Hey sweet souls are you all doing?

I pray for your health and happiness …may sai blesses you with peace in this chaos.

Its been a day today ..a day I thought I will live someday. A day where i did what I always wanted to . No body but saibaba gave me the inspiration ..the courage ..the strength to be there for someone so close to me.😊😇

I have seen my true self , I always talk so good ..I talk of doing this and that for others need and when this need arises , I myself see my mind finding excuses to avoid that.My mind tries to tell me ..I am so busy ..I am not at such a level that I can help someone .It tells me .. better take care of your needs first. You are not capable don’t have enough money ..or time or sources to help someone.

I understand how our thoughts can make us feel and we just give up .And when that moment is gone , I have gone through heavy regrets of not stepping forward to do something that I could do.

This time ..this decision was a huge one.I may not be able to share it here or anywhere else but I am sure my family would have slapped me if they knew 😂.But , I listened to my heart first time ..not to my loved ones ..not to anyone..just to me.. my heart ..that is Sai himself.

Any help you do may or may not bear fruits ..the same situation may appear here..but if Sai wills , it will definitely be successful.😍

Do what you wanna do to make someone else’s world better. Don’t think !

Trust me ..regret is heavier than any comment or slap of family.😅

I am doing things I thought were impossible for the old me. It feels like I am not me anymore.There are moments when I realise the effect of Sai in my life!

I use to forget how much he changed me. Baba showed me “climbing stairs” dream again. When I do such things when my heart feels ..yess this is what I came here for ..I truly feel alive.

Alive so much alive and blissful.

Saibaba , without you nothing was possible and nothing will be. The good thing is my mind , that used to feel superior , has gone low now. I feel like dying if someone doesn’t feel happy through me. Baba does everything ..I hope he uses me more for such things.My body will be tired mind will be numb but I will feel Sai within me ..more and better than before.

The flame inside should burn brighter and higher ..right ? 🔥

I pray that we make each other’s life better and find the true bliss in that.

I wrote it wrong above, it’s not helping others .. its helping myself.. to reach HOME ❤ sooner.

My home .. Shirdi Sai’s feet..the best place to be.😍


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