ..😅 actually he is just pretending this to do something useful for someone.

Last thursday, Baba called me to Sai dham nearby .. and there was a moment when I could not see Sai’s idol . There was just that throne and nothing else.. for a few moments.🤔

I felt weird .. why that happened .. does Sai not want me to see him? But why ?

I think of each kind of sin I did when such things happen 😂.

But, after knowing Sai .. I feel free to ask him “Why??.. how come your absence can bring me back to right path ?”

This disappearing idol was a mystery to me till yesterday when I saw one devotee lost himself (in the serial) ..gave up on his struggle with his disease and came to ask Sai about why is he not helping him.

He came to dwarkamai ..while Baba instructed him not to.But , he could not see Sai there ..strange!

Only he couldn’t see Baba there ..while Baba was standing just in front of him. But when his almost wooden legs (due to arthritis) made him loose balance and fall .. Sai at once came closer .. held him and made him straight. He could feel baba’s hands around his shoulders. He could hear his voice say “You have to trust the power of faith.”

I felt like Baba is telling me this “Though you can’t see me ..but you have to go beyond this .. I am always with you ..don’t you trust me enough that I will hold you up when you fall!”

May Sai gives you enough strength to carry on and win each exam of this life, that is also a gift from him.

Sai .. we love you alot ..your absence will be like what ruzbeh ji wrote in “the fakir” ..So many souls will be stuck in the jam, Baba ,without you.

This world will not be this world without you. Saimaa you are our life ..our everyone Saiya ..ohh Baba these words sound so shallow in front of the love we feel for you.

Baba Sai.. be with us FOREVER !

I feel connected to this 👉 song nowadays .. these words sound like I’m singing it for Sai Baba ..

“तू जो रूठा तो कौन हंसेगा, तू जो छुटा तो कौन रहेगा , तू चुप है तो ये डर लगता है, अपना मुझको अब कौन कहेगा ?

तू ही वजह , तेरे बिना बेवजह बेकार हूं मैं

तेरा यार हूं मैं।”

Take care and keep smiling in love with Sai .

Yess it’s a tough path ..yes I m afraid of the unknown .. but I know this is baba’s wish and he is always always with me within me. . So let’s do it !! With a smile please🤗

Let him disappear and do some melodrama ..he can’t ever disappear from our lives🤭

Merry Christmas guys ..you know what I loved Christmas from my childhood ..I hope I can visit church tomorrow ..I saw the church nearby was looking so pretty today with all those beautiful lights .

And I so deeply felt the similarity between Baba and Jesus .. I still do.😊

Meet you next time ..till then…

May we see Sai even when we can’t see Sai .. and watch the whole world go Saifull❤️🥰

Om Sairam ❤️

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