Sai saves you as always from people.. from situations!!

Sai my everything!

Hey friends I have been sharing my sai experiences with you from almost one year now . Even I feel amazed sometimes thinking of all that happened with me ..the beautiful sometimes erry spiritual experiences sai blessed me with.

Baba’s uniqueness is his immediate response ..though he tells us the importance of Shraddha and saburi but at the same time he knows our mind ..that is sooo impatient .😅

I would share a few incidents today that Baba will make me to ..with you all .Maybe that will increase your faith in him tenfolds or more 😊.

I was with my sister at a government hospital ..I was in my drop year that time .. MBBS was over so I was a doctor officially . I went to deposit a sample of baby (my sister had delivered preterm baby and the baby was on ventilator there) I was a doctor ..I walked into the room where deposit slips were printed out ..and told the operator there to make a slip of that sample for me.

He seemed irritated and asked me to move out ..I did not raise my tone over his disappointment ..(I rarely do because I really can’t ). I added please in my request.. He told me to come in queue again .I was just going outside as I can’t shout and make people work ..I get angry but I just can’t dominate people I don’t know why sai made me like this.

I remembered sai lastly and asked him “is that so .. you want me to do ? My sister is alone .. I am moving here and there from last 2 days ..even being a doctor there is no one who pays a heed ..I understood I am nothing sai ..but I have considered you everything .Please help me out.”

Trust me when I tell you ..I talked to Sai in my mind and was going to step out, crying maybe as I was exhausted mentally ,he called out ” I’m making your slip just a second” and he took that sample from my hand and then started telling me his story ” One intern behaved badly with me the last day shouting at me as if I am his servant , so I was upset.But you seem to be a nice human .”

I couldn’t believe Sai changed the mind of that person amazingly ..and so fast .😊

Another incident is when I was an intern posted at obs gyne department. There is a different room called “family planning ” and I did not know I was posted there , I went to ward instead and was working there ..after one hour my senior told me I was posted in the family planning not in the ward. I went there asap but mam (professor) there had grew so angry that she started shouting at me ..without listening to my explanation. She did not give me a chance to present my side. And blamed me that I was not in the ward ..and I was lying about everything. I couldn’t say more as my explanations meant nothing for her. I became silent. I kept saying sorry but she shouted again telling me to get out.

I went away and couldn’t control my tears .. I have always felt so insecure in such moments when people did not believe my truth ..when people could not try to see what I try to see in them . And I promise you that.. sai ..helps you out soo much in such moments .. he will literally take you out .. of such misery, if you feel unsafe . There are people who can take care of such people ..but I feel as if I can’t do anything else than love .. if I hurt someone , it hurts me back .

I was upset a few days .. I could not behave well .. but I tried to forgive her considering her my elder.

A few days later .. I was sitting in front of her doing my routine work there and she was talking to her daughter in law ..seemed somewhat upset . She cut the phone and murmured “Own family doesn’t listen to me now and then in anger I shout at kids who are innocent.”

I couldn’t believe what she said .. she again looked into my eyes and said “My mind becomes irritated because of my family and I shout at my students like you .. and then I feel bad for that.”

I can’t imagine being so much elder and then accepting my mistakes .. but she did . Sai has a way to answer you immediately ..answers your insults ..your problems ..your tears . Well I felt relieved after that.🤭

A few more incidents are wandering in my mind .. I will share them with you tomorrow maybe.

Yes I am a human , I am fearful but I know one thing ..

“Sai hai na”

And when he is here with me holding my hand .. I will be happy living each moment of this life ❤️

Each moment of worry or happiness!

take care dearies

Om Sairam ❤️

2 Replies to “Sai saves you as always from people.. from situations!!”

  1. The goodness in us can never die when Sai is the torchbearer


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