Patience of the most beautiful weapon for peaceful life!

Hey guys it’s been long since i wrote something ..I apologise for that. I have been posted, since start of this new year, in the unit which has slightly more turnover of patients as compared to other units. So, I could not make my mood to write as I feel tired at the end of my day at hospital (which is at 12 am 😅 most of the days).

You might be thinking , how i keep complaining about my hectic schedule ..maybe i drive you nuts if you are someone who wants to pursue career in medical field.

I am really sorry for this 😁 but You can consider me as a sloth forced to run like a horse . Just imagine what will such a sloth feel ..uncomfortable na ..just that.Don’t mind my blabber by the way.(You visited here just to read this .. this indicates how equally crazy you are😂 )

Well , jumping on to today’s topic …patience.I am no good at it won’t be wrong if i say ..i become a patient rather than having patience in my behaviour.

But , i have listened so many times in my life ..right from my childhood ..”Patience is the key to happiness” , if you have patience , you will be peaceful .. and so many quotes on patience ..which totally shows “This word is much more than just a word”

Then came Sai (in my life) ..and his fav. words “Shraddha and Saburi” ..meaning Faith and Patience.

It took a lot of years to see what I was missing the whole time.

How to keep patience

Does having patience mean I do nothing and sit placing my hands in my lap?


Does patience mean ,I have to pretend to be happy always ..smiling and hiding my sadness?


Does patience mean , I keep wishing people to change as to what I like them to be?


I have wondered all these meanings of patience.But neither of these were what it is.

There is one thing unique to Saibaba ..he teaches you with so basic examples from your day to day life that all these books and spiritual teachings can’t make us understand.

He helps you to live his path ..not just read , and forget but to live.

Baba showed me the actual meaning of patience for my life may be different for you we all have different strengths and flaws.

If someone became rude to me , I was easily breaking down into tears ..or complaining alot about him/her to someone close to me.Here I was impatient I took his behaviour to be final incident and I was done . I did not and could not wait to trust them again.

This was where Sai taught me to just be…now I showed my sadness crying or whatever I could but I was ok at the end and my behaviour would be like I forgot all that or maybe remembered it just as an incident not attaching any negativity or positivity with it.

As it was too hard to see any positivity in some incidents.So he made me to let it be.

I was quick to judge and discard and mistrust people.. Sai taught me to wait.

I felt too much hurt when some relation went into a worse phase ..I felt like thats the end of it and it pained me alot. Baba told me to wait .

Just like happy moments never last long .. bad ones too don’t but we tend to magnify their impact by keeping that negativity attached to us for too long that’s what makes them last longer than they actually were.

I felt like the world ended and anxiety attacks became a daily thing I started trembling at the impermanence of this life ..but baba made me believe in him and wait.

Atleast there is someone who is forever ..our soul.,which is Sai himself.

How beautiful it feels when you know .. however dark this time be won’t last long ..just wait and have faith that things will be better .People will be better ..situations will be better… or if nothing will change ..its ok you will feel better definitely as you will be stronger.

So , before making all those charts of horrible possibilities in your mind .. just wait.

Someone is scolding you ..let it be ..just wait ..i’m sure they will praise you tomorrow.

Someone left you ..its ok ..someone better will find you.

Someone close hurt you.. its ok they will realise or if not .. you just forgive them and go have a hug ..everything will be alright.If your relation matters , there should be no place to ask who will approach first.

Your problems are not more than your thoughts.

Just ask ..why do you want that everyone should love you you .. everyone should be nice to you.

There should be some people who will dislike you .. who will shout ..who will hurt ..but its ok .

You don’t need everyone to be the same right! .. yes it hurts but love yourself enough and do your work honestly.

If after that , hurt happens ..its their loss ..not yours darling.

Don’t just believe everything the mind says or people say .

Mostly people show their insecurities through their behaviour. Its not for you.

Nothing and no one can harm you if you are true to yourself.

I had a habit to explain myself alot ..but I decreased it as I acknowledged some people just want to blame us ..let them satisfy themselves by making whatever image of us they want to. I don’t know myself ..its ok, if they too don’t know me.😂

Your truth may be hidden .. maybe you tried to but no one paid a heed to it.

But remember the highest judge is HIM and if you are true ..just let it be.Just be happy that Sai knows.

I wished people to change ..I stopped when baba made me realise I am doing the same thing they are doing.

Let them be .

Maybe this role of them is chosen by you only to make your soul grow.

So, baba will show you the truth one day.

But your faith will no longer need any reason to trust him or his timing.

So , have patience. Do your best at the moment and forget about the rest.Forgive Yourself for what you could not do .And apologise if your mistakes made someone hurt. Your behaviour runs your life you are the king and your life will be a mirror of how you are.😇

On the other side , have patience when someone praises you , don’t get yourself attached to that.If thishappens, you will find yourself craving for appraisal now and then .Do what you do because YOU WANT TO DO IT , not beacause someone praised you for that or you expect something in return.

Nothing that others do will reign you if you believe in patience.

May Sai heal all.

Going to sleep now (I had night duty)

Take care beautiful souls..😍

Write to me if you want to share your thoughts..I will be utmost pleased.😊

Om Sairam😁

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