Sai sumiran

Sai Sai Sai Sai

Do you know what is sai sumiran ?

Sumiran means simply remembering someone … In this case chanting his name… may sai heal all while I chant his name . Maybe this is all to decrease my ego .

Last year I went to my in laws.. and when I washed utensils .. washed clothes and did sweeping and all , my mind asked me “did you study this much to work as a maid?”

How our mind manipulates us? When I did the same work at my home it was my hobby or “helping my mom” . But there it took the name of “becoming a maid”.

After a few days baba showed me a dream where he asked me to touch my mom in law’s feet ..when I was doing that ..she asked to touch her feet with my forehead and in the dream only, I felt so much insulted that I left the place .I woke up to realise how desperately baba sai wants to take me in his feet but my mind is troubling me and him. But no one is more powerful and compassionate than him .. I know he will find a way. .. someway!


I was confused at times I tried my best not to be fearful .. not to be angry or frustrated ..but I was always.

The thing is we try to change ourselves …running from our feelings and we forget we are a slave to our mind.

The way an aircraft is best handled by someone experienced .. call someone expert of this mind for a better control. ..sai Baba .

You don’t have to try to be this or that will become that automatically if you focus on sai. What I mean to say is just pray to him the more the better .. to make you remember him always. If I wanted to chant his name ..but I couldn’t then I don’t feel bad ..instead I ask Sai to remind me of him tomorrow because if he is my guru .. its his job to control and make my mind behave that way .

If I shouted at someone… I ask Sai to make me more resilient and understanding .If I fail I ask Sai to make me accepting and forgiving as failures taught me to forgive others when they can’t succeed at what I want of them . You don’t have to take this on yourself just pray and chant his name accepting whatever you are feeling …it’s ok .

It’s his worry ..his concern.. that I stay devoted to him. Like a newborn child ..he passes urine and stool on himself .. if his mother doesn’t observe and control him.

I hope you get your answers through sai .. as he has always answered me and increased my faith at the time of need . So do I pray for the same for you .

Keep chanting sai sai sai sai whenever you can ..he will do the rest .that’s his promise !😊

gudnyt dearies ..❤️

Om Sairam

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