This is a great site which lead to my faith reaching to heights.❤️

Hey sweet souls are you all doing?

Telling you about my new posting.. i am fine here as Baba is holding me up. I have always been a creature with a victim syndrome attitude. I will cry at my pathetic condition in situations where I feel weak .I know we all do feel so ..many times. But , I feel like I am a goat in middle of hungry lions all around 😂😅🤭 . The most terrifying I felt was when people shout at me .. people who are supposed to help … leave me alone .


One of my seniors in coaching time used to tell me that people stay together for the duration their debt is pending .And the relation we have with them is based upon what kind of relation we had in past..such talks always made me curious .She was able to see some glimpses of future ..and it left me amazed . I wanted to see the future too .

It started after Sai came in my life .. I would see something that will come true or happen the way it did in the dream. I use to call them “sai dreams” . I asked sai “promise me that you will show me whenever you save me from a grave situation.” And then started a series of dreams …dreams I called “Sai dreams” ..these are dreams I get coz of Baba’s grace maybe because I asked for them .(He is crazy enough to make our silliest wish come true). I want to be a sai devotee for ever … And I wanted to feel his existence ..his closeness with me .. and I prayed for it soo soo soo many times.. so he did what he could to make me feel that .


The main drawback is that people and you yourself will misunderstand those dreams . I was feeling superior as sai was showing me dreams which obviously means I am somewhat special. Doesn’t it ?

It’s easy to feel like that ..but Baba does whatever you ask for ..consequences like “ego” will follow.

These things lead me into alot of grave situations..I hurt people ..I hurt myself and I learnt a lesson to keep sai dreams to those who understand and reveal just the dreams about myself ..not others.And not consider myself as SAI because yes SAI is within me ..but I am not Sai …yet ..maybe in some millionth of birth I will be 1 millionth part of him. 🤭


If you have faith …Baba will show you some scary dreams .. but they won’t come true. Really I was so scared .. after those dreams that my family would laugh at me when I called my mother at 3am sometimes to ask for her health. As I was scared but they could not understand because they don’t believe in dream like I did ..slowly I realised these dreams were to show me how many times he managed to destroy the evil wandering around me and my loved ones .

I believed each one of that dream .Soon enough, my sister who use to ask me “don’t worry mom is alright ..why do you take a dream so seriously” was calling me worrying about mom after she saw such a dream when she got into sai devotion .🤭

But anyways ..anyone who is blessed with these dreams knows that sai is trying to increase his/her faith .

So , don’t you worry if you see a nightmare ..because Baba will take away that nightmare from your real life and he is just making you feel that in your dream ..making it soo soo lighter that you don’t have to feel it in real life.

As “the fakir” book mentions ..any bad experience is to be experienced if it’s written in your destiny …according to the rule in spirituality book of rules and regulations (yes there is one maybe🤔) .. that experience happens in a dream or reality doesn’t really matter . So, the sai dreams feel so vivid like you lived that part in reality.. and you feel soo soo terrified after that.But remember it’s because sai wants you to feel “it’s just a nightmare nothing else “

You are safe , your family and loved ones are safe. Baba is our Messiah …our saviour …so why worry darling .

Keep smiling even when it seems too hard …at least you have a face to smile ..hehe ..and remember

Sai hna❤️

Gudnyt , TC buddies

Om Sairam

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